Women’s Rights in Islam
- Protected or Subjugated?
(Mumbai, India, 31st Oct. 2009)

Open Question & Answer session


(Duration: 1 hour 38 minutes)



Mohammad Naik: JazakAllah Khair, Dr. Zakir for your eloquent presentation. We all just heard Dr. Zakir Naik across spectrum of proper spiritual, economic, social, educational, legal and political rights given to women in Islam based on the Qur’an and Sahih Hadith. Now we have, InshaAllah, the more interesting open question and answer session. This is your session, your right, be you a man or a woman, this is your right to question and challenge Dr. Zakir Naik on his matter spoken or on the topic of the day ‘Women’s Rights in Islam – Protected or Subjugated’. Do feel free to ask without any reservations, I, Dr. Mohammad Naik, for this session, I am your coordinator and I guarantee you your right to ask but of course as per the rules set for better management use of the time available with us. 


I want you all to remember these brief 3 or 4 points before you put forward your question. Your question should be on the topic only. It should be brief and to the point only. Only one question at a time may be put forward to the speaker, for your second question, you have to go at the back of the queue again and await your turn. 


3 mikes have been provided in this vast ground, one in the front on my left. The second in the rare for the gents and we have one mike in front of the ladies section for the ladies to put forward their questions. 


We would prefer non-Muslims to be given the first preference to ask questions and if time permits after that we would allow Muslims to come forward on the mike to put forward their questions. Volunteers at the mikes are requested to kindly ensure the same. 


Kindly state your name and profession before putting forward your question to Dr. Zakir Naik. We can start first with the ladies; the questions would go in a clockwise manner. One there then we have the second question on the mike here, on my left, and the third question there and so on. Yes sister…


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum brother Zakir. My name is Deepali Temkar and I am from Pune. I am working as an incident manager with MNC. I would like to accept Islam and I would want you to help me to recite the Kalma. 


Dr. Zakir: MashaAllah sister. Deepali, she is from Puna, working in MNC and she wants to accept Islam. Sister before you accept Islam, I would like to make sure that is anyone forcing you to accept Islam, sister? 


Questioner: Ah… no brother I have been reading about Islam since a year now so I thought that this is the best opportunity for me. 


Dr. Zakir: MashaAllah. Is anyone forcing you?


Questioner: No.


Dr. Zakir: Is there any economic pressure?


Questioner: No.


Dr. Zakir: Is there any physical pressure? 


Questioner: No.                                        


Dr. Zakir: Because in Islam forcing anyone to accept Islam is prohibited, in Islam no. 1, it’s even prohibited in this country, that’s no. 2 but if someone wants to accept Islam willingly, no one can prevent you from and InshaAllah, as your desire is, I will read the Kalma and InshaAllah, you can repeat it sister.


Questioner: Yes. 


Dr. Zakir: And I’d like to ask you before you recite the Kalma that do you believe that there is one God? 


Questioner: Yes


Dr. Zakir: Do you believe that idol worship is prohibited?


Questioner: Yes I do.

Dr. Zakir: Do you believe that the last and final messenger is Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?


Questioner: Yes I do. 


Dr. Zakir: MashaAllah sister so I’ll just recite the Kalma and you can repeat after me. 


Dr. Zakir: Ashadu 


Questioner: Ashadu


Dr. Zakir: Allah


Questioner: Allah


Dr. Zakir: Illa ha 


Questioner: Illa ha


Dr. Zakir: Ill Allah


Questioner: Ill Allah 


Dr. Zakir: Wa Ashadu 


Questioner: Wa Ashadu


Dr. Zakir: Anna 


Questioner: Anna


Dr. Zakir: Muhammadan 


Questioner: Muhammadan


Dr. Zakir: Abduhu


Questioner: Abduhu 


Dr. Zakir: Wa Rasoolahu


Questioner: Wa Rasoolahu 


Dr. Zakir: I bear witness 


Questioner: I bear witness 


Dr. Zakir: that 


Questioner: that 


Dr. Zakir: there is no God 


Questioner: there is no God 


Dr. Zakir: but Allah


Questioner: but Allah


Dr. Zakir: and I bear witness 


Questioner: and I bear witness 


Dr. Zakir: that 


Questioner: that 


Dr. Zakir: Prophet Muhammad 


Questioner: Prophet Muhammad 


Dr. Zakir: is 


Questioner: is 


Dr. Zakir: the servant


Questioner: the servant


Dr. Zakir: and the messenger 


Questioner: and the messenger 


Dr. Zakir: of Allah.                                          


Questioner: of Allah


Dr. Zakir: MashaAllah sister, you are a Muslim and may Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) reward you and I pray to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) to grant you Jannah, its good that you have been studying Islam for 1 year and its good you read the Quran and the Hadith otherwise if you’d have seen the media, may be you would have never accepted Islam. So I pray to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) that may He accept your effort and InshaAllah grant you Jannah. Thank you sister.


Questioner: Thank you…Thank You


Mohammad Naik: Yes brother…


Questioner:  Hare Krishna. My name is Ravikant Pande, I am 23 years old. I have completed my graduation from Kolkata University. I belong to Sanatan Dharma. So I have no qualification to speak in front of you but I am trying to speak with you. I have one question in my mind and even I, I can speak wrong because I don’t know English very well so please forgive me. Ah… my question, in the Sanatan Dharma its also written ki women should be protect in her child time by his parents and a young time by his husband and after the mother his elder son will protect to woman. In Sanatan Dharma says that there is no love in this world, is lust is there is this world. So love and lust is 2 different things and if you’ll it cannot be go in a same one platform. So our real duty is to engage the service of the Lord and in a Sanatan Dharma, Arjuna asked one time to Krishna ki “O Krishna please tell me what this man are you speaking, I don’t know, I don’t know so many languages so please clarify me. So Krishna told to Arjuna they are talking like a frog even his neck come and they eat just like I come by death and I eat so in this world there is no love, we are trying to satisfy it, this is simply an attachment we can say in Sanatan Dharma’s says ki women attach with a man and man attach with a woman so ah… this Sanatan Dharma because in a Bhagvad Gita 5200 years came and 2010 years ago the Bible came and 1400 years ago your Quran came. So Sanatan Dharma is coming by so many millions of years. So I belongs… to, I am not justifying… our life is meant for simply engage in the service of…


Dr. Zakir: What’s your question brother… I have read the Sanatan Dharma. I’ll give my comments on Sanatan Dharma to you. I want to ask you what is your question. Do you want to say that Sanatan Dharma in Hinduism also protects the woman?


Questioner: No I am asking so our life, our duty is to satisfy the women or satisfy the Lord or engage the service of the Lord?

Dr. Zakir: The brother asked the question is our duty to satisfy the women or to satisfy Lord? 


Questioner: Ya.


Dr. Zakir: The brother asked the question that what is our duty to satisfy the women, there is love or there is lust or to satisfy All 

Mighty God. Before I come to your Sanatan Dharma, I will tell what Islam says.


As Allah says in the Qur’an, as I said in my talk in Surah Room ch. no. 30 verse no. 21




“Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) has created for you mates from among yourself so that you may dwell in tranquility and He has put love and mercy between your hearts”


That means Allah has Created for you of your nature mates, your wives, your spouses so that you may dwell in them in tranquility. You get tranquility, you get calmness and All Mighty God put love between your hearts. 


Once our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) said that 


“Even having sex with your wife, it is charity.” Sahabas asked “even having sex is charity? How?” so the reply came “because you are having it lawfully. If you have it unlawfully with the women who is not your wife, it becomes prohibited.” 


So because you are enjoying lawfully even that is charity, that is Khair, that’s a good deed. So having sex with your wife also All Mighty God rewards you. 


And you rightly said that there is love and there is lust. I too have read Sanatan Dharma and I appreciate the oneness of God mentioned in Sanatan Dharma, you know Hinduism has got various different sects, you may be aware of that, various different denominations, the highest scripture there is Shruti and there is Smriti. Shuriti according to Hindu scripture means the word of God and Vedas are the highest, they believe in one God, they believe All Mighty God has got no images, I can give quotations, you can see my video cassette ‘Similarities between Islam and Hinduism’ but should we satisfy the women or should we satisfy God? 


No. 1, I said in my talk, the basic aim of every human being whether man and woman should be to satisfy All Mighty God. Now while satisfying All Mighty God, you may satisfy the women, you may not satisfy. If she is a good pious woman, she’ll be satisfied, if you are satisfying All Mighty God for example All Mighty God says have sex only with your wife. A pious who is a Mohsina will be happy but a lustful woman, she will not be happy; she will say why are you following God? Follow me. She may be Khutuwatush Shaitaan. She may be a footstep of the devil. 


You ask me questions about Krishna that Krishna gave advice to Arjun… since you mentioned Krishna, he is supposed to be a role model for the Hindus and when we read Mahabharat, you know, I have given a talk on Similarities but because you asked this question, what we read in Mahabharat that when Krishna when he goes on the bank of the river, very often when the women used to go to have a bath he used to take the clothes away and run away. For what? For love or for lust? 


Questioner: Because he is god, he can do… suppose I am a owner of… I am…


Dr. Zakir: If God would like to rob clothes of women and run away to see them coming out “Okay come out without clothes” then why can’t you and I do? If you can copy god why can’t you copy god? if we see, if you say this is the ultimate, see we cannot copy God because God has got different level but if you consider Krishna to be God and if God is doing something like taking away clothes of the women and telling them “Come out without clothes” can you do that or not? You can do it, very easily. That’s what we find in Hindi movies, you know, we find all this. What I am trying to say we should take the message which is right. I have read the Sanatan Dharma, there are many things which are good, hundreds of good things, thousands of good things. But what is not good, you have to leave it aside. I have given a talk on ‘Similarities between Islam and Hinduism’. Now you speak about Krishna, talk about love, talk about lust, I appreciate many things of Krishna. But not everything many things he said, is right. He tells that be a Kshatriya, fight against the injustice even if it be against your relatives. He says that in 


Bhagvad Gita ch. no. 2 verse no. 31, same thing in the Qur’an 

Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse 135 that 


“Stand up for justice as witness to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) even it be against yourself, against your relatives, against your father or mother. Allah protects both” 


So if he is saying matches with my Quran, with the real word of All Mighty God, I accept it but everything I don’t I accept it to be the word of God that’s the reason what I do… this is the Furqaan. Furqaan is the criteria to judge right from wrong and if you read this, this is the last and final revelation of All Mighty God which was revealed to humanity. If you read this, I challenge you to take out a single mistake in this. The other books that we have, the other religious scriptures because of passage of time, they have been changed, interpolation, concoction who says that, not I, the scholars of Christianity, they say that the Bible has not been maintained in the true form. The scholars of Mahabharat say that initially Mahabharat was a story told by the grandfather of Arjun to the people, later on the 8,000 Shlokas became the 24,000 Shlokas. Now you have more than 100 thousand Shlokas interpolation, addition so what has been added, I cannot accept that God All Mighty, leave aside God even the Prophet of God can’t do such things. So what I say this may be an interpolation. I respect the Messengers of God but if you say that these people are saintly people, no saintly people will do… what I consider okay this may be an interpolation, this may be a concoction so therefore I request you to read a book which is 100% pure without any interpolation, 


Allah has promised in the Quran in Surah Hijr ch. no. 15 verse no. 9 that


“We have revealed the Quran and We shall guard from corruption”


All Mighty God has taken upon Himself that He will prevent any corruption in it. From this if you read, you get the pure rights that the women can have in this world. Hope that answers the question brother.


Mohammed Naik: May we have the next question from the gents aisle in the rear?


Questioner: This is Shekhar here. I’m so grateful to the IRF that we get this opportunity to ask you some questions and for the first time I’ve seen you and I’m glad that I can ask you a simple question. I am a businessman and one of my rather my only hobby is studying religions so one of them obviously being the Qur’an. So my …my question is clearly simple like amm…aa I really like to what you spoke about Aisha that was a very wonderful thing that you said so ma…my question is very simple I’ll make it very small but I really hope that I have the opportunity to cross question you after you answer me on your answer  


Dr. Zakir: No Problem…Granted!


Questioner: Thank You! So aaa… we see in Muslim aaa… Book no. 4 no. 2127 wherein it says a part of it that is ‘he struck me, Aisha, on the chest which caused me pain’ aaa… further down if you look at Mishkat al Masabih vol. 2 page no. 690 repeated again in Muslim in book no. 9 no. 3506 a part of it I’ll just get to the point wherein Umar is trying to say to the Prophet…trying..or rather trying to make him laugh, he says Messenger of God I wish you had seen the daughter of Khadija where she asked me for extra money and I got up and slapped her on the neck, God’s Messenger laughed and said; they are around me as you see asking for extra money, Abu Bakr then got up went to Aisha and slapped her on the neck and Umar did the same to Hafsha.


Now we see something of a pattern coming in, then if you just jump to Qur’an chapter 4 verse 34 “and those wives you fear maybe rebellious admonish, banish them to the couches and beat them”. Now as I understand from your talk and that there is equal punishment for both man and women, I’m not contending whether they should be beaten or not, my point is what is the right of the woman if the man is wrong because he gets to beat her up?


Dr. Zakir: Brother has asked a very good question and I give you the right to cross question me after I give you the answer, it’s granted.


The brother quoted a Hadith of Sahih Muslim and Mishkatul Masabih, do you know the relationship between Hafsha and Hazrat Umar? 


Questioner: Well not really got to the point, but I’m still studying 


Dr. Zakir: Do you know the relationship of Aisha and Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with them both)? 


Questioner: Her father if I am not mistaken.


Dr. Zakir: That’s right! I’m asking you a question; Are you married? 


Questioner: Yes 


Dr. Zakir: Yes, do you have a daughter?


Questioner: Two of them


Dr. Zakir: Two of them…fine   


Questioner: I get to go to heaven 


Dr. Zakir: Sorry?


Questioner: I get to go to heaven 


Dr. Zakir: No! If you bring them up correctly…


Questioner: I remember…I remember 


Dr. Zakir: …With love and compassion, then you’ll go to heaven otherwise not


Questioner: I remember…just kidding… just kidding


Dr. Zakir:  but…but… that is only righteous deed without Eemaan you can’t enter Jannah, so for you to go to heaven besides upbringing your two daughters correctly, you have to follow the laws of the Qur’an and the Sahih Hadith and be a believer, 


Questioner: I understand.


Dr. Zakir: that we’ll discuss after I answer to you…after the answer, InshaAllah.


I’m asking you a simple question; suppose your daughter, if she wants to jump from a ten storey building what will you do? 


Questioner: I’ll stop her


Dr. Zakir:  If she adamant…what will you do?   


Questioner: point…yaa…


Dr. Zakir:  So you get the point… very good… if she says “I want to jump…no I want to go…I want to fly like superman...dad you are preventing me from being a superman”, what will you do?


Questioner: Well I’ll...i’ll stop her obviously  


Dr. Zakir:  Will you slap her or not….if…if…if required, she says no I want to jump, what will you do? 


Questioner: Well I..I.. can ask her the other way round 


Dr. Zakir:  I’m asking you brother; I’m asking if she wants to jump from the ten storey…


Questioner:  I will hit her


Dr. Zakir: if required…not normally…you’ll say “arey beti jaando na superman mat bano”, “nahi banne ka hai abba, jump maarne ka hai, aap dekho kesa udti ho main, I want to fly”…One slap! A father is cruel to be kind.


Questioner:  Yes 


Dr. Zakir: Now, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) said: 


“Anyone who does not love Allah and His Messenger more than his own life, he’s not a Muslim.”


Anyone who does not love Allah and His Messenger than his own life he’s not a Muslim. So there are many occasions what happened that sometimes they were disrespectful to their husbands not a normal husband, Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam). There were many occasions not one occasion, there were many occasions where Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) when they came to know that one of the wives has caused pain to the Prophet, they were the father in law of the Prophet but they loved the Prophet not only more than their daughter, they loved the Prophet more than their own life. There are many occasions which occasion you are referring to, I don’t know. There were occasion when they came to know that “My daughter has caused pain to the Prophet of Allah, how dare she does it?” They being father they have the right to slap, not you and me, for us they are the ‘Ummuhatul Mu’mineen’, they are the mothers of the believers, but yet they were human beings, even the wives of the Prophet, though they were the wives of the Prophet they are the best examples yet they are human beings and they did make mistakes like the ayah recited by the Qari 

Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse 32, 


“They want equal rights” there is a verse in 


Surah Ahzab ch. 33 where the wives of the Prophet tells the Prophet, “Why don’t you give us the luxury of this world” they objected. “Why are we undergoing such a life of poverty?” So Allah sends a revelation 


“If you want this world I will grant it to you but you will not get Jannah,” 


the verse of the Qur’an says “I will free you” that means if you want I will let you go free ‘Divorce’ not that he divorced and you can get the luxury of this world but you wont get the heaven in the hereafter and the wives of the Prophet they repented and asked for forgiveness and Allah forgave them.


So here also it’s in context and going against the Prophet is more bad than jumping from top, jumping from top your daughter will kill yourself that’s it. Correct? But going against the Prophet is more bad, did you get the answer? 


Questioner: Umm…sir but my question still stands, I understood your point


Dr. Zakir: I haven’t completed my answer; okay you ask the question no problem 


Questioner: My question is pretty simple


Dr. Zakir: I haven’t completed my answer yet brother…


Questioner: Alright


Dr. Zakir: Because I know your question was in two parts, then you quoted the verse of the Qur’an from Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse 34 


Questioner: Ya 


Dr. Zakir: And said about wife beating, I want to complete that before your answer; otherwise you’ll say that Zakir answered half. I only answered one part of your question regarding Hadith, the second part is of Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse no. 34 exactly after the verse that was recited by the Qari, after verse which says 

“ArRijalu Qawaamu Al an-Nisa” that “the men are the protectors of the women”, the verse says that if they are disobedient, if they are disobedient, then don’t talk to her, after that don’t share the bed then the Arabic word is ‘daraba’ which means beat her lightly, the Arabic word is beat her lightly ‘daraba’.


Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: when you beat your wife you should not beat her on the face, point no. 1”


Point no. 2 when you beat your wife there should be no mark left on her body and he gave an example beating with a ‘miswaak’…miswaak is a toothbrush in modern way I will say beating with a handkerchief….handkerchief now if you beat your wife with a handkerchief, it is symbolic, it is not wife bashing, wife bashing is not allowed in Islam, wife bashing means one shot on the face, hit so hard that the mark remains she’ll remember you for the next one week or two weeks, in Islam wife bashing is prohibited, it is ‘daraba’ means beat her lightly that means first you tell her that she’s wrong you admonish her, don’t share the bed with her…ultimatum! Last warning, beat her lightly. 


Now what I said for any crime committed, the punishment is same, punishment is same beating lightly is not a punishment it is a warning, can you do the opposite? Can the daughter hit the father, what if your daughter slaps you? Will you like it? 


Questioner: No


Dr. Zakir: Why? Equality…let me complete my answer, you talk about equality… if your daughter slaps you will you like it? 


Questioner: No.


Dr. Zakir: No… there maybe occasion when you become lunatic, when you become very old and if you want to jump and then she slaps you, I’ll agree with her, correct? Though you said no I’m agreeing with you,




Questioner: I understand.


Dr. Zakir: I’m helping you, you understand but you don’t understand me.


Questioner: No, I do.


Dr. Zakir: I’m helping you, 


Questioner: okay. 


Dr. Zakir: if you grow up and become a lunatic, you become senile if you want to jump from the tenth storey your daughter will say “abba mat karo, don’t do father”, she may have to slap you she’s doing it in good faith. Accepted, fine.


Now here where a husband is giving a warning to the wife if the wife does the same, what would the retaliation be? Imagine suppose a big there’s a massive bodybuilder comes and acts macho with you, if a small man comes maybe you’ll hit him, a macho person, Arnold Schwarzenegger, comes and tells you something will you hit him? Will you hit him?


Questioner: No


Dr. Zakir: Aahh… though you may have a lot of guts but Arnold Schwarzenegger …No!...why? Similarly since Allah says in the previous verse man has been given more strength than the woman, so a physical warning, a symbolic warning a man can give to a woman, a woman can’t give to a man.. a woman can’t. There are other things, there are other things she can do…


Questioner: Such as?


Dr. Zakir: Such as for e.g. if she has to cook food in the house, it’s the duty of the husband to get market, she can refuse to cook. “If you don’t get market, I will not cook” she can object, very well. She can object; saying; I will not cook it’s an objection on her part. 


If for e.g. he’s not offering salaah, offering salaah is important she can object nicely with love and affection; “my dear husband please offer salaah” then she may get little bit angry also, no problem, getting angry with husband is not allowed unless it is for the sake of Allah and His Rasool but not physical she can’t get physical, if she gets physical then there will be retaliation, it will never work.


Imagine your wife slapping you! Will you leave her? Fine you may say, “Jaane doh”. So what you realize this is a symbolic beating. What the western media has done, they portray as though it is wife-bashing. Where is wife bashing? There is no Hadith also. So because of that Islam is the best way of life, it shows you how to lead life with your wives also. Hope that answers your question. If you have any counter question, you are most welcome brother. 


Questioner: Yes actually 2 points on that, Primarily the first thing you said that is the ‘daraba’, ah.. which means basically tapping and as I understand from the Handwork dictionary ah… it comes from the word Idrib. Now if you look at it Arabic word is used in 2 ways. 1 to strike the poem the word Idrib which from which the word ‘daraba’ is taken out..ah.. the first is to strike up a poem and the second which is used 12 times in the Quran…


Dr. Zakir: strike of what you said? Strike of a ?


Questioner: Strike up a poem or …


Dr. Zakir: Strike up a poem?


Questioner: Strike up a poem the metaphorically. Second part is the physical action of striking. Its used again in Surah 8:12 wherein it.. about an angel.. strike off their heads… strike off the very tips off their fingers. The same word is used. So how can the same word be interpreted there as lightly but here as ah…


Dr. Zakir: Very Good question! 


Questioner: the second part…


Dr. Zakir: Very Good question! Very Good question!


Questioner: the second part is that if we come back to Sahih Bukhari Vol. 7 no. 715 


Again the respectable, I truly mean that, respectable woman Aisha, great scholar, I read about her, narrated Aisha said that a lady came wearing a green veil and complained to her i.e. Ayesha and showed her a green spot on her skin caused by beating. It was the habit at that time for women to support each other means when they get beaten up so you support each other. So when Allah’s messenger came, Aisha said “I have not seen any woman suffering as much as a believing woman, look her skin is greener than her clothes.” That was my second part.


Dr. Zakir: As far second part, I’ll answer first and first part I’ll answer second. 


Questioner: No problem. 


Dr. Zakir: She is complaining to the Prophet that somebody has done injustice to her. It doesn’t end saying that the prophet agreed with it. If someone has done injustice, you read ahead in some other Hadith the Prophet may have done justice to her. It doesn’t say that someone beat her and the Prophet agreed with it. Correct? She is just reporting that may be there is injustice done to a woman. That’s it. The moment she is complaining means she is disagreeing with it. She didn’t say “Prophet I heard a very good thing, I saw that the woman was beaten up.” the moment she’s complaining means the wife Hazrat Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, disapproved of it. So the lesson we get from this is no one should beat the woman in such a way that she becomes green.


Questioner: But sir, ah.. see the exact statement she makes is that “I have not seen any woman” that’s Aisha herself, its not my interpretation “I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing woman” So we see at the time of Muhammad that women were really at.. in very-very bad shape. Even though …


Dr. Zakir: you know, you know there are Hadiths saying “I have not seen a person, a believing person like Hazrat Bilal suffering” what was he suffering form? His master tortured him and said “Don’t say there is one God and I will leave you” Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) on that death stone he has agreed to die, he will say I will not denounce Allah, I will keep on saying “La ila ha ill Allah Muhammadur Rasoolulllah” There is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger. He is taking the pain. That means if I say “Hazrat Bilal is a believer who is being tortured” that does not mean that what act has been done on Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) is right. It is wrong! But he is a believer who is taking the pain. In this context we have to see the context and go to the Sharah. You have to see Fatah al-Bari and what was this woman, was she or what was she? Who tortured her, was it the master? Was she a slave woman? You have to go to the Sharah. I‘m not a Muhaddis, I am telling you what the answer can be. You have to go to the Sharah and find out. Why was she? Who hit her? Who beat her? Did the husband do? Was the husband a believer? There are 10,000 reasons! Just because…


Questioner: But sir. Excuse me. In Mishkat Al Masabih…


Mohammad Naik: Brother, brother Shekar, Brother Shekar. What I would like you to do… there are so many people waiting at all the mikes. Precisely, concisely I would like you to put your question in a few words and then close. Because you got such a big sheet of papers, there are many people waiting I see with small slips or something so we cannot allow this whole thing to go on. This is not a debate session, it’s a question and answer session. I want you to put your question in the next 4 sentences. Let Dr. Zakir answer so that all the many ladies standing there, here also get a chance. We have exactly 1 hour 12 minutes left. 


Questioner: I am very sorry for that.


Dr. Mohammad Naik: You have occupied 20 minutes already.


Dr. Zakir: Brother, initially you asked 2 questions, I answered. You said I want a counter, what counter you gave in the counter you’re asking one more question. I don’t mind answering your 100 questions but in this rule, one question at a time. Go behind the queue, no problem. You asked 2 questions, I gave the answer you say I want a counter question, with the counter question you are asking one more question. So you know, I am very kind, I don’t mind, I would love, after finishing you can come in the cabin. And, InshaAllah, I will answer all your questions. I want to ask you after I answer your questions, what will you do? Will you believe in the religion Hazrat Aisha believed? Yes or no? I yet have to answer your counter question.


Questioner: Well it’s not just this one point…there are many, many more.


Dr. Zakir: I will answer InshaAllah, all. How many are there, 10? 20? 50? 100, how many? 


Questioner: well we can sit on that.


Dr. Zakir: how many approximately?


Questioner: Well there are many more… 


Dr. Zakir: How many? 10, 20, 100, 1000, 10,000, how many? Do you have now in your mind? 


Questioner: Well I do have.


Dr. Zakir: how many? 10, 20, 30, how many? 


Questioner: Probably quite a few… may be 


Dr. Zakir: Quite a few is how much? 5 or 10? Approximately.


Questioner: I don’t know. May be a 100 questions.


Dr. Zakir: 100 questions you have. Brother, after this session is over, we sit together, okay. Write down all the 100 questions, InshaAllah, InshaAllah, I will try and answer everyone. 


Questioner: Okay.


Dr. Zakir: I request you; we’ll spend the full night together. I don’t mind because you are a seeker of truth and I am also a seeker of truth and my job is to try and clarify the truth. Not that I am a scholar. I will try and answer all your 100 questions. But I doubt whether you will be able to write 100 questions, I doubt. Coming to your main counter question brother…


Questioner: That will be based on counter question…


Dr. Zakir: Counter question of your’s is that ‘daraba’ has got 2 meanings. One is strike off the head. You asked me then how do you come to know which is correct, correct? 


Questioner: Exactly.


Dr. Zakir: In the counter question, don’t ask one more question. That means you are breaking the rule. 


Questioner: Sir I am just refuting what you said.


Dr. Zakir: Not refuting. See you asked a counter question. Counter question was of ‘daraba’ has got meaning of striking that is the counter question. In that counter question you asked one more question. You can’t ask one more question in a counter question. You can ask one counter question but that was a fresh question that you asked. Now coming to your question of ‘daraba’. You say striking, I agree with you. How do you come to know, one time it is lightly beating, one time it is striking off the head? You know the verse in the Quran is there in 


Surah Maryam ch. 19 verse no. 47 


“Mary (may Allah be pleased with her), she says when Archangel Gabriel says that “you shall have a son” So she says “How shall I have a son when no man has touched me?” 


How shall I have a son when no man has touched me. Now if you go to the Lugha, your Handwork dictionary or Lanes, I believe you read many dictionaries, all this you get on the internet. It’s not difficult. You go on the internet and type, you will get 100 questions against Islam. Not 100, you’ll get 1,000. Very easy. Not that a person has done research. If you would’ve done research you would have come to know who was whose father, and who was whose husband and mother everything. But you go on the internet, you get this very easy.


Now the Arabic word ‘Masa’ has got 2 meanings. Physical touch, it means sexual touch. So when Mary (may Allah be pleased with her) she says “How shall I have a son when no man has touched me” it is understood it is not physical touch, it is sexual touch, correct? 


Questioner: Yes. 


Dr. Zakir: Similarly there are several verses in the Quran. Now when there are 2-3 meanings even both can be correct or one can be correct. To have more details you go to the Hadith. Hadith is a commentary of the verse of the Quran, correct? May be the same word has got 2 meanings in that verse it means meaning no. 1 in the second verse it means meaning no. 2. Hadith is a commentary. 


So when we go to the Hadith of this Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse 34 talking about ‘daraba’ there the Prophet said


“Do not beat on the face, do not leave a mark, beat like a toothbrush” 


I gave the answer but you were so much concentrating on the notes you have that you forgot my answer. If you would have heard my answer that if there are 2-3 meanings all meanings may not be right may be one is right may be 2 is right may be all 3 are right. Therefore you have to go back to the Prophet. The Quran says “Attiullah wa AttiurRasool”, “Obey Allah and obey the messenger”. So when there are 2-3 meanings you have to go to the Hadith and find out what did the Prophet mean by that word. So there when it says strike off their head it means strikes off. Here it means strike lightly. So therefore if you know the supplementary, the commentary of the Quran, it’s the Hadith. Without the authentic Hadith, you cannot understand Islam. 


So our Prophet said it means beat lightly like beating with a toothbrush, don’t beat on the face, don’t leave a mark on the body. So these are the guidance given by our Rasool. Therefore it is obligatory that besides the Quran you have to follow the authentic Hadith. Hope that answers the question. And InshaAllah I will wait for you after 10’ O Clock in the Speakers’ Lounge, InshaAllah. Yes brother Shekar. 


Questioner: Thank you. I’ll be there.


Dr. Zakir: and since you have 2 daughters, you said you have 2 daughters and...Sorry


Questioner: And one son. 


Dr. Zakir: There is no Hadith saying that son will take you to Jannah here.


Questioner: yaa…


Dr. Zakir: If he becomes a pious son and if he prays for you InshaAllah even he will be a pathway to Jannah. What I want, I want to see to it that besides good deeds you even have faith. Faith is one of the important criteria to go to Jannah and since you have an urge to go to Jannah, to paradise, InshaAllah, I pray to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala may he make me the Zariya, the pathway to take you to Jannah, InshaAllah.


Mohammad Naik: Yes Sister.


Questioner: Hi! My name is Clovie, I’m from Canada. I’m student here in Mumbai and my question is ah… why women are not accepted into Mosque here in India? 


Dr. Zakir: Sister’s asked a very good question that why are women not accepted in the mosque in India. So India’s to blamed not the Qur’an and Hadith. I told you in my lecture do not judge Islam by looking at what the Muslims do or what the Muslim society does. Judge Islam according to the Quran and the Sahih Hadith.


Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) said, there is a Hadith of Sahih Bukhari (Vol. no. 2 Book of Jamu’ah Hadith no. 900) 


“Do not prevent the female servants of Allah from going to the mosque” 


Another Hadith is Sahih Bukhari Vol. no.1 in the Book of Salaah (Hadith 865) just a few Hadith before that, he said that 


“If the female servants” that means the Muslim women, servants of Allah, “if they want to go to the mosque at night, do not prevent them” 


Now it is the Indian culture, now when we allow our women to go in the mosque, we see to it that she gets equal but separate facilities, separate entrance, separate place of ablution, wudu, separate place of prayer. We don’t believe in intermingling like when you go to the Church or when you go to the temple, why? Because in out Salaah sister, when we pray, we believe in equality of human beings, we stand shoulder to shoulder irrespective whether the man next to me, he is black or white, yellow or brown, king or pauper, I stand close to him, shoulder to shoulder. Now if a lady is there close to me shoulder, the medical doctors tell me the temperature of the lady is 1 degree higher, if I pray standing with her shoulder to shoulder, I will concentrate more on her than on Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala). Therefore separate but equal facilities, separate entrance, separate place for wudu, you have to wash yourself, wash your legs, you can’t do in front of the Na-Mehram. So in India most of the mosques don’t have but Alhamdulillah, it has started I know of several mosques in Bombay where they have facilities for ladies, you have several mosques in South India where I have been to there… but I do agree with you, it is very less in percentage. 


If you go to Saudi Arabia, almost all the mosques, more than 95% of the mosques, they have facility for women, more than 95 whether its 99, 99.9, I don’t know, more than 95% of the mosques has separate facilities for ladies. You go to London, you go to USA most of the foreign.. it is India, so the problem is with the Indian Muslims. Therefore in my talk I say that see to it there should be a separate facility for the women, separate but equal facility so that they too can pray to All Mighty God in the mosque. Hope that answers the question sister. 


Questioner: Thank you.


Dr. Zakir: You are most welcome.


Mohammad Naik: Yes brother. 


Questioner: Good evening sir. My name is Ashish and my question is there is a concept in Islam that paying money to the victim’s family, by paying money to the victim’s family, from accused family and getting released from the crime, what is the concept behind that and is it not injustice with the victim’s family? 


Dr. Zakir: The brother’s asked a question that what is the concept of ‘Diya’ money means paying blood money. In Islam that if someone has murdered someone or killed someone for whatever reason, the family member of the person who is murdered can excuse, can excuse by taking Diya money, this concept is that if someone is driving a car or may be by mistake while walking something happens or by accident someone dies, here if it is out of negligence yet for example doctor is doing surgery and it is proven out of negligence, the patient has died, Islamic law: death penalty. But there, the relatives of the person who has died, fine we agree, the Niya was good, he didn’t actually kill my son, I forgive him. But negligence… If it is done while trying to save a life, he goes caught free but if negligence he does something and the person dies then death penalty because it is his fault. In this case, if it is proven it is 100% negligence then the family members may say even if it is negligence, I forgive him, Ok I forgive him by free, I forgive him by taking 1 rupee or whether 1 million rupees. May be that 1 million rupee may be a penalty okay don’t do it again, now you have done it, I don’t want to take your life, I forgive you but 1 million rupees is the penalty. So this concept in Islam that the person who has died, his family members can forgive by asking a penalty if it is a conspiracy and a murder, 100% proven then it is death penalty. These cases are mainly when we know that a person had a chance to be forgiven. If someone goes and does a bomb blast on the street and kills 100 people, innocent people, no forgiving, death penalty, direct. You understand. 


Now for example while if you are doing something may be a building is being constructed, fine and there was negligence, the worker gets electrocuted. It is the fault of the builder. Now the family members say okay I don’t mind forgiving, you know my husband used to give me everyday 2000 rupees, now if I demand 500 thousand rupees even in full life how much could you give me? 25,000 a year, 5 lakh would take how many years? How many, 20 years. So now if I take that 5 lakh rupees, I can invest it somewhere and get 4000 rupees and 5000 rupees a month, correct? So fine I forgive him and with his money at least I can survive. There are various aspects in that angle; this is not the only aspect. I am giving you examples. So in this way what happens at least in Indian law, finish death penalty! But woh bechare ka bread earner toh mar gaya naa, usko faida kya hua? Does the government take care of him? The earning member has died; the wife and children are on the street. Does the government help? No! So here at least as a compensation, now they invest the money, every month they get 5,000 rupees. So at least some part of their life is taken care of, it may not compensate completely and sometimes the person may just forgive without taking money also. So therefore there are various situations Islam has permitted so that it is beneficial for both. Hope that answers the question. 


Mohammad Naik: Yes brother… and kindly have your questions on women’s rights, the topic of the day please. 


Questioner: Shalome! I am Danny. Ah.. I am a student. I read Bible, studding more about the biblical manners, understanding and I do read ah… muslim books.. ah… now I am not relating to all the questions what Bible and Quran has.. this is something related to my friend who is my best friend, his name is…no I don’t want to take it, I am sorry. Now he is married and due to some reason he is planning to divorce his wife and I find it out that there was a very small reason that he wants to divorce his wife and secondly yesterday I was just reading this Mumbai Mirror and Mid Day that 112 years old guy, Mohammad, from Somalia, he is getting married… sorry …got married to this 13 year old girl Sophia and I was very disturbed to answer my friend because I just asked one of my friend and he told this is what we learn and this is what we written and this is what we follow. So I just went on to the internet as it is this is the easiest way I see because I don’t get a chance like Zakir Brother for you to question it. So just I’ll just read it for you or if you give me a chance to read it from what I found it from the internet regarding this ah.. Justification and the relationship which Mohammad had, is that a true or you just help me out to come out of this issue and I can go to my friend and say this is what exactly the Quran teaches. 


Dr. Zakir: But do you want to read or do you want me to answer?

Questioner: I’ll just read it first for you. 


Dr. Zakir: But you aren’t satisfied with the answer naa? 


Questioner: Ah.. whatever you may say hope I answered your question..


Dr. Zakir: If you are not satisfied, I’ll give you the answer. 


Questioner: no.. hope to say…


Dr. Zakir: So what the paper says forget about it,


Questioner: Okay 


Dr. Zakir: if you are satisfied with the answer what you have in your hand then that’s sufficient. If you are not satisfied, I’ll give you the answer directly.


Questioner: Just let me read it.


Dr. Zakir: Okay, okay take your time. No problem.


Mohammad Naik: Brother.. Brother put it in just 5 sentences in precise form otherwise don’t read it. 


Questioner: I’ll do that for you sir. This is… actually.. let me just quote from Sahih Bukhari Vol. 7 Book no. 62 which Jabir Bin Abdullah says Ah.. when he got married, Hazrat Muhammad says 


“What type of lady have you married?” He replied I married to a matron” He said, Muhammad, “Why don’t you have a liking for the virgins and for fondling them?” Jabir also said, Hazrat Muhammad said “Why don’t you marry a young girl so that you might play with her and she with you” 


Now it’s a, I was like little bit disturbed, is this is the preference of Hazrat Muhammad or after reading Bukhari Vol. no. 5, it says that…


Dr. Zakir: you are more interested in reading the Hadith rather than the question you posed. 


Questioner: Ha ha ha. Halaluya!


Dr. Zakir: Correct na? 


Questioner: Ah.. I just got it so I read it… 


Dr. Zakir: See you asked me a question; I’ll give you the answer. You want to read the profile of somebody else because you want to quote the Hadith, quote directly. 


Questioner: See because I get an answer from you also that’s why I am quoting it to you. 


Dr. Zakir: See, if you have 2 + 2, I don’t know the answer, I want to tell what other people said, why you’re bothered. I’ll give you the answer directly, it is 4. what other people said 7, 8, 10 forget about it.


Questioner: That’s why I came over here sir. 


Dr. Zakir: That’s the reason why are you reading somebody else’s answer if you are not satisfied. 


Questioner: Okay. 


Dr. Zakir: Correct? 


Questioner: Ya.


Dr. Zakir: that means I’ll have to comment on both. On the question as well as the answer, correct? 


Questioner: Okay. 


Dr. Zakir: I’ll do both, no problem. See what is the Niya is important. If your Niya was to get the answer why Mohammad, 112 years old or 113 years old, married a 13 year old, the answer I’ll give you. But you also wanted the answer of Prophet Muhammad, correct? 


Questioner: Yes because…


Dr. Zakir: So ask directly. What you have to say, I am not satisfied with the answer given on the internet, given on the paper, directly ask the question on the Hadith rather than beating around the bush. I’ll give both the answers. 


Questioner: Okay. 

Dr. Zakir: I’ll give you both the answers.


Questioner: Hope I may satisfy with your answers too. 


Dr. Zakir: InshaAllah, InshaAllah. 


Questioner: Please sir.


Dr. Zakir: that depends upon you. if I say 2 + 2 is equal to 4, you say no it is 5, I can’t help it. 


Questioner: I’ll take it what you say but I’ll believe what I can believe in. 


Dr. Zakir: Sure, sure. You have to believe what you believe, you can’t believe in what I believe until you believe what I believe.


Questioner: True sir because it’s all law of contradiction. 


Dr. Zakir: Sorry.


Questioner: Please go ahead. 


Dr. Zakir: What did you say? 


Questioner: Please go ahead because I want to know the answer from you. 


Dr. Zakir: Yes. As far as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is concerned, fine. I’ll come to it later on regarding the name of Mohammad, you said, na?


Questioner: Ya because its an article..


Dr. Zakir: Some person from? African country, you said.


Questioner: Somalia.


Dr. Zakir: Somalia, 112 years old you said.


Questioner: Ya.


Dr. Zakir: Married a girl of 13 years old. 


Questioner: Yes sir and he is the 5th marriage.


Dr. Zakir: 5th marriage? Not 5 together. May be 1 he married and divorced her...


Questioner: 5th I said, the paachwa Shaadi.


Dr. Zakir: Paachwa Shaadi but ek, doh ko divorce diye honge, ho sakta hai na at any given time you can’t have more than 4. Now coming to the answer, why?


In Islam you can marry a woman the moment she gets matured. If she reaches puberty, you can marry, that is Islam, fine, a woman to marry.  For a man the moment he reaches puberty, till he dies. He can marry anyone, choice is his. Would you marry a woman 15 year older to you? 


Questioner: No.


Dr. Zakir: No, your choice. But the Prophet Muhammad married his choice. Prophet Muhammad at the age of 25 married a woman, Hazrat Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her) who was 40 years old. You will not marry, I will not tell you, you have to marry. It’s your choice. Now he wanted to marry a woman 15 year older to her because she was pious, who are we to object? He is willing and the woman is willing. Jab Miyan bivi razi toh kya karenga kazi? 


Questioner: Because ah…


Dr. Zakir: Wait.. wait.. let me answer. Please don’t interrupt. You posed a question..


Questioner: I said sorry sir. 


Dr. Zakir: Yes and I accept it, no problem. So with the husband and wife, ho are we to object? That woman wants to cover her head, you say don’t cover the head. Arrey why? Arrey she wants to cover her head and the President of France said women should not cover the head. Why? If he wants to enjoy seeing women, he can go on the Miami Beach, why does he want to do it in France? Doesn’t make sense. Subjugating? That women doesn’t feel subjugated, he is feeling subjugated, why? He is feeling subjugated because he cannot enjoy woman, he cannot enjoy the lust. So the problem is in him not in the women covering the head. But the man is 112 years old. Medical science tells us even a man of 112 years can procreate, can give birth to a child. True? 


Questioner: Yes sir… I believe.


Dr. Zakir: Yes I am a medical doctor now he wants to marry a 13 year old girl who has reached puberty what is your problem. You don’t give your daughter to him. 


Questioner: no I am not…


Dr. Zakir: don’t give. Am I telling you? Am I telling your sister to marry him? No… now if the parents also agreed and the girl agreed, she may be liking that man 112 years what a pious man! Reminds me of the Sahaba. I sacrifice everything. Because beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) said that 


“If you marry a spouse, you look for 4 things: virtue, nobility, wealth and beauty. The best among this is virtue”


And If a woman of 13 years old finds a virtues man of 112 years, I would prefer, if I know he is virtuous, if I know haan, not any tom, dick and harry I would not mind giving my daughter if I know that he is a virtuous man and will see to it that he takes my daughter to Jannah, I would not mind but after verifying. He is such a virtuous man, reminds me of the Sahaba, the caliber of Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with them all), why not? But today we see more for beauty, more for wealth. I am not saying that the man of Somalia was virtuous, I don’t know. I don’t know but can it be possible, yes. Chances are less. Can be possible, yes. Chances are less. Why not? If the girl is willing therefore I said in my talk the marriage can only solemnize if, if the man and woman agree that does not mean a man even of 50 years comes and asks my daughter, I will not give. If I said he is as virtuous as... as the Khufa-e-rashadeen, I cannot find a better match. I cannot find. I cannot find a better match. What you have to realize that may be that girl found that man to be virtuous, may be I don’t know, I haven’t interviewed her, I haven’t interviewed him. May be that man found that girl virtuous, I don’t know. So if the man and the woman agree who are you and me to interfere? Why are we trying to interfere their rights? Now you may have married a girl I don’t know, good or bad, you may think she is beautiful someone may think she is ugly and someone says why have you married her? Sorry I am not getting personal, your wife may be beautiful, MashaAllah. But someone cones and objects why have you married ugly woman? You will say what is bothering you? I find her to be beautiful, who are you to interfere? Will you get angry or not? Will you get angry or not? Beauty is subjective. Someone comes and tells you “O brother whatever”, your name is, “you know, your wife is so ugly” you’ll say “you mind your own business, that’s my wife” why are you interfering. If somebody comes and criticizes your wife, that is your choice. So as far as that 112 year Somalia man is concerned and the 13 year girl is concerned chances is very negligible point .001% but if both agree, who are we to interfere? 


Coming to the answer of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) that why don’t you marry a younger woman, a virgin woman? The Prophet may be knowing how that Sahaba is? There is a person who came and said that “while I am fasting, can I kiss my wife?” the Prophet said, “yes, you can”. Another Sahaba comes “Can I kiss my wife?” the Prophet said “No” so the Sahaba said first one you said yes, second one you said no, why? Because he knew that the first man could control his desires. While fasting even after kissing the wife, he will not go beyond that, the second person, once he kisses his wife, he will break his fast. He will go beyond that. Prophet knew, you don’t know, I don’t know. 


Similarly here the Prophet may be knowing that if he marries a matron may be yet he’ll go after beauty so Prophet advices him. But what did the Prophet do? The 1st woman he married was 15 years older to him, 15 years which you wouldn’t like doing. You just told me that, correct? 


Questioner: Yes. 


Dr. Zakir: So the Prophet, he knows because he found piety in Hazrat Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her), therefore she is one of the 4 pious women in the world. So the Prophet knows like I being a doctor I may give one medicine to one person, second person second medicine. You’ll ask why am I changing medicine? Because I am a doctor, I know. You are not a doctor. So the Prophet gives different advice to different people depending upon the situation. You don’t know but the Prophet knows. And do you think what the Prophet said is wrong, he’s right. Some people may like younger girl, some people may like older girl. So what you have to realize that it is nothing wrong, it is an advice given by the Prophet. Did he say something which is wrong? No, perfectly right. But see his lifestyle, all the women he married except for 1, only one was virgin. All of them, they were either divorcee or they were widowed.


Questioner: Ah… sir actually it’s not liking or un-liking getting married to 112 


Dr. Zakir: Brother you asked me a question, I gave the reply. I am asking you the question someone objects..


Questioner: Sir but how this Qur’an relate to this people?


Dr. Zakir: which people? Which people? 


Questioner: This people, those who are getting married in this particular age, their liking or don’t liking. They like someone…


Dr. Zakir: The Quran says “do not inherit women against her wishes”  Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse 19 


But if the woman wants and the man wants who are you and I to prevent? Who are you and I to prevent? What is bothering you? I am asking you the question? If he finds piety in that young lady and that young lady finds piety in that elderly man, what is bothering you and me, tell me. That is it un-medical? No! Can they procreate? Yes. What’s the problem? Imagine someone comes and tells you why have you married a black woman? Why have you married a white woman? I mean that’s your choice. In Islam a woman becoming black or white does not make her superior or inferior. What the Prophet said the best is virtue. Now why did the man of Somalia at the age of 112 married 13, I don’t know. I am least bothered to know. Is it logical, yes chances are very less, possible. Same thing what the Prophet advised. So I am asking you the question if the girl and the boy agree why are you interfering with the choice is the question? Do you have a right to interfere is my question?. I am asking you a question, do you have a right to interfere when the husband and wife are doing something which they like, it’s not going against the Qur’an, it is not even jeopardizing your rights. 


Questioner: Sir, may I answer? 


Dr. Zakir: Yes. 


Questioner: Sir, again. It’s their liking or not liking, I am not interfering in them, they may like 112 years ka old, old man or 13 years but my thing is how does Qur’an words related to this people, like they are doing it, what they are doing it. 


Dr. Zakir: Brother did you here my answer? The reason for criteria for getting married is that you should reach puberty, have they reached puberty or not? Can a 13 year old girl reach puberty, yes or no? Do you know the answer? 


Questioner: No. 


Dr. Zakir: Can she reach puberty? 


Questioner: 13 years…


Dr. Zakir: you don’t know science also.


Questioner: You are doctor, sir. Please tell me. 


Dr. Zakir: In India…


Questioner: Yes sir.


Dr. Zakir: in Delhi the report came, if a girl reaches puberty by the age of 10 nothing to be worried about, age of 10 also. It is very common. Many girls, hundreds of girls who are less than 13 and they have reached puberty, many. It’s now common. So once you reach puberty, finish. You may have preference okay, the Indian law says, 18 years, Indian law. Indian law! If he was an Indian, it would have been illegal according to the Indian law, America says 16 years. Now who is right America or India, I am asking you the question. 16 years or 18 years, who is right. 


Questioner: According to their law. 


Dr. Zakir: Aaaan.. their law! This is according to the Quranic law. Very good answer.


Questioner: this is what Quran is relating to


Dr. Zakir: The problem is that when America says 16 you have no problem when Quran says 13, what is your problem? 


Questioner: I didn’t say no problem. You can marry… 


Dr. Zakir: Finish, no problem. Thank you. That means you have got the answer. Qur’an says as long as they agree, there is no problem. In Texas, in Texas the American law says a woman should be minimum 16 years old, in India if a 16 year old gets married, illegal, haraam, prohibited. In Texas because the Texans, they marry at an early age there is a special law for women of Texas at the age of 14, they can get married. Now what’s your answer? Do you agree with the women of 14 years in Texas to get married? Right or wrong? 


Questioner: Again I said sir, it’s their law. 


Dr. Zakir: Their law! Correct. Who are you to object? 


Questioner: I didn’t object. 


Dr. Zakir: I am asking you a question in America, if a 115 year old man marries a 14 year old girl, is it allowed or not in Texas? Allowed. So when Texas allows, so why can’t the Qur’an allow? Now it may not go down your throat, no problem, you don’t marry. I don’t know whether you’ll live till 112 years or not. 


Questioner: No I don’t want to be. Let God wish..


Dr. Zakir: But even if you live, if you don’t want to marry, it’s your choice; it is a choice of an individual. This is the right what Islam has given which you want to take away from a man and woman. Islam has given that right, they have the right to choose. 


Questioner: May the peace of Jesus Christ be with you sir.


Dr. Zakir: Brother, as far as if you say me Jesus Christ be with me, I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), you say “Shalome Alaikum” it’s a verse of the Bible from the Gospel of Luke ch. no. 24…


Questioner: I said “Shalome” 


Dr. Zakir: It is Shalom Alaikum, it’s not “Shaaalome”


Questioner: Its peace… peace be with you sir. 


Dr. Zakir: Its “Shalome Alaikum”, it’s not Shaaalome. 


Questioner: yes sir, it’s the same. 


Dr. Zakir: It is Shalom, Shalom Alaikum


Questioner: Means, it’s not only Shaalome. 


Dr. Zakir: I am giving you the reference Bible Gospel of Luke ch. no. 24 verse no. 36 it is Shalam Alaikum


Questioner: Peace be with you. yeah. Shalam Alai kum


Dr. Zakir: Shalome Alaikum in Hebrew, in Arabic Assalamu Alaikum.


Questioner: Walaikum Assalam.


Dr. Zakir: May peace be upon you, yes brother. But when you said may Jesus be with me. In what in teachings or in what? As far as teachings are concerned, Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) said in the 


Gospel of John ch. no. 16 verse no. 12 to 14 

“I have many things to say unto you but ye cannot bear them now for he when the sprit of truth shall come, he shall guide you unto all truth. For he shall glorify me. He shall tell you things to come.”


Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) said there is another messenger to come and his name will be Muhammad (peace be upon him) so I am following the teachings of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) that’s the reason I am following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) if you don’t want to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), it is your problem. You can refer to my video cassette ‘Similarities between Islam and Christianity’, you’ll get more information. For any question, you can go behind the queue and ask me brother. Please go behind the queue and ask me brother.


Mohammad Naik: Yes sister…


Questioner: Hi my name is Merda and I am a student studying psychology from Canada. Ahh… my questions are very simple. Ah.. how can you say that men and women that there is no sexes when the very set up of this conference is sexes for example the men are seated in front of the women… 


Dr. Zakir: Can you repeat your question a bit slowly sister?


Questioner: Yes. Why is that the men are seated in front of the women, the very structure of this conference is sexes. Why is that?


Dr. Zakir: MashaAllah, sister asked a very good question that why aren’t the women seated in front…


Questioner: No why are we not, if you’re gonna separate us how come we are not left and right?


Dr. Zakir: correct.


Questioner: Why is one in front of the other?


Dr. Zakir: Sister asked a very good question that why are the women.. if you believe in equal… why not left and right, why not. It’s a very good question sister. Because the Quran says in 


Surah Noor ch. no. 24 verse no. 30


“Say to the believing man that he should lower his gaze and guard his modesty”


Whenever a man looks at a woman, any brazen thought comes in his mind, he should lower his gaze. Now if the women are sitting on my right, I’ll only have to speak, looking at my left. You know because I can not look at them. Here I can look at everyone. Sister I cannot see your face also from here. You may look at my direction, if you want to see me closely, you can see on the screen there no problem. But for me the Quran says the moment I look at a women, I should lower my gaze unless she is my wife or she is my mother or she is my daughter and if someone says that someone looks at a woman and nothing happens to him, then he requires a psychiatrist. So if you were here, I’d talk to you like that so you will tell me “What an ill mannered man is this! You know, showing me his back” now my gaze is there, knowing the microphone, I cannot see you. I can see just okay.. just little bit here and there so I am maintaining my Hijaab. Now when we have ladies speaker speaking, only ladies, front row, no problem. So what happens because it’s a gents speaking there are occasions, some occasions when we have to keep a partition and we can do that and we have done that. But this is such a vast gathering so many cameras, it will obstruct so that’s the reason but in no way are we trying to say that the women are inferior. That’s the reason you have got a screen close to you, MashaAllah, especially for sisters who are sitting a bit more behind. So you can get the view but in front, it will be difficult for me to speak, for me to maintain my Hijaab, for me to look because in public speaking, you know we are taught we have to look at the audience, if the audience is a woman in front of me… you know, I remember once I had gone to a Gulf country and I was called for a talk and it was a ladies organization, I always say that at least the front row should be gents, you know. But they didn’t do it so half the talk I gave looking at the ground, and balance half looking at the ceiling. Down. Ceiling up. Believe me, I was in hell. Not because I was in company of ladies, I was in hell because half my lecture looking at the ground and half my lecture looking at the ceiling. I had to maintain my Hijaab. Here I can…I can talk to the person, I can look at him, I can stare at him, if he is sleeping, I stare at him, he stops sleeping, you know. This is public speaking. But with the ladies, they are far; it is for maintaining the Hijaab. So that’s the reason sister, it is not at all in any way trying to belittle them and the reason we have given you one microphone instead of 2 because we feel that the proportion is approximately 1/3rd: 2/3rd, that’s the reason. But the moment last time when there were more ladies we gave equal proportion. Hope that answers the question sister. 


Questioner: Thank you. 


Mohammad Naik: Yes brother. 

Questioner: Good evening doctor. I have been coming regularly to your Peace TV conferences for last so many years. My question is, I am in a situation of a 2 families both are Muslim families, I know the boy, I know the girl, the families, I’ve been the media coordinator of both, boy and girl and they are going to get married. So can a non-Muslim be a witness of the agreeing family and the boy and girl to the Nikaah? 


Dr. Zakir: Brother asked a very good question that he has 2 friends both are Muslims, one from the girl side, one from the boy side.. He is a mediator between both of them. He knows both of them and he got them together. Can he be a witness to the marriage of…


Questioner: As they are telling me to be the witness…


Dr. Zakir: as they are telling him to be a witness, can you be.. You can be under one condition only. Condition is applied. If you bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger, you can even be a witness to the Nikaah. 


Questioner: Thank you. 


Dr. Zakir: Hope that answers the question.


Questioner: Brother this question is from a non-Muslim sister, she is present in the audience but for security reasons she will not like to come on the microphone. I’ll be reading her question. If a non-Muslim girl wants to marry a Muslim boy and the Muslim boy asks the girl to convert not by force but because he wishes her to accept the religion, is it wrong? Meaning is it wrong on part of the boy to ask to convert? Secondly if a non-Muslim girl marries a Muslim boy without converting but still follows the Islamic religion as it is supposed to be followed, is it wrong on the part of the girl to follow the religion but without converting, her name is Kushboo, she is a teacher by profession. 


Dr. Zakir: Sister asked a question there’s a non-Muslim would like to ask a question that can a non-Muslim girl… if she wants to marry a Muslim boy and the Muslim boy requests her to accept Islam, is it right and if a non-Muslim girl follows Islam without converting, is it acceptable? The Qur’an says in 


Surah Baqarah ch. no. 2 verse no. 221 that 


“Do not marry unbelieving women until they believe. Do not marry a Mushrika until they believe” 


because, it further says that it is preferable to marry a believing woman even if she is a bonds woman, even if she may be a servant, even if she may be ugly, it is far superior to marry a believing woman who is a bond woman rather than an unbelieving woman even if she attracts you.”


She may be the most beautiful woman, she may be a beauty queen, she may be the wealthiest woman but a believing woman is far superior. So in terms of, is it right for a Muslim man to ask the non-Muslim woman to convert before marring? It is not right, it is a must. Without she accepting Islam, he cannot marry her. Why, I’ll tell you. 


For example, I’ll tell you that there is a car one tire is of a cycle and the other is of a tractor, will the car run? No! all the tiers should be of a bicycle or of a handcart at least or of a tractor you’ll have a proper tractor because when you are leading a life, the views and philosophies, the major thing, the goal of Jannah should be the same. 


Coming to your second question that if a woman follows the teachings of Islam but does not convert, is it acceptable. See for conversion you don’t have to publicly announce, you don’t have to come on the microphone and say I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, it’s not a must. If you feel your life is in danger, if you say within your heart and tell it to All Mighty God, you don’t even require any witness, it is between you and Allah. So there is no particular ceremony that is required but proclaiming is preferable so that the people in the world don’t misunderstand you but of you feel your life is in danger, if you proclaim to Allah only and keep it in your heart and follow, Alhamdulillah. Following is more important than proclaiming. It is preferable for a lady not to mention but yet follow Islam than to mention she has converted and not follow Islam. Have you heard my answer? It is preferable for a non-Muslim woman to practice Islam without proclaiming rather than proclaim and not practice Islam. Practicing is more important than proclaiming. It is between her and Allah. So the moment she starts practicing Islam, it’s understood. When she offers Salaah, she agrees there is one Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger, the moment you say Iqamah, it is in that Iqamah you believe that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger, finish. So if she starts practicing, she doesn’t have to proclaim also. 


So if she wants to do the second, practicing is more important than proclaiming. But if she wants to proclaim, it is fine she can proclaim. Hope that answers the question. 


Mohammad Naik: Yes brother. 


Questioner: Hare krishna. Here I am looking, I came here first time. People are very eager to know about his life woman and man but this discussion.. ah.. you think.. this discussion will really solve our real problem of life but birth heads, old and diseases and dead that we are suffering from birth, old age, death and diseases that will ah.. real this problem will solve in our life to get married with some nice woman or wealthy woman and or…


Dr. Zakir: Brother asked a question…


Questioner: … woman?


Dr. Zakir: Brother asked a question we have come here to discuss about men and women’s rights, marriage, will it solve our problem of diseases. Some problem it will solve. If you marry a woman you have less chances of STDs…


Questioner: There’s a real problem of lives…


Dr. Zakir: Brother… brother you asked the question, let me give the reply. You asked the question, we are discussing about men and women and life and marrying, will it solve the problem of diseases etc. brother, are you listening to me? You are looking and listening here. Very good. So it will solve some of the problem of disease. If you marry a woman, you like, InshaAllah, you won’t go to outside. So less chances of having STD, sexually transmitted diseases, less chances of having AIDS, so if you marry correctly, it will solve some of your problems of diseases, not all, fine. But this session is talking about women’s rights so we have different lectures and different sessions talking about different solutions for humanity. Today is the solution for the women’s rights. You come for my last lecture ‘Purpose of Life’ that will give a real solution for life. So I have kept that in waiting, you know, final round. You know, the best is always last, correct? You know this is my first talk then I am going to come on Friday again, give a talk on ‘Al Quran - Should it be Read with Understanding?’ then Saturday -   Open Question and Answer Session. Last day, final Purpose of our life. if you come for that, InshaAllah, most of your question of life will be answered. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: Okay, hare krishna. 


Mohammad Naik: Any non-Muslim lady? 


Questioner: Ah.. but we have a revert sister so if the chairperson permits.. could we allow her…


Mohammad Naik: okay we’d allow that. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Maria Umme Sharrif. I am from Ireland; I am a physical therapist by profession. Alhamdulillah, I got a chance to accept Islam but my question is my father never got the chance and Shirk is the biggest sin. And I want to know if there is a specific dua or something I can read on his name so that his sin will be forgiven?


Dr. Zakir: Sister asked a question that Alhamdulillah she has accepted Islam and she says that unfortunately her father, he died as a Mushrik so can I read any dua, anything in his name so that his sin can be forgiven. 


Sister the Quran says in 

Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse no. 48 

Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse no. 116 that 

“If Allah pleases, He may forgive any sin but the sin of Shirk, he will never forgive because a person who has done Shirk, has committed the most heinous sin” 


So if the person is doing Shirk and before he dies, if he repents, InshaAllah, Allah will forgive. But if he dies as a Mushrik, he is destined for hell. There is no other option. And this is also narrated in the Qur’an when Abraham (Alaihe Salaam), Prophet Abraham when he prays for his father who was a Mushrik then a verse was revealed that when a person is alive, you can ask Allah to give Hidaaya to your parents to your father, to your mother, to your brother, may Allah guide them to the straight path but if they die as a Mushrik and if you know they died as a Mushrik you cannot pray for them, you can only pray that 


“O my God, O my Lord Allah, make for my off springs Muslims who will submit their will to Allah” 


And this is the dua for Abraham (Alaihe Salaam), his father also was a Mushrik but he does a dua in Surah Ibraheem ch. no. 14, the last few verses, he prays that 


“Make my off springs those who’d submit their will to Allah”, who will be Muslims and we find that both his children, Ishmael (Alaihe Salaam) and Issac (Alaihe Salaam) both of them became messengers of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala). So what I request you sister to make a dua to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) that may your offsprings, be the ones who will submit their will to Allah and be on the straight path. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: JazakAllah. 


Mohammad Naik: Yes brother…


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh! My name is Talha Nusrat and I am a student. Before starting sir, first of all I would like to thank you because… 


Dr. Zakir: Are there any other non-Muslims. Are there any other non-Muslims who would like to ask any question? They are most welcome to come on the microphone. Any non-Muslim who would like to ask to a question whether they are from the gents or from the sisters, this is your opportunity, any questions on the topic ‘Women’s Rights in Islam’ or any questions on Islam and comparative religion. This is your opportunity. Any non-Muslims who would like to ask any question, they are most welcome. If not, we allow the Muslims.. in between if they feel, they can come on the microphone and they can jump the queue, that’s the prerogative.


Mohammad Naik: Yes brother… 


Questioner: First of all sir, I would like to thank you because I have become a better human being and not only a better human being but a better Muslim because of you and undoubtedly it is Allah who provides the heed but you were the source of that heed. And my question is that I’ve read in Glorious Quran that in previous round during the time of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam), men were allowed to keep female slaves and they were allowed to have intimate relations with them without the Nikaah and their off springs were also considered to be legitimate. So I mean wasn’t it ah…  any kind of a degradation of the honor of the women. And were women allowed to do that or this privilege was only confined to men? 


Dr. Zakir: Brother asked a question that at the time of the Prophet there were women who were slave women and you are allowed to have sex with them even without marrying so why was it allowed, what’s the privilege and is the vice-versa permitted or not. 


There are many verses in the Quran which say that you can have sex with whom those who are your wives and what your right hand possesses. Right hand possesses means they were the slaves and at time of the Prophet, the wars used to take place and when wars used to take place, they were captives.. when they were captives from both the sides, the men and the women, they became slaves. Though if you analyze, there are verses in the Quran which also says in 


Surah Nisa ch. no. 4 verse no. 25 


“If you do not have means to get married then marry a slave woman and give her freedom in Mahr”


That if you don’t have the means to get married so marry a slave woman and give her, her freedom as Mahr. 


So here it’s encouraging that


Questioner: … that all the slavery has been abolished…


Dr. Zakir: Brother, you asked a question. The question is over. 


Questioner: It is co-related actually. 


Dr. Zakir: You cannot co-relate anything; you have to go behind the queue to co-relate. You asked the question, we heard your question, it was long, if you start co-relating always…non-Muslims are allowed. Muslims, you go behind the queue, no problem. If we start co-relating we’ll be handling very few questions. So with non-Muslims I am a bit more lenient. So now the thing is that… so it’s preferable to marry.

Vice-versa, it is not possible. It is only for the female woman slaves. That the man can have sex, the Quran doesn’t say the vice versa. And this again if you analyze that if we see at that time promiscuity was very common, promiscuity and having sex outside was very common. 


So Islam has bought it in stages. Like as alcohol was very common, the first verse of the Qur’an of 


Surah Baqarah ch. 2 verse no. 219 says that 


“In Alcohol there is profit and loss, loss is more than profit”


The next verse was revealed in 


Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse 43 that 


“Do not pray with your mind befogged” 


Means when you are praying, do not pray with your mind befogged. Means when you are praying don’t have intoxicants. 


Finally the ban came in Surah Maidah ch. 5 verse no. 90 that alcohol is banned. 


So here, first All Mighty God, Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) prohibits any other sex. Only 2 people are allowed. Your wives and that which your right hand possesses. Now in this age we don’t have you know, any wars it may take place. People say that the Qur’an talks about slavery, is it justified? I said, yes, why not? You know why? Because today we know that internationally slavery has been banned but do you know what’s happening in Guantanamo Bay? Do you know the laws of UN, resolution? How they treat the prisoners of war. If you compare that with the Islamic law Islamic law is far superior to what’s happening in Guantanamo bay. And after a few days we have a speaker coming by the name of James Yee. He is a Chinese and he was put in Guantanamo Bay, he will give you his story so do attend that talk. So if you see what is done in Guantanamo Bay and the way prisoners of war are ill treated, you know, they are imprisoned. In the Islamic law the slave is free to move around. Prisoner of War! But free to move around, great. Major thing you are giving them, a place to walk. They can go to the Mosque but they cannot run away. But if they run, what are you going to do? You’ll have to catch up with them. But imagine a prisoner of war is not chained. In the normal prisoner of war we have prison  camps with electric wires, they can’t go out. All sorts of non-sense goes there, you know. All sorts of sexual abuse goes there, do you know that. What non-sense goes? So the Islamic law even if I agree how they treat the slaves is far superior than the UN Charter, far superior than the Guantanamo Bay but is Islam, Islam disagrees with having sex outside the marital bonds. So just as a restriction it was permitted that time what your right hand possesses but preferable is as it goes further that give their freedom in Mahr and have sex with them, that’s preferable. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: Thank you sir. 


Mohammad Naik: Yes brother. 


Questioner: My name is Anand. By profession I am an interior designer. I want to ask can a Muslim girl marry a non-Muslim boy. The brother asked a question that can a Muslim girl marry a non-Muslim boy. As I said that Muslim boy cannot marry a non-Muslim girl until she believes the same verse I quoted 


Surah Baqarah ch. 2 verse no. 221 says

“Do not marry a non believing woman until she believes. A believing woman who is a bonds woman is far superior to a non-believing woman even if she allures you” 


The same verse continues. 


“Do not marry a non-believing man, a Mushrik man until he believes. A believing man even if he is a slave man, a bonds man is far superior to a Mushrik man, an unbelieving man even if he allures you” 


He may be the most handsome man in the world, he may be the wealthiest man in the world but a believing man is far superior than an unbelieving man. So even the vice versa is the same that a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man until he believes. Once he accepts Islam then very well she can marry him. 


The same example of a car that all the 4 tiers should be same, one of a bicycle and the other of a truck, it will not work because the life partners, if you really love your wife, you’d want her to go to Jannah. If the Muslim woman loves the Husband, she would want her husband to go to Jannah. This life is temporary. So imagine you marry someone and you know that his spouse is going to go to hell. So what’s the use? So first you get confirmation that he becomes a Muslim, he agrees that there is one God and the final messenger is Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) then there are chances that both will have the best of this world and the hereafter. Hope that answers the question. 


Mohammad Naik: Anyone on the sister’s mike? 


Questioner: Yes brother. Hello good evening sir. I am Sadiya Akram. I am a first year student of Business Management studies. My question is that you said that Muslim girls are prohibited the professions of acting, modeling and dancing. Does the same apply for men? Muslim men.


Dr. Zakir: The sister asked a question that I said that profession which exhibit the body like dancing, like modeling, film acting, is it prohibited for men also? 


These cases of film acting, modeling, if it goes against the Quran and Shariah, it is prohibited. For example a Muslim man, you know models from some suit as long as there is nothing Haraam in that add, it’s permitted. If something Haraam… if he models for Black Dog, whisky, you know Champaign or alcohol, its haraam. Similarly if he is acting, if in acting he is showing that he is a non-Muslim, doing idol worship, it is Haraam. You know, many of the Muslim actors, they behave like non-Muslims and they do Shirk! Haraam! Let him be anyone, let him be the best actor in the world, his acting will take him to Jahannam. His acting will take him to Jahannam. But if he is acting and doing a good role, not running after women, you know, running around trees if all this non-sense is there, Hijaab is broken, its haraam. Otherwise simple thing, without any haraam activity, not breaking the Hijaab, following the Quran and Sunnah, making films which are Islamic, which will get a person closer towards Jannah, closer towards Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala), its perfectly fine. So as long as what they are doing acting and modeling if it comes within the purview of the Islamic Shariah, its permitted, otherwise, it’s Haraam. Hope that answers the Question. 


Questioner: Thank you sir. 


Mohammad Naik: Yes brother … 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum. Ah.. my question is now the age of combine studies so is it permitted to study in the field of medical because… ah.. for women… because most of 99% is we face na-Mehram.


Dr. Zakir: Brother asked a question that if co-education is permitted especially in medical collages, correct? If woman wants to become a doctor and there is no single sex medical collage, is it permitted? If the cause is there, the Islamic Shariah says let a small loss take place to prevent a big loss. So now that lady, if she goes in a co-ed collage of medicine and there is no single sex collage, it will be difficult for her to maintain her Hijaab but she can, she can not that she can’t. You know, she’ll have to maintain her Hijaab. In medical collages the atmosphere is the worst. I have been to a medical collage. MashaAllah, Allah saved me otherwise medical collage atmosphere is the worst in terms of breaking the Hijaab, worst. And it’s only Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala), MashaAllah, who can save you otherwise the medical collages, you know, the girls and the boys they have groups, they have to examine the patient, they stay overnight. It’s very dangerous. So if Allah is with you, InshaAllah, you can be on the straight path. 


So for a woman if she goes to a medical collage, she has to yet maintain her Hijaab and in the collage that I was there were Muslim women who maintained, not all of them but there were one or 2 who maintained their Hijaab. Maintain the Hijaab, see to it that if you have to suppose that if he patient is common and you have to take a common history with another gent, you know, you may have to take the common history of the patient, may be the colleague is a gent, fine. when you talk, you lower your gaze, not “O! How are you? How is the movie? Did you see the movie?” all common. “O lets go for a spin, lets go for a drive on the bike” so all these things if you avoid and see to it that if you have to talk with your colleague, you can talk with lowering your gaze though the people may not like it so she has to maintain her Hijaab, its very much possible. 


As for examining the patient of opposite sex, the Quran and the Sahih Hadith give permission, why? Because you are treating the patient, so doctor can see the opposite sex if required. Best is same sex, same doctor. Best! But you don’t have it everywhere. That’s the reason we, brother, we have initiated in our activities in United Islamic Aid, a new activity called as Free Medical Center. So we have started this recently which we will inaugurate after this conference, Shaikh Salaah Al Budair, Imam of Masjid-e-Nabwi, he will be inaugurating our center in Mumbra on the 10th of November, InshaAllah 2 days after the conference. 


The uniqueness of the center, it is… the uniqueness is, it is on the lines of Quran and Sunnah means lady doctor will examine lady patients, gent doctor will examine gent patient. The area is an area of 2,000 sq. feet. Separate waiting area for ladies, separate for gents, children can go wherever they want if they are young. But lady doctor will check ladies and InshaAllah, InshaAllah we aim to have only MBBS doctors and MD, you know, so that they are more professional, everything air conditioned but free, good quality medicine and InshaAllah, InshaAllah when I started this center, I am a medical doctor, I intend to give better treatment in this free center than the old medical clinic that I have got. I have left my profession, my brother and my father, MashaAllah, they are doctors and they are running a centre which is good but there we charge, that’s the bread and butter, we charge money but, InshaAllah, in this free medical centre, InshaAllah, we’ll give better services, InshaAllah, than the own medical clinic that we have for our bread and butter, InshaAllah. Fully air conditioned, InshaAllah. Good waiting room, hygienic but free. Those who can’t afford, its free. Anyone can come even Muslims and non-Muslims can come and in the waiting room we won’t have Stardust magazines, we won’t have Film fare magazines, we’ll have Islamic Books, we’ll have Islamic Satellite Channels. You know, people have you know, you go to a high caliber doctor, Film fare magazine, Stardust… so besides them being cured by the diseases, InshaAllah even the Eemaan will get cured. Huwas Shafi, it is Allah who cures. So what we believe that if you want to do medicine, if there is no single sex collage, you can but you have to maintain your Hijaab, become a doctor so that more Hijaab can be maintained. Once that lady doctor becomes, Muslimah becomes a doctor, she will allow many other women to follow the Hijaab. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: JazakAllah.


Mohammad Naik: We’ll allow only 2 more questions, one on that mike and the last questions from this mike. And we have only 5 minutes left for Dr. Zakir to answer those. Yes brother. 

Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum! I am a reverted, my name is ah…  Abdullah Shaikh. Before it was Sushant Kumar Mandal. I am from Panvel but there is one question regarding Allahu Akbar which I am always.. I have read the Quran and I came to know that there is a Jannat which I am trying to go, Jannat directly to… for that I have to follow the Hadith and Quran but when I’ve read the Hadith and Quran I came to know that I have to follow total Sunnat, this Sunnat has tried to put me down because of my mother and my mother asked me to remove my beard, my cap and all Sunnat, she want me to be like an Indian guy. She says me you have to pray Allah in your heart not by Salaah and this is always Hindu, always try to put me i.e. you do what, what we say shall I have to do like this or I have to leave the house or I have to stay other?


Dr. Zakir: MashaAllah brother asked a very good question. Allah gave him Hidaaya, he became a Muslim. He realized that following Quran and Sunnah will take him to Jannah when he read the Hadith he followed the Sunnah, he wore a cap, he covered his head, he sported a beard but his mother says remove the beard, remove the cap so what should I do? The verses I quoted of 


Surah Luqmaan ch. no. 31 verse no. 14 that 


“We have enjoined on the human beings to be kind to their parents. In trivial upon trivial did the mother bore them but in pain did she give birth”


Immediately next verse says  


Surah Luqmaan ch. no. 31 verse no. 15


“But if your parents force you to worship somebody besides Allah of which you have no knowledge then do not obey them yet live with them with love and compassion”


The same message is repeated in Surah Ankaboot ch. no. 29 verse no. 8 


“We have enjoined upon human beings to be kind to their parents but if the parents force them to do something, worship someone besides Allah of whom they have no knowledge then don’t obey them but yet live with them love and compassion”


What we realize from Quran and Sahih Hadith that you have to love your parents, you have to respect them, you have to obey them but if they tell you something against Allah and His messenger, that’s the only time you can disobey them. But yet love them. So if they tell you to remove the beard, you tell 


“My dear mother! Our beloved Prophet said, it’s mentioned in 

Sahih Bukhari Vol. no. 7 in the Book of Dress Hadith no. 780 that 


“Do the opposite of what the pagans do! Trim your moustaches and grow the beard”


I am following my messenger and that same messenger said 


“Paradise lies beneath your feet” 


So if I remove the beard even my paradise beneath your feet will go. Mother I love you, mother I care for you, mother I respect you. That same Prophet said that the person that deserves the best love and compassion is your mother. After that who? Your mother. After that who? Your mother. So if I stop obeying him, I will have to stop respecting you also. Mother I love you, I respect you. I obey you as long as you don’t go against the person who is taking me to Jannah, that’s our Prophet.”


So depending on how you speak, what you do… if you were not obedient before accepting Islam may be she told you okay wear a blue color shirt. “Mother I don’t like blue color” moment you became a Muslim “Mother I will wear a blue color” “Arrey what happened to my son! Before he became a Muslim, he used to disobey me now he is obeying me” So whatever your mother told you before you became a Muslim which you never used to follow, the moment you become a Muslim, start following as long as it doesn’t go against Allah and His Rasool. You should find a change, start loving her more, you have to respect her. Suppose she goes to the temple doing Shirk is Haraam but the moment she comes out of the temple, it becomes your duty that you take her back home. Because you love her, because you respect her even though she is a non-Muslim yet your paradise lies beneath the feet of your mother, your mother may not be in paradise but your paradise yet lies beneath the feet of your mother, love her respect her, obey her until she does not go against Allah and his Rasool. See there should be a change in your life and she will respect you, she will also accept your religion, she’ll even accept the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam). Hope that answers the question. 


Wa Aakhiru Da’wana Anil Hamdu lillahi Rabbill Aalameen!

Questioner: But sir there is one problem is that after… she has converted into Islam, she accepted my Allah but he is taking in the back of Allah she’s telling to me, you don’t follow what the Huzoor (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) is giving you, the whole structure of the Islam, she is trying to stop. What shall I do? I should leave the house or I should stay away from my mother because you told me that in the… in the…in the  feet of mother there is a Jannat.


Dr. Zakir: Time is running short, the time is running short. You have to follow… yet love her with compassion because tell her that the Quran says 


“Attiullah wa Attiur Rasool” in Surah Nisa ch. no. 4 verse no. 59


So Qur’an says follow the messenger therefore I am following the messenger, not because somebody else is saying. So to follow the Quran, I have to follow the Hadith; you love her, respect her if she kicks you out of the house, stay out of the house yet love her.


Questioner: Thank you sir, Thank you. 


Mohammad Naik: JazakAllah Khair. Brother we thank all our audience who has so patiently and consistently been coming here and stayed so long, InshaAllah, we hope to see you tomorrow morning for our other programmes in the forthcoming days.


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh…..!