Why the West is Coming to Islam?
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 22nd Oct. 1998)


 (Duration – 1 hour and 21 minutes)


Dr. Amir Farid Ishaq: Bismillah Hir Rehamaan Hir Raheem! Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rehmatullhita’la wa Barkathu! On behalf of the organizers started by Islamic media together with Satwan Darul Fitra in Islamic outrage high beam and our kind sponsors Remaco Malaysian and Embrath. I’d like to welcome you to tonight’s talk by our distinguished speaker Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik. He’s the President of Islamic Research Foundation in Mumbai, India. He is known as the walking computer on not just the Qur’an but as we found out today at IIU he is also computer for other scriptures too and quote from so many scriptures, you wonder what’s the megabyte of his brain. And even my computer cannot access when I press the button as quickly as he can access his computer. Well, Alhamdulillah, that is the glory, the power of God, if He wishes He’ll create amongst His beings those who have special abilities and Dr. Zakir is one of those blessed by Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala). 


He’s the president of the Islamic Research Foundation based in Mumbai, India which is a very active Da’wah organization started by himself and helped by his brother and also another fellow doctor who will be one of the teachers on Sunday for the Da’wah Training Programme. And internationally active as you can see they have produced many video tapes and apparently in Mumbai they have a 3-hour cable TV programme every day to the 16 million population of Mumbai, something to be proud of that we and other people around the world should emulate in trying to propagate Islam. He has been to many-many countries and delivered hundreds of talks. And this is his second visit here, he was here about 3 years ago and I am sure this will not be the last visit. Only time he is here I am amazed at the pace that he goes through. 


We have had a series of talks and tonight’s topic as you can see on the board is ‘Why the West coming to Islam?’ As you are well aware that over the last decade especially in Europe, Islam is virtually overrunning the place, in UK hundreds of Churches have been sold over to Muslims to make Mosques. Same thing in Germany few years back I read that the Church, the Churches they are worried because they don’t have many people coming to Church where they used to collect money and then now do not have enough money to survive. Most of the Churches are turned into community halls and likewise Islam is burgeoning in Germany and countries around there. And in America you all well know that Islam is already the third largest religion after Christianity and Judaism. What’s more? That among the African-Americans or the colored people Islam is becoming very popular. 


Before we hear Dr. Zakir I’d like to invite our special Qari all the way from Japan to recite some verses of the Qur’an, Surah Al Maidah and I would give you the translations after his rendition. Please welcome our Qari Abdul Wasi or Haruka Kimora. He is an Islamic teacher and Da’ee from Japan and holds a BA in Daw’ah and Usool-e-deen from Madinah Islamic University, Alhamdulillah. And he will read Al Maidah, Surah Al Maidah verses 78 to 86, InshaAllah.


Abdul Wasi: Assalamu Alikum Wa Rehmatullhita’la wa Barkathu! (Qirat)


Dr. Amir Farid Ishaq: Bismillah Hir Rehamaan Hir Raheem. 

Curses were pronounced among those among the Children of Israel who rejected faith by the tongue of David and of Jesus the son of Mary because they disobeyed and persisted in excesses. 


Nor did they forbid one another the inequities which they committed. Evil indeed were the deeds which they did. 


Thou seest many of them turning in friendship to the unbelievers. 

Evil indeed are the works which their souls have sent forward before them that Allah’s wrath is on them and in torment will they abide. 


If only they had believed in Allah and the Prophet and in what has been revealed to them never would they have taken them for friends and protectors but most of them are rebellious wrongdoers. 


Strongest among men in enmity to the believers will thou find the Jews and the pagans. And nearest among them in love to the believers will thou find those who say “We are Christians” because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world and they are not arrogant. 


And when they listen to the revelation received by the messenger thou will see their eyes overflowing with tears for they recognized the truth. 

They pray “Our Lord we believe, write us down among the witnesses. What cause can we have in not to believe in Allah and the truth which has come to us seeing that we long for our Lord to admit us to the company of righteous.” And for this, their prayer, has Allah rewarded them with gardens with rivers flowing underneath the eternal home. Such is the recompense of those who do good. 


But those who reject faith and belied our signs they shall be companions of Hellfire. Sadak Allahu Azeem. 


So thank you brother Abdul Wasi. Without further doom I would call upon Dr. Zakir.


Dr. Zakir: Alhamdulillah, was salaatu was salaam ala rasoolillah wa ala aalihi wa ashaabihi wa ajma’een, amma baad.


A’uzu billahi minash shaytan nir-rajeem, Bismillah hirrahman nirraheem


“Inna alddeena AAinda Allahi al-islam” 


Bismillah hirrahman nirraheem


Rabbish rahli Şadri Wa Yassir Li 'Amri Wa Ahlul `Uqdatan Min Lisani Yafqahu Qawli


Respected Chairman, my respected elders and my dear brothers and sisters, I welcome all of you with the Islamic greetings… ‘As-Salaamu Alaikum, Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatahu’ ‘May Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala), of Almighty God be on all of you.


The topic of today evening’s talk is in a form of a question, ‘Why the West is coming to Islam?’ And if we have to give the reply in just one sentence the answer is the west is coming to Islam because Islam has the solutions to the problems of the west. 


The western world mainly the society, it caters to certain needs of the body, it caters to the physical needs to the body. There are several religions, most of them which only cater to the spiritual aspect that’s the soul but, Alhamdulillah, Islam is a religion which as got a dual role, it caters to the physical aspect of the body as well as the spiritual need of the soul. It has a dual role; it caters to the body as well as the soul. 


Islam comes from the root word ‘Salaam’ which means Peace. It also means submitting your will to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala), to All Mighty God. In short Islam means peace acquired by submitting your will to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala), to All Mighty God. The glorious Qur’an is the last and final revelation of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) which was reveled to the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam)         


The Glorious Qur’an is the most positive book in the world. It’s a proclamation to humanity, it’s a fountain of mercy and wisdom, It’s a warning to the heedless, a guide to the erring and an assurance to those in doubt, a solace to the suffering and a hope to those in despair. 


Let us analyze today the reasons why the west is coming to Islam. One of the important reason is that the western world in open minded, the minds aren’t closed, they are broad minded and neither are they conservative like many other parts of the world. And that’s the reason when I say when people ask me the question that I keep on traveling by the grace of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) to different parts of the world how is the response to the talks etc. so I tell them that our job is to deliver the message of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala), it is he who gives Hidaaya. Allah says in 


Surah Gashiyah ch. 88 verse no. 21 


“Fazakkir innama anta muthakkir” 

“For you have to admonish, you are not a manager of affairs of people”


But I tell them that there is a lot of difference between the western world and the eastern world. And if suppose, I tell them, if one non-muslim in the eastern world especially the country where I come from i.e. India if one non-muslim in India accepts Islam it is equivalent to 50 non-muslims accepting Islam in the western world. That doesn’t mean one Indian is so superior, it is 50 times more superior than the westerner, it’s not that. What I am trying to tell them is that the society in the east especially India, it is conservative, it’s narrow minded. Even if a person likes the teaching of Islam its very difficult for him to accept Islam because he has several problems even if he likes Islam he’s afraid of the society, the society may boycott him, he may have economic problems, there may be danger to his life, he may have social problems, therefore even if a person likes Islam in India it is very difficult for him to accept Islam because the society is conservative and the people, they are narrow minded as compared to the westerners but that is no excuse for the non-muslims in India for not to accept Islam they will be held responsible for that. 


As compared to the westerners, I keep on giving talks in middle-east and various parts of the world, some westerners keep on following me and after a couple of lecture and even after one lecture, Alhamdulillah, they like Islam so much that they accept it at the end of the talk which is not the case in Bombay I have to slog a lot you know I have to yearly for months and years together and finally its not because of the efforts of a Da’ee that the person accepts Islam, it s because Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) gives him Hidaaya and gives him courage. So the first reason I would say westerners are more broad minded because in the same family the father can be a Christian but he would not mind if the Children they accept Islam. You know, yet they can live under the same roof which is not the case in India. Hardly will you find that the father belongs to a different religion and the children belong to a different religion. You will not find such a family. Therefore I say that the westerners are more broad minded and they are not conservative as far as religion is concerned. 


The other important reason is that the western world it is advanced in the field of science and technology. You know the west, Alhumdulillah, at least in this age it has advanced in the field of science and technology. And according to Albert Einstein, he said that 


“Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind.” 


And the westerners they consider science at the yardstick, the ultimate yardstick to judge anything is science. And Alhamdulillah Qur’an speaks several things about science though Qur’an is not a book of science S-C-I-E-N-C-E it’s a book of signs S-I-G-N-S. And there are more than 6,000 signs, aayats in the glorious Qur’an out of which more than a thousand speak about science. Those of you who have heard my talk, I have given a talk on ‘Qur’an and modern science – Compatible or Incompatible?’ or Qur’an and modern Science – Conflict or conciliation?’ which proves Alhamdulillah is far superior to science. So with the help of using the yardstick of the westerners we can prove our yardstick which is Qur’an which is far superior than science has mentioned what they have discovered today 1400 years ago. Since they have advanced in the field of science and technology and if we speak to them with Hiqma, Alhamdulillah, they realize that Qur’an is far superior to science and many of them come to Islam.


Thirdly, Alhamdulillah, the westerners they like to reason out. They won’t just accept anything on face value. They will reason out, they will investigate and then only will they be convinced. They are not a group of people who believe in superstition, most of them neither do they adhere to prime believes and that’s exactly what the Qur’an says. and Qur’an shows a technique how to do Da’wah in 


Surah Nahl ch. no. 16 verse no. 125 which says 


“Ud`u 'Ila Sabili Rabbika Bil-Hikmah Wal Maw`izatil Hasanah Wa Jaadilhum Bilati Hiya 'Ahsan” i.e. 

Invite all to the way of their Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that are best and most gracious. Qur’an always encourages reasoning. No wonder the Qur’an says in several places including 


Surah Baqarah ch. no. 2 verse no. 242 


“la’allakum ta’qiloon” 

“So that you may understand” 


The Qur’an wants the people to understand the Qur’an and then accept it. The Qur’an says in 


Surah Ibrahim ch. no. 14 verse no. 52 that 


“Here is a message for the humankind, let them take warning there from. Let them know there is one God. And let the men of understanding take heed.” 


Qur’an says let the men of understanding take heed. And Alhumdulillah many of the westerners, they are men of understanding. And they always like to question anything; until they are convinced they will not accept it. That’s the reason if you read the Qur’an, the Qur’an is also a sought of a question-answer book, no wonder if you read the Qur’an its mentioned “Qaalu”, ‘they say’ 332 times, they say, they ask and the Qur’an says 332 times “Qul”, ‘tell’. It is a sought of a question-answer book for example “They ask thee concerning wine and gambling” and the Qur’an gives the answer. They ask thee concerning new moon and the Qur’an says “Qul” and it starts. It satisfies the intellectual of a person. 


And today in the most parts of the world especially the western part of the world, you know people are very busy, there are so many new philosophies and new thesis coming up that… time doesn’t permit us to analyze everything. The westerners and the people around the world, they are very busy so now if you bring up a new theory or a new hypothesis or a new philosophy first they ask you that “Do you have any way to prove your theory wrong?” or “Do you have any way to prove your philosophy wrong?” its known as ‘Falsification test.’ The westerners, they believe in the falsification test means any theory you bring forth, if you want us to analyze that theory first show us a way how to prove your theory wrong. What will we do that will prove your theory wrong then we will analyze it. Otherwise there are thousands things people are bringing up, new things, where do we have the time to analyze everything? If you have a way to prove your theory wrong we will do that and prove it wrong, if we can’t then we will agree with your theory. That’s the reason Albert Einstein when he propounded the theory of relativity, he had 3 ways. He said “to prove my theory wrong do these 3 things and the theory will be proved wrong and don’t accept it.”  So for 6 years they tested it out and they agreed and then but natural he got a noble prize. 


Qur’an is the only religious book and Islam is the only religion which has this falsification test. And I have discussed various falsification tests in my cassette ‘Is the Qur’an God’s word?’ I’ll just mention one of them which mainly caters to the western mind. The Glorious Qur’an says in 


Surah Nisa Ch. no. 4 verse no. 82 


“Afala yatadabbaroona alqur-ana walaw kana min indi ghayri Allahi lawajadoo feehi ikhtilafan katheeran” that 


“Do they not consider the Qur’an with care? Do they not ponder over the Qur’an with care? Had it been from anyone besides Allah, there would have been many discrepancies there would have been many contradictions in it”


So if you want to prove the Qur’an wrong you take out a single discrepancy. The Qur’an is proved wrong. If you want to say the Qur’an is not the word of God, you take out a contradiction, Qur’an will be proved wrong. It is so easy. Just take out one mistake in the Qur’an and the Qur’an will be proved wrong, so easy. Just go through the book it will take you a few hours or a couple of days. Take out a mistake and the Qur’an will be proved wrong and I will agree the Qur’an is wrong. It is presenting a falsification test. Throughout the ages there are falsification test given by the Qur’an. But for this age this test is there which was applicable even that time but today is no more applicable you know because today is the age of science and technology. Previously was the age of literature, poetry, etc. it had different falsification for that time which is even applicable today. But this particular one is applicable for the westerners. Not that the westerners didn’t try. You have several critics of Islam giving hundreds of alleged contradictions, alleged scientific errors all of which are actually nothing but falsehood. Because if you know more about science as Francis Bakon said that “Little knowledge of Science makes you an Atheist but an in depth Knowledge of Science makes you a Believer in God”. That’s the reason today the western world, they are eliminating models of God but they are not eliminating God. La ila ha ill Allah.


As I mentioned that Islam has the solutions of the problems of the west. Time doesn’t permit us to discuss all the problems and solutions which Islam has we’ll just pick up a few and discuss a few of them. As I mentioned that the western world is drowned in materialism. It’s a materialistic world, you know, more concerned about trying to see the welfare of the body so much that they have been drowned in materialism. 


And Qur’an has the solution. Qur’an says in 


Surah Taubah ch. 9 verse no. 34 and 35, it says that 


“Spend of your wealth in the way of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) and give a warning to those people who bury gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah”, those who hold their gold and silver and spend not in the way of Allah, “announce to them a grievous penalty that fire will be produced from the wealth they have hoarded, it will be heated in the hellfire and on the Day of Judgment they will be branded with it on the forehead, on the flanks and on the back.” 


And the Qur’an says that this life is a test for the hereafter in 


Surah Mulk ch. 67 verse no. 2 that 


“Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) has created death and life to test which of you is good in deeds.” 


And the Qur’an says in 


Surah Ale Imran ch. 3 verse no. 185 that 


“Kullu nafsin zaiqatul mawt” 


“Every soul shall have a taste of death. The final recompense shall be paid on the Day of Judgment and anyone who enters the garden i.e. the Jannah and is kept away from the hellfire; he would have achieved the purpose of this life. For this life is but goods and chattels of deception.” 


Qur’an says that this life people are running behind materialism, it’s of goods, chattels and deception but a person who is saved from the hellfire and enters the garden would have achieved the objective of this life. 


People spent too much money, etc. and Qur’an has a solution for the spend thrifts. Qur’an says in 


Surah Isra ch. no. 17 verse no. 26 and 27 that 


Spend not your wealth like that of a spendthrift means you don’t be a spendthrift because spendthrifts are the brothers of the devil. 


That means if you spend excessively you are a brother of the devil. 


And today throughout the world including the western world you have a system that in order to hoard more wealth and to gain more wealth you use your wealth to eat other people’s wealth. In English it’s called as bribing. The Qur’an says in 


Surah Baqarah ch. no. 2 verse no. 188 that 


“Scounder not your wealth on vanities and do not use your wealth in order to use it as baits to judges so that you may eat other people’s wealth.” 


That means do not use your wealth as a bribe, as bait to judges so that you may eat other people’s wealth. Bribing is prohibited in Islam. And the Qur’an says in Surah 


Hujuraat ch. no. 49 verse no. 11 and 12 that 


“Let not one group of men laugh at the others you may never know that the later may be better than the former. Let not one group of women laugh at the other, you may never know the later may be better than the former. Do not call each other by nicknames, don’t be sarcastic to one another, avoid suspicion for suspicion in some cases is a sin. Do not spy on one another, do not backbite, do not call each other by nicknames and do not slander behind their backs, do not backbite. Are you ready to eat the dead meat of your brother?” 


The Qur’an says that if you backbite, if you speak against somebody’s back, it’s as though you are eating the dead meat of your brother. And eating dead meat is prohibited in the Qur’an. Speaking bad about someone without proof, slandering him without proof is prohibited in Islam. Slandering someone behind his back when he does not have an opportunity to clarify is double sin. Eating dead meat is a sin, eating dead meat of your brother… the cannibals who eat meat, even they don’t eat the meat of their own brother. So backbiting is as good as eating the dead meat of your brother and Qur’an says 


“Neh! You would abhor it.” 


This backbiting and slandering in the garb of freedom of expression, you know, hidden behind the term freedom of expression you find it very prevalent throughout the western world. You know people abusing each other, slandering each other, inverted commas ‘freedom of expression’. 


The Qur’an says is 


Surah Humazah ch. no. 104 verse no. 1 


“Waylun likulli humazatin lumazatin” 


Woe to every kind of scandal monger and backbiter. 


The problem today which the west is facing and it is also seen to it that other parts are facing because of it is Riba, is interest. Today the western world is in problem because of Riba, because of interest. And they have seen to it that they have passed this disease even to the other parts of the world. it started in England by the King of England he said that you give money, I will keep it for you and then I will give you interest, fixed interest on it. And that’s how the present banking system has started and they have spread this fever, this disease throughout the world. The Qur’an mentions about Riba, the word Riba is given in the Qur’an in no less than 8 different times. 

Its mentioned in 


Surah Ale Imran ch. no. 3 verse no. 130, in 

Surah Nisa ch. no. 4 verse no. 161, its mentioned in 

Surah Rum ch. no. 30 verse 39, thrice in 

Surah Baqarah ch. no. 2 verse no. 275, its also mentioned in 

Surah Baqarah ch. no. 2 verse no. 276 and in 

Surah Baqarah ch. no. 2 verse no. 278. 


The word Riba is mentioned in the Qur’an no less than 8 times and why it is haraam etc. I have given a talk on ‘Interest free economy promulgated by the Qur’an’ for people who want to know the reason why Islam has prohibited Riba and Riba includes interest over and above people say that “O no Riba doesn’t include interest, modern interest it only means usury” and I have described this in detail people can avail of my video cassette including ‘Interest free economy promulgated by the Qur’an’ which gives more detail. Time doesn’t permit us to go into the minute details of economics in this talk but just would like to give the translation of the two verses of the Qur’an i.e. 


Surah Baqarah ch. 2 verse 278 and 279 which says that


“O you who believe, give up your demands of Riba, of interest and if you give not your demands of Riba, interest take notice of a war from Allah and his Rasool” 

Means anyone who deals with interest, Allah and his Rasool will wage a war against you. There are various sins mentioned in the glorious Qur’an which are big sins, Gunah-e-Kabira, but this particular sin besides being a grave sin it also says that anyone who deals with interest Allah and his Rasool will wage a war against you. So if you deal in interest, you are challenging Allah and his Rasool for a war. 


Furthermore, if you see in the western world we have people especially the children, they don’t respect their parents; it’s more in the western world than in the eastern world. And nowadays in the new era you have especial child abuse cells, in western world, in America and in other European countries, you can phone the police, there’s special child abuse cell and you can even threaten your parents. If your parents scold you too much you can “you better be careful otherwise I will dial that number.” And the parents, they understand... Okay now he means business. You are giving rights to everyone. Rights are there in Islam, they have even given rights to children, the maximum is in Islam but the Qur’an says 


“La tagloo Fe Deenukum”


In Surah Nisa Ch 4  verse 171 


“Do not commit excesses in your religion” 


But natural children should be protected but now in the garb of protection the children, they are threatening, they are black mailing their parents. If they want something and if the parents don’t give, they can blackmail. You can even give fake calls, no problem. The police will come may harass the parents, may not arrest them but there can be problems. Several places in the Qur’an says that you should respect your parents, several places.


In Surah Luqman ch. no. 31 verse no. 14, in 

Surah Ahqaf ch no. 46 verse no. 15, in 

Surah Anam ch. no. 6 verse no. 151, several places. But specifically it says is 


Surah Isra ch., no. 17 verse no. 23 and 24 it says that after worship of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) the next duty is respecting your parents. The Qur’an says in 


Surah Isra in ch. 17 verse 23 and 24 


“That Allah has ordained for you that you worship none but Me and that you be kind to your parents. And if anyone of them or both of them reach old age do not even say w word of contempt, don’t even say ‘Uff’ to them.” 


You can’t even say ‘Uff’ to them. 


“But lower to them your wing of humility and address them with honor and pray to thy Lord that cherish them as they cherished me in childhood.” 


Imagine the Qur’an says if anyone or both of your parents reach old age you cannot even say ‘Uff’ to them. In the western world you have the concept of old age homes where the parent gets old put them into the old age home. There is no concept of old age home in Islam because it’s the duty of the children and the relatives to look after the elderly people, they have to respect them, they have to love them, they have to behave with them with compassion. Unlike the western world which moment the child gets adult the parents may have looked after the child but moment he feels he can stand of his own two feet then he shows his back to the parents.


The common problem that is there in the western world is adultery, it is fornication. And the glorious Qur’an says is 


Surah Isra ch. no. 17 verse no. 32 that 


“Come not close to adultery for it is an evil opening roads to other evils.”


Adultery is an evil opening roads to other evils. That is the reason in Islam marriage is compulsory. There is no monasticism in Islam. And our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) said its mentioned in 


Sahih Bukhari Vol. no. 7, in the Book of Nikah ch. no. 3 Hadith no. 4 

“That O ye young people! Whoever has the means to get married, should get married.” 


And our beloved Prophet said that anyone who marries completes half his Deen. Once during question-answer time somebody asked me that “Does it mean that if I marry twice I complete my full Deen?” What did the Prophet mean by saying marriage completes half your Deen? What he meant that marriage prevents you from promiscuity, from homosexuality, from fornication which are half the evils in the society. Only if you marry do you have an opportunity to be a husband or a wife. Only if you marry do you have an opportunity to be a father or a mother which are very important duties in Islam. Therefore the Qur’ans says that marriage is a Misaak, a sacred covenant in 

Surah Nisa ch. no. 4 verse no. 21, Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) says in 

Surah Rum ch. no. 30 verse no. 21 that 


“Amongst his signs he has made for you mates of like nature so that you may dwell in them with tranquility and he has put love and mercy between your hearts.” 


Marriage is compulsory in Islam.


Today one of the biggest problem that the western world is facing which is not so much in the eastern part of the world is the surplus of women. You have more women in the western world, in the eastern world the reason is because of female infanticide if this evil practice stops even in the eastern world this problem will be there. If you analyze the glorious Qur’an says and gives the solution for this problem in 


Surah Nisa ch. no. 4 verse no. 3 that 


“Marry women of your choice in twos, threes or fours but if you can’t do justice marry only one.” 


That means a person can marry two, three or four if he can do justice we can’t marry only one. But at the same time the Qur’an says in 


Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse 129 


“It is impossible for you to do justice between your wives so do not turn away from them altogether.” 


Here what the Qur’an is referring to where it comes to justice as love is concerned, it’s difficult, it’s impossible to love both your wives equally. Even a mother she loves her children but no mother can say that I love 100% exactly both my children same, can’t be possible. She can love both the children, Alhamdulillah, very much but no mother can say I love exactly both my children at the same level, it’s not possible. There has to be some up or low. But overall there should not be injustice. Qur’an says it’s impossible to justice between your wives but don’t turn away from them altogether. Regarding the other things where it comes to money, time, etc. you should be just between your wives. If you buy one house for your wife the second wife will get the same house. So the Qur’an says that you are only allowed to marry more than one wife if you can do justice, if you can’t do justice you cannot. 


Many people think that marrying more than one wife is compulsory in Islam, that’s a misconception. 


In Islam there are 5 categories of do’s and don’ts. 

First is Fard which is compulsory.

Second is Mustahab i.e. recommended or encouraged

Third is Muba i.e. optional

Fourth is Makroo i.e. discouraged

And the Fifth is Haraam i.e. prohibited. 


Polygyny, a man allowed to marry more than one wife comes in the category of optional in the middle category. There is no verse in the Qur’an saying that if you marry more than one wife you get more Sawaab. Now let’s analyze why does Qur’an gives the permission that under circumstances you can have more than one wife. By nature men and women are born in equal proportion, male and female, they are bon in equal proportion but during the pediatric age itself, if you ask any pediatrician, he will tell you that the female child can fight the germs and diseases much better than the male child. So in pediatric age itself there are more male children dying than female children. So in the pediatric age itself the female population is more than the male population. As life goes on, death takes place due to accidents, cigarette smoking, wars etc.  In all these cases more male are dying as compared to female. So today in the world there is more female population as compared to male population. It is only in certain countries like India that the male population is more than the female population. And as I said it is because of female infanticide. 


And according to a report of BBC by Emily Buchanan in the programme assignment the topic was ‘Let Her Die’ she said that every day more than 3,000 fetuses are being aborted in India alone after they are identified that they are females. If you multiply this figure by 365, the number of days in a year, more than 1 million fetuses are being aborted every year in India after they are identified that they are females. If you stop this evil practice even in India and some other countries, the female population will exceed the male population. 


According to statistics USA alone has 7.8 million females more than male, New York alone has one million females more than male. Out of the population of New York the statistics tell us one third are gays. Gays means sodomite, means ‘Kaume Lut’ that means they wouldn’t like to have females as life partners. There are more than 25 million gays, sodomites in America, in USA another problem, 25 million. 

In UK alone there are 4 million females more than male, in Germany alone there are 5 million females more than male, in Russia alone there are 9 million females more than males. And Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) knows alone how many millions of females are there more than male thought the male. 


Suppose I agree with the western philosophy or a non-muslim who says that one man should only marry one woman and suppose my sister happens to live in America and suppose the market is saturated i.e. every man has already taken a woman for himself. Yet there will be 30 million females who will not find life partners. 7.8 million as it is they are excess and 25 million gays if you add it to them, there are more than 30 million females who will not find life partners. Now the only option remaining for my sister or suppose your sister happens to live in America and she is that unfortunate one who has not found a life partner. If she can find a man who has not found a man, Alhamdulillah, grab him. But suppose the market is saturated what she will do? The only option remaining for her is that she either marries a man who already has a wife or she becomes public property. 


Now people say “Public property! Dr. Zakir using such a harsh word” I am saying that is the most sophisticated word I can use is public property you know I cannot use other words because I am a Da’ee, public property. There is no third option. And any modest woman would say she would prefer the first, becoming a wife of a man who already has a wife than to become public property. 


And do you know in the western world its very common, people have Mistresses, very common. The statistics of USA tell us that on an average one man has 8 different sexual partners before he settles down with one life partner. Some may have 10, some may have 20, some may have 30, some may have less, 2 or 1, on an average 8 different sexual life partners before he settles down with one permanent one. Having a mistress is no problem; you can have 1, 10, 20, 30, no problem. But if you ask any woman when a woman becomes a mistress she doesn’t have honor, she is degraded, she doesn’t have any rights. As compared to a woman when a woman is the second wife of a man she gets honor, she gets respect, she gets her rights. We in Islam, Alhamdulillah, give the women their due rights for the western world they can easily agree with the philosophy of a man having several mistresses. But a person having more than one wife it doesn’t go down their throat. 


Islam has the solution to the problems of humankind. If you analyze most of the major religions, they speak good things don’t rob, don’t cheat, etc. Islam says the same but the difference between Islam and the other religion is that Islam besides speaking good things, it shows you a way how to achieve that state of goodness, how to achieve that state in which these particular principals, laws can be followed. 


For example all the major religions including the western world says that a person should not rob. If you read the constitutions of America and Europe it says that a citizen should not rob. And if he robs there are certain remedies given but its not showing its colors. Islam too says that you should not rob but Islam has the solution, it shows you a way how to achieve that state in which people will not rob. Islam has a system of Zakaat I.e. every rich person who has a saving of more than the Nisaab level, 85 grams of gold; he should give 2.5% of that saving in charity every lunar year. If every rich person gives Zakaat poverty will be eradicated from this world. There will be not be a single human being who will die of hunger. And after this the Qur’an says in 


Surah Maidah ch. no. 5 verse no. 38 


“As to the thief be it a man or a woman chop off his or her hand as a punishment form Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala)” 


And they say if a person, if he robs and his hands are chopped off what about his family, what about his children etc. it’s a ruthless law. I say Islam takes care of that. A person has a problem the Islamic state looks after the affairs of the family. But the question is how many people’s hands are being chopped off. The law is strict that no one dares to rob, it is so strict so where is the question of implementing the punishment? The crime doesn’t take place so where is the question of implementing the punishment. 


Today America which happens to be one of the most advanced country in the world, do you know it has one of the highest rate of crime, theft, robbery? I am asking you a question if you implement the Islamic Shariya in States, every rich person gives Zakaat and after that if any man or woman robs chop off his or her hand as a punishment, I am asking you a question will the rate of robbery, crime, theft in America, will it increase, will it remain the same or will it decrease? What will happen? Will it increase, will it remain the same or will it decrease? It will decrease, it’s a practical law. You implement the Shariaya you get results. That’s the reason I say that Islam besides speaking good things it shows you a way how to achieve that state of goodness. And this is a reason why many westerners today are coming to Islam. 


Let me give you another example that most of the philosophies, most of the religions including the western world says in the constitution of their country that you should not molest the woman, you should not rape her. If you see in the constitution of America and European countries it is there you should not molest a woman, you should not rape her. Islam says the same but Islam shows you a way how to achieve that state in which people will not molest a woman or rape a woman.


Islam has a system of Hijaab. Normally the Islamic speakers they always speak about the Hijaab for the women but Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) in the glorious Qur’an first speaks about the Hijaab for the man and then for the woman. The Qur’an says in 


Surah Nur Ch no. 24 verse no. 30 that


“Say to the believing man that he should lower his gaze and guard his modesty.”


Whenever a man looks at a woman and any brazen thought comes in his mind, any unashamed thought comes in his mind, the Qur’an says he should lower his gaze.  There was once my friend who was a Muslim who was staring at a girl for a long time so I told him “Brother, what are you doing? It’s not allowed in Islam” So he told me “Our beloved Prophet said; the first glance is allowed, the second is prohibited. I have not completed half my glance.” What did the person mean by saying the first glance is allowed, second is prohibited. That doesn’t mean you can look at a woman and for 10 minutes you can look at her without blinking. You know stare at her without blinking for 10 minutes. What the Prophet meant that if you look at a woman unintentionally don’t intentionally look at her again, stare at her again. The next verse speaks about the Hijaab for the women. The Qur’an says in 


Surah Nur ch. no. 24 verse no. 31 that 


“Say to the believing woman that she should lower her gaze and guard her modesty. And display not her beauty except what appears ordinarily thereof and draw her veil over the bosoms and display not her beauty except in front of her husband, her father, her sons…” 


And a big list of Mehrams, the close relatives who she can’t marry is given. And the criteria for Hijaab are given in the Qur’an and the Sahih Hadith.


There are basically 6 criterias for the man the extent is from navel to the knee. For the women the completely body should be covered the only parts that can be seen are the face and the hands up to the wrist. Some scholars say that even this should be covered. The remaining 5 criterias are the same for the man and the woman. 

The second is the clothes they wear it should not be so tight that it reveals the figure.

Third it should not be transparent so that you can see through. 

Fourth, it should note glamorous so that it attracts the opposite sex. 

Fifth, it should not resemble that of the unbeliever. You cannot wear a sign of Christianity like a cross. You cannot wear a ‘Om’ or a ‘Tika’ which is a sign of Hinduism. Don’t wear clothes which are identity of an unbeliever. 

And the last is do not wear clothes that which resemble the opposite sex. 


The western we have men wearing one earring, it has certain significance, one earring. Such things are prohibited in Islam. 


And Hijaab is not confined only to the clothing; it also includes the moral conduct, the behavior, the attitude, the intention of a person. Besides Hijaab of the clothes, there should be Hijaab of the eyes, Hijaab of the mind, Hijaab of the thought, Hijaab of the heart. A person should even have Hijaab in the way he talks, the way he behaves, the way he thinks. And the reason for Hijaab for the women  is mentioned in the glorious Qur’an in 


Surah Azhab ch. 33 verse no. 59 which says that 


“O Prophet! Tell your wives and the believing women that when they go abroad they should put on the cloak so that they shall be recognized.” 


The Qur’an gives the reason put on the cloak so that they shall be recognized and they shall not be molested. The Qur’an says Hijaab has been prescribed to prevent the women from being molested. 


For example if there are two sisters who are twins and who are very beautiful, they are walking down the streets of KL, Kuala Lumpur, and one twin sister she is wearing the Islamic Hijaab i.e. complete body covered except the face and the hands up to the wrist. And the other twin sister who is equally beautiful, very beautiful, she is wearing the western clothes, the skirt or the mini. And when they are walking down the street and round the corner there is a hooligan, there is a ruffian who is waiting for a catch, who is waiting to tease a girl. I am asking you a question which girl will he tease? Will he tease the girl wearing the Islamic Hijaab or will he tease the sister who is wearing the skirt or the mini? Which girl will he tease? But natural, he will tease the girl wearing the skirt or the mini. She is inviting the people to tease her. The Qur’an rightly says that Hijaab prevents the woman from being molested. And after this the glorious Qur’an says that if any man rapes a woman, capital punishment, death penalty. 


The westerners may say “Death penalty! In this age of science and technology, in the 20th century! Islam is a barbaric religion.” People may say but when I ask this question to the westerners, I have gone there several times that suppose someone God forbid rapes your wife or rapes your mother and if suppose you are made the judge and the rapist is brought in front of you, what punishment will you give him? And believe me; all of them said “we will put the rapist to death.” Some went to the extreme of saying “we will torture him to death.” So I tell the westerners why the double standards? Somebody rapes someone else’s wife you will say “Oh death penalty is a barbaric law.” Somebody rapes your wife and your mother you say you want to put him to death. Why the double standards? Only one person, one westerner so far has given me a different answer. You know he told me that “First I will give the rapist, if someone rapes my wife I will first give him 7 years imprisonment and next time if he rapes my wife again or he rapes anyone then I will give death penalty.” There are some smart Alex who give new answers, there are smart Alex. So I told the brother do you know the statistics of America? They tell us that when a man is convicted for rape, the American government says 7 years rigorous imprisonment but the statistics tell us that those people who have been convicted and undergo the punishment after they are let free 95% of them again commit rape. So I told that westerner, that American if you like your wife to be raped again, you are most welcome to give 7 years and then put him to death. I wouldn’t like that. I’d put him to death for the first time irrespective he rapes my wife or your wife. If you like your mothers to be raped again and again you can try that law and then he got the shock of his life when I told the statistics. He said “If that’s the case then even I would put him to death for the first time.”  


Islam has the solution. You know today in America according to statistics, according to the FBI statistics of 1990 it said that throughout the year in the year 1990 one hundred and two thousand five hundred and fifty five cases of rape were reported. And it said that out of the cases that were reported only 16% of the total cases were reported. If you want to know the total number of rape that took place multiply the figure by 6.25 and you get a answer of six hundred and forty thousand nine hundred and sixty eight cases of rape took place alone in the year 1990. If you divide this figure by 365, the number of days, every day on a average, in the year 1990 one thousand and seven hundred and fifty six rapes took place. 


I read another statistics later on which said that everyday more than one thousand nine hundred of rape take place in USA alone. The year was not given may be it was 92, 93, the Americans got more bold you know. One thousand nine hundred that means very 1.3 minute 1 case of rape is taking place. You know I am here since more than a hours time already more than 40 rapes may have taken place in USA. I am here for one hour and 40 rapes may have taken place in USA. And the statistics of FBI 1990 continues and says that out of those cases that were reported, 16%, out of those reported 10% were arrested that means 1.6% of the rapist, they were arrested, out of those arrested 50% were let free before their trial. That means only point 8% of the rapist they underwent a trial. That means if a man commits 125 rapes, the chances that he will undergo a trial and get a punishment is only one. 125 rapes you commit and you get a punishment once, it’s a very good gamble, 125 rapes you commit and chances the government will give you a punishment is 1. It’s a very good gamble. And out of those that undergo a trial 50% get a punishment of less than one year though the American law says ‘7 years rigorous imprisonment’ but the judge said “Arre first time he has committed rape na give him a benefit of doubt, lets be a little lenient”. 125 rapes he commits, comes to the trial once and the Judge says lets be lenient first time he has committed rape. These were the statistics of FBI of USA. I am asking you a question if you implement the Islamic Shariah in USA that every man when he looks at a women, he should lower his gaze when any brazen thought comes in his mind. The women should wear Islamic Hijaab, complete body covered except the face and hands up to the wrist. And after this if any man commits rape capital punishment, death penalty. I am asking you a question will the rate of rape in America, will it increase, will it remain the same or will it decrease? It will decrease! It’s a practical law. You implement the Shariya and you get results. And Islam Alhumdulillah as I said has the solutions to the problems of mankind.


And one of the major problems in the western word is alcoholism which leads to other problems also. And the glorious Qur’an has the solution, it says in 


Surah Maidah ch. no. 5 verse no. 90 


“Ya Ayyuhal lazeena Amanoo”

“O you have believe” 


“Inna Mal Khamru Wal Maysiru”

“Most certainly intoxicants and gambling”


“Wal-ansabu Wal-azlamu”

“Dedications of stones, divination of arrows”   


“Rijsun Min Amalish Shaytan”

“These are satan’s handiwork” 


“Fajtaniboohu la’allakum Tuflihoon” 

“Abstain from the handiwork that you may prosper”


The Qur’an says that alcoholism, gambling these are Satan’s handiwork, abstain from this handiwork that you may prosper.” 


You know there is an inhibitory center in the brain you know which prevents you from doing things which are not correct. For example if I have to go for a call of nature my inhibitory will say don’t do it here, go to the toilet. If I am speaking to elder my inhibitory centre will say speak with respect, don’t abuse your parents, don’t abuse your elders. Inhibitory centre is working. Now when you are intoxicated this inhibitory centre is inhibited by the alcohol. No wonder you find many alcoholics, they urinate in the clothes itself, they speak with abusive language, they don’t respect their parents when they are intoxicated and they don’t care who is in front of them. They keep on speaking anything. Their inhibitory in inhibited. 


And the statistics of the western world tells us especially of the States that majority of the rapes that take place, majority means more than 95% of the rapes that take place it is in the state of intoxicants either the rapist is intoxicated or the victim who was raped is intoxicated. More than 95% and almost all of the cases of incest, you know incest? Incest sex with close relatives, Father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister Incest! It’s in the case when the people are intoxicate, majority of rape, more than 95% almost all of the incest is in the state of intoxicants. 


And imagine even the AIDS; one of the reasons for aids to spread is alcoholism which is a very dangerous disease. One of the reasons is alcoholism. There are people who say “O you know we are only social drinkers, we only have socially. You know just once in a while, you know.” Some people say in cold countries because you feel cold we have only one peg, only one, its not harmful. So I tell them if you are feeling cold why don’t you sit next to the fire place? “No we want to drink something”, I said “if you want to drink something why don’t you have honey. Honey keeps you more warm than alcohol.” But in the honey there is no kick which you get in the beer. You know people have excuses. And there are some westerners who told me that “See brother Zakir Islam I don’t mind accepting but the thing is that I cannot give up my alcohol. So there are certain people who only want excuse for not accepting Islam so I told that brother that suppose, suppose I give you a Fatwa, suppose that for you alcohol is forgiven. If you have alcohol, it’s forgiven. Just for sake of argument will you accept Islam then? He was silent. People want to give excuse for not accepting it not that, that was the only reason he was not accepting Islam saying that no Islam is a good religion but I cannot give up my alcohol so I said okay fine at least you give up your Shirk I will tell you that even if you have alcohol no problem, Allah may forgive you, Shirk Allah will never forgive you. if you do Shirk Allah will never forgive you. No problem, if that’s your only hitch from accepting Islam I will give you a certificate that no problem you have alcohol other things at least you follow of Islam. You know this is trying to use Hiqma. As I said there are excuses that people don’t accept Islam. Islam has the solution to the problems. 


There are people who say “My father, he is a social drinker since a long time so I tell the people every drunkard, when you interview him, every alcoholic when you interview him and you can ask the doctors, no alcoholic starts drinking because he wants to become alcoholic, no alcoholic starts drinking because he wants to become a drunkard. He starts as a social drinker. And many of them end up becoming drunkards. And then some people say you know my father he is a social drinker and he is very, he has good will power, he has only one peg a week and one peg twice a week and he never gets intoxicated. So I tell that any human being whose been having alcohol since several years you ask him that has he ever been intoxicated in his life? And no one can say ‘no’. if he has been a social drinker also at least a few times in his life he has to be intoxicated and if suppose during that time if he commits a crime like rape or incest will any modest person be ever able to forgive himself again? 


The loss that is done irreparable, irreversible loss done to him and the victim is unforgivable. So suppose in the state of intoxicant if you get intoxicated even once and suppose you commit rape or suppose you commit incest, if the father sleeps with the daughter, will he ever be able to forgive himself? 


Therefore our beloved Prophet said, Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) it’s mentioned in 

Ibn-e-Majah vol no. 3 in the Book of Intoxicants ch. no. 30 Hadith no. 3392 that 


“Anything which intoxicates you in large quantity is even prohibited in small quantity. No excuse for a nip or a dot.”


 Our beloved Prophet said it’s mentioned in Ibn-e-Majah Vol. no. 3 in the Book of Intoxicants ch. no. 30 Hadith no. 3371 that 


“Intoxicants are the mother of all evils” 


It is the mother of all evils. Because of intoxicants you have so much of evil in society, molestation, rape, disease etc. several. And the Prophet said that 10 categories of people are cursed those who are involved with alcohol. 


It’s mentioned in Ibn-e-Majah Vol no. 3 in the Book of Intoxicants ch. no. 30 Hadith no. 3380 and the Prophet said 


“Anyone who is involved in 10 categories with alcohol Allah’s curse is on such people. Those that distil alcohol, those who distil it for others, those who drink it, those who transport it, those who transport it for somebody else, those who serve it, those who sell it, those who utilize the profits of the sales, those who buy it and those who buy it for someone else.” All these 10 types of people, Allah’s curse is on these people.


And there are several diseases which a person can have by having intoxicants you can give a talk only, only on the ill effects of alcohol which the western world knows about it, not that they don’t know. Therefore they have several resolutions passed which I shall discuss one later on. And you can give a talk, only listing the names will take you a full day. I’ll just mention a few. One of the most dangerous disease which is associated with a person drinking alcohol is Cirrhosis of Liver. Having intoxicants a person can alos have carsonoma of the esophagus, Carsonoma of the head and neck, carsonoma of the stomoach, carsonoma of the liver. A person can have esophagitis, Gastritis, Pancreatitis, Hepatitis, he can have Cardiomyopathy, he can have Angina, he can have hypertension, he can have Artherosclerosis, all these are associated with having alcohol. A person can have Peripheral Neuropathy, Cortical Atrophy, Cerebellar Atrophy if he has alcohol. A person can be associated with strokes, with fits, with Paralysis, with Apoplexy. A person can have Wernicke – Korsakoff syndrome which is a syndrome associated with loss of immediate memory and confabulation and retention of past memory due to thiamine deficiency which is associated with intake of alcohol. A person can also have diseases like plaigira, Beriberi. He can have Delerium Tremens it takes place a lot of time post operatively and infection and especially a person who abstains from intoxicants and if a person is suffering from this even in advanced hospitals sometimes he can die. 


He can have sevral Endocrinal disorders such as Myxodema, Hyperthyroidism, Cushing Syndrome. He can have Hematological disorders like Zeive’s syndrome. He can have follic acid deficiency in which there is Macrocytic Anemia. He can have platelet disorders, Thrombocytopenia. Common drugs that a person takes like flagyl i.e. metronidazole can come in between if he regularly takes alcohol. If a person takes alcohol regularly his power to fight the diseases, his immunity goes down there are chances of infection of the respiratory tract, there can be diseases of lung like Emphysema, like Pulmonary Tuberculosis, like Lung Abcess and when a person vomits his cough reflex is reduced during intoxicant and the vomitus can go into the lung causing Lung Abscess as well as Emphysema. A person can even die due to this problem. 


And this problem of intoxicants of alcohol is further multiplied in  the women. A woman has more chances of Cirrhosis of lever as compared to the man. And if a woman is pregnant and if she takes alcohol there are chances of having Alcohol Fetal Syndrome, it even effets the baby. There are several diseases, there can be skin disease like Alopecia, Eczema, Paronychia, Stomatitis several diseases you can only list the diseases for days together and discuss for months together. 


But todays doctors, the westerners, they tell us in the medical journals that alcoholism is a disease. It’s a disease its not an addiction, you knbow, like how you have typhoid, you have Pulmonary Tuberculosis and normally people sympathetic towards people who have disease. If a person is sick you are sympathetic, Poor person, he has got typhoid, he has got influenza, he is suffering from endless. So today’s doctors tell us that alcoholism is a disease.


So I tell them if alcoholism is a disease it is the only disease that is sold in bottles, it is the only disease that has licensed outlets for it’s sale, it is the only disease that brings revenue to several governments of the world including the western government, it is the only disease which is advertised in the television, on the sattleite, on the radio, in the newspapers, in the magzines. It is the only disease which brings violent deaths on the highways. It is the only disease that destroys familys. It is the only disease which has got no viral or germ cause. It is not a idsease, trhe Qur’an says in 


Surah Maidah ch. 5 verse no. 90 


“Rijsunmin AAamali alshshaytan faijtaniboohu la’allakum tuflihoon” 


It’s not a disease it’s a Satan’s handiwork abstain from this handiwork that you may prosper.  


And Islam also has its solution. There are chances that you may get allured by these problems which the west has, which the world has. So Islam has the solution how to stay away from this problem i.e. Salaah. 


Salaah doesn’t only mean prayer.   You know to pray means to ask for help, to beseech. In salaah besides asking for help we also seek Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala)’s guidance and we also praise him. Therefore I also prefer calling Salaah as a sought of programming, sought of conditioning because in the Salaah we are conditioned, we are programmed. But if someone says ‘where are you going’ and if you say ‘I am going for programming or brainwashing’, it will sound odd. Therefore if people say prayer for Salaah I have got no objection but that doesn’t denote the complete meaning of Salaah because in Salaah we are being reminded when the Imam recites certain verse after Surah Fathia he may recite 


Surah Baqarah ch. 2 verse 188 that 


“Do not use your wealth as bait for judges”

That means do not bribe. He may recite 


Surah Maidah ch. 5 verse no. 90 that 


“Intoxicants and gambling are Satan’s handiwork.” 


We are being programmed again and again because the world allures you so much there are chances that we can get deprogrammed. Therefore Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) has shown us a solution that how to keep us reprogrammed which is a sought of conditioning. 


Today, the western world they are afraid of only one thing, the maximum the western world today is afraid of is of Islam. By western world I mean, the leaders of the western world, they are afraid of Islam, they are afraid. You know why? Because the amount of enjoyment that they are taking is because of all the evils that are there in the society. Western world is afraid that if all these evils stop, if Islam becomes prevalent all these evil will stop, alcohol will stop, dancing will stop and courting will stop, raping will stop and who will fill their coffers? So the leaders of the western world, most of them, they are afraid of Islam that’s the reason the media regularly is pumping information against Islam. On television if you hear, on the radio, in the magazines, in the news paper all the information is against Islam is maligning Islam. If you hear any bomb blast that takes place, it has to be a Muslim. These Muslims, they are fundamentalists and terrorists. 


Even the Oklahoma bombing, the headlines was Middle East conspiracy after sometime when they come to know, it was an American soldier. But that comes inside in the page it doesn’t come on the headlines. Muslims are fundamentalists comes on the headlines and the real reason comes inside. And you have a certain times even in some countries that ‘A 50 year old Muslim, he has married a 16 year old girl’ small letter with permission that is there. But 50 year old Muslim marries a 16 year old girl, Headlines, in the front page it will come. But when a non-muslim 50 year old man rapes a 6 year old girl it may come in News briefs. You know News Brief? Somewhere in the corner… 50 year old man… it is so common. So with permission if you marry with the permission of the girl or the parents it doesn’t go down their throat. So therefore the leaders of the western world they are maligning Islam, Muslims are fundamentalists, Muslims are terrorists, Islam subjugates the women and all these. The answers of all these are given in my cassette ‘Women’s Right to Islam’ it’s even given in misconception about Islam you can even refer to that. But in spite of this though the western leaders are against Islam, Alhamdulillah, many westerners are coming to Islam.


The right word would not be, the question posed is ‘Why is the west coming to Islam?’ and the actual answer is the west is not coming to Islam, the west is returning to Islam. Because our beloved Prophet said that every man is born in ‘Dinul Fitr’ that means innate religion, he is born as a Muslim. Later on due to the influence of elders and parents and other people the child starts doing idol worship or worship. So the right word is people say convert, I normally say revert. ‘Convert’ means a person from one track to the other. ‘Revert’ means a person was on a right track, he goes to the wrong track and comes back to the right track. So the more correct and appropriate word is ‘revert’. Therefore I would say the west is not coming, the west is returning to Islam because Islam has the solution to the problems of mankind.


And not only the west… Islam is not only meant for the west, Islam is meant for the whole of humankind. The glorious Qur’an was not revealed only for the Muslims or the Arabs, only for the western world, it’s mentioned in the Qur’an in 


Surah Ibrahim ch. 14 verse no. 1 “Alif-Lâm-Râ. These are the Aayats of the Book which we have revealed to thee O Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) so that you may lead the mankind the darkness to light.” 


Not only lead the Muslims or the Arabs or the western world, lead the whole of mankind from darkness to light. Qur’an says in 


Surah Baqarah ch. 2 verse 185 that 

“Ramadhaan was the month in which the Qur’an was revealed as a criteria to judge right from wrong as a guide to the whole of humankind.” Qur’an says in 


Surah Al Zumar ch. 39 verse no. 41 that 


“We have revealed to thee Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) the book to instruct humankind”


Not only to instruct the Arabs or the Muslims or the westerners, to instruct the whole of humankind. And Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) was not sent as a messenger to the Muslims or the Arabs alone or to the western world alone Qur’an says in 


Surah Anbiya ch. 21 verse no. 107 


Wama arsalnaka illa rahmatan lil aalameen” 




“We have sent thee not but as a mercy to all the worlds, as a mercy to all the creatures, as a mercy to the whole of humankind.” 


Qur’an says in 


Surah Saba ch. 34 verse 28 


“Wama arsalnaka illa kaffatan lilnnasi basheeran wanatheeran walakinna akthara alnnasi la ya’lamoona” 




“We have sent thee not but as a universal messenger giving them glad tidings and warning them against sin but most of the human beings yet do not know.” 


So Islam is not a religion only for the west, it’s a religion for the whole of humankind. No wonder if you read the articles of Plain Truth which was a reproduction of the article that came in the Reader Digest Al Manic year book in 1986 it gives the statistics of the increase of the percentage of the major world religions from the year 1934 to 1984. In the span of 50 years it gave the increase of the percentage of major world religions. No. 1 was Islam, 235%. Christianity, only 47%. Today the fastest growing religion in America is Islam, the fastest growing religion in Europe is Islam and that is the prophesy which has come true as Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) says in the glorious Qur’an in 


Surah Saff ch. 61 verse no. 9 as well as Surah Taubah ch no. 9 verse no. 33 


“Huwal ladhi 'Arsala Rasulahu Bil-Huda Wa Dinil Haqq Liyuzhirahu `Alad-Dini Kullih” that 


“Allah has sent his messenger with wisdom and the religion of truth so that it may prevail over all the other religions, all the other isms, all the other ways of life whether it be Atheism, secularism, Marxism, communalism, westernism, Islam is destined to supersede all, master  them all, overcome them all. 


“Walaw karihal mushrikoon”  


However much the Mushriks don’t like it, however much the idol worshipers don’t like it. 


And the same message is repeated third time with a different ending in 


Surah Fath ch. 48 verse no. 28 that 


“Huwal ladhi 'Arsala Rasulahu Bil-Huda Wa Dinil Haqq Liyuzhirahu `Alad-Dini Kullih Wa Kafa Billaahi Shahidaa”

“Allah has sent his messenger with wisdom and the religion of truth so that it will prevail over all the other isms”, over all the other ways of life whether it be Hinduism, Judaism, Christanism, Communalism, secularism, atheism, westernism, Islam is destined to supersede all, master them all, overcome them all and enough is Allah as a witness.” 


Allah is giving Shahadah that this religion of Islam will prevail throughout the world. 


I would like to end my talk by giving the translation of the verse which I started my talk with from 


Surah Ale Imran Ch. 3 verse no. 19 which says 


“Inna alddeena AAinda Allahi al-islam” 


The only religion acceptable in the sight of Allah is Islam.


Wa Aakhiru Da’waana Anil Hamdu Lillaahi Rabbil Alameen!

Why the West is Coming to Islam?

Kelab Darul Ehsan, Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia, 22nd Oct. 1988



Dr. Zakir Naik

Question & Answer session 


(1 hour and 2 minutes)


Chairman: Thank you Dr. Zakir. I am sure you agree with me that you have in front of you a very exceptional person. Okay some rules about the..the…the questions. Try to be precise and to the point. Try not to be… give a commentary or a lecture. Ahm.. And if you have more than one question please ask one first and then give others a chance and then wait for your turn again. Hope we’ll be… we’ll be fair and co-operative enough and so that I don’t have to interfere much. A…mm… please if you want to have written questions you can pass to the front.


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi wa Barkathu. My question is on polygamy. Umm…According to the Qur’an it is very clear that polygamy is allowed yet there are very serious rules involved, there is serious justice involved. So when a man commits… I mean when a man practices polygamy he is actually putting himself on trial. Well on the other hand, according to the statistics you have quoted for us, polygamy seems to be the only answer out to all the problems that the west is facing today due to a very high number of females involved but let’s be realistic. Every man who practices polygamy or marries even more than one wife is actually putting himself on trial. Your comments please. 


Dr. Zakir: The sister’s asked a very good question and she said that a person can practice according to the Qur’an, polygyny. Polygyny is more appropriate than Polygamy. Polygamy includes polygyny and polyandry. Polyandry is prohibited in the Qur’an for various reasons different if you want I can tell. Polygyny is allowed and she rightly said that if a person practices polygyny he is putting himself to test and that’s what even we are doing sister here in the world. Allah says that we want to only be just passed or you want to undergo the test. We human beings were fools who took this test and we took this test and we are undergoing the test. 


Sister asked a very good question that if you marry more than one you are undergoing a test, I do agree. If you fail the test you will be in problems I do agree but if you pass then you get plus points also because polygyny has been allowed in Islam to protect the women but natural. And the Prophet did say that the person is best who is best to hi s wives. And if he has more than one wife he has to do justice which is difficult. The statistics I quoted that there are millions of women throughout the world but the ratio I haven’t told you. the ratio is that for every 1,000 men in the world there are 1,005 women that means half percent. Means out of 1000 men 5 if they marry more than one, half percent in short. Therefore Allah hasn’t made the ratio so much, He hasn’t made 1:4. the women aren’t 4 times more than the men. They are only half percent more and many a times it’s a give and take. That a few of the reasons of polygyny I have told you. There are various other reasons. You know man is polygynous by nature. And suppose he has hyper sexual urges etc. which is more in man as compared to the women then his option is instead of going to the market place instead of going and having mistresses the other option is having more than one wife. So fore such people is a dual thing for himself also as well as giving protection for the women who require it. So Islam Alhumdulillah is just, it s not overburdening anyone. Therefore it’s not a Fard in Islam to marry more than one woman. But if you marry and if you do justice then InshaAllah you earn the positive points. You will get Sawab if you marry more than one woman and do justice. To do justice it’s difficult. For those people who can do and who require it Alhumdulillah they can do it. Allah will bless them but these who can’t its not a Fard that you should marry neither it is Mustahab. If you do any act and do it properly Allah is surely going to bless you. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: It’s Farida. I want to ask one question as I was listening to your talk I was.. you know very nice and everything so I want to ask you a question. I since. I am a mother who have children growing up as you have done so well in your academic you are a doctor and going around giving lectures and that. To have children like you, more person like you in this world. What did your parents did to have a person like you? So you… I want you to give us some advice for mothers like me to know more details to bring up. Thank you. 


Dr. Zakir: Sister’s asked a very good question that after seeing my talks becoming a doctor and giving such talks she is asking what did my parents do. And Dr. Yayha Alvi gave a very good introduction and rightly said that if I have to thank anyone in this world after Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) the first person is my mother and but natural may father  and my other family members as well including my wife, Alhumdulillah after I got married I did more Da’wah. It’s a full family effort. People normally ask me, you know and they tell me that you know that if you have to be very good etc. you have to do family planning, normally people say. I say I am the 5th child of my parents. If my parents would have done family planning I wouldn’t have been here. So I thought may be that’s the question she is going to ask, Alhumdulillah she didn’t ask that. I am the fifth child and Alhumdulillah people think that having more children is a bain but Alhumdulillah it turns out to be a boon also depending upon how you up bring them and how do you follow. 


Just in nutshell I would say that my parents Alhumdulillah they.. they let me think freely. They didn’t have any particular blinkers that you know follow this religiously, Alhumdulillah, my parents are religious Alhumdulillah. They didn’t force anything on me, they let me think freely but they followed the guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah Alhumdulillah. So because they were on the Qur’an and Sunnah and when the child sees the parents are on the right way very often, Alhumdulillah, that children emulate the parents. But that’s not always the case we have instances of children of Prophets going astray. It is but natural as I said after the help of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) it is Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) whose help is most required, parent’s is required and as I said one of the reasons is as mentioned in 


Surah Ale Imran ch. no. 3 verse no. 160 that 


“If Allah helps you no one can overcome you. If Allah forsakes you then there is no one who can overcome you then” 


If Allah forsakes you no one can help you so let the believers put their trust in Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala).


 My parents put the trust in Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) you know the amount of money they spent in making me a doctor and my mother’s desire was my son should be the best doctor and she wanted me to become like someone like Chris Barnard, the person, the first heart transplantation, you know Christian Barnard from South Africa and since my mother had met him and that was her desire so Alhumdulillah even I wanted to become a doctor and I took the medical profession because as I thought that and it is Alhumdulillah not that I have changed my mind that first I had the impression that Doctor is the best profession to serve humanity. it is one of the good professions so that’s why I became a doctor and my father was a doctor, he was a physiatrist and that’s how Alhumdulillah I became a doctor but then I being inspired by Shaikh Ahmed Deedat, I got involved in Da’wah and I found that I used to find pleasure in treating patient physically but I got more pleasure multiple times more in treating the patients spiritually, multiple times more. And there are thousands of doctors in the world, many hundreds of them who are giving free treatment; I would be another drop in the ocean. 


So that’s the time I decided to give up my profession and turn as a fulltime Da’ee and in which my parents, they supported me. But natural my parents could have said we have spent so much money on you, we had so much high hopes in you etc. now you want to leave the profession. Five and a half years you spent in medicine and then… but Alhumdulillah my parents supported me they said no problem, it’s in the way of Allah, Alhumdulillah. I asked my mother what would you like me to become when I wanted to give up my profession would you like me to become like Shaikh Ahmed Deedat or like Chris Barnard. So she gave a very witty reply, I would like you to become both together. But now when I ask her would you like me to become a Da’ee like Shaikh Deedat or what I am now or would you want me to become like Chris Barnard. She says like 1 Da’ee like Shaikh Ahmed Deedat I can sacrifice a thousand Chris Barnard, Alhumdulillah. With the support of the parents, which helps me because support of the parents and family is very important is doing Da’wah. How to up bring the children, I have given a talk ‘Islam for Children’ sister, ‘Islam for Children’ that’s the best children for the children is the mother. And I say that the first book that the mother or the parent should give to the child is the Qur’an. Qur’an is the first book and it will remain a guide for your children till the last day of his life. And but natural our parents didn’t know in Arabic its so important learning Arabic as a language. So I gave a talk on ‘Al-Qur’an – Should it be read with understanding?’ and showed them importance of Arabic. You know its important that you should teach your children Arabic as a language, it will help them to understand Islam better and but natural if anyone strives in the way of Allah, if you strive in the way of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala), Allah says in 


Surah Ankabut ch. 29 verse 69 


“If you strive in His way, He will open up your pathways.” 


So you strive and you see to it that if you want what you want, you strive in the right way Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) will InshaAllah open up your pathways. So first is Faith in Allah, second is striving, third in technique. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: Good evening. I have a question. It’s about polygamy also. If see some or if… Islam would have a system like the Zakaat why can’t they have another system similar to Zakat to overcome the overpopulation of female in the world? Thank you. 


Dr. Zakir: The brother’s asked a question that how does Islam have a system of Zakaat to overcome the poverty and crime why doesn’t it have a similar system for polygamy. That’s what it has, in Zakaat what do you do? You share your wealth. Right or wrong? In Polygamy what do you do? The woman shares her husband. So Alhumdulillah you gave a very good striking resemblance. I never thought of it before. You made me think. You know I learn from the question and answer therefore I love it. The more I answer the questions, the more my answers improve, Alhumdulillah. And many a times you know Allah gives the answers on stage, Alhumdulillah. He gives the answer. And more people ask me questions the more my mind works and Alhumdulillah I can add to my lecture next time. That Zakaat is somewhat like polygamy you can compare it Alhumdulillah. It has a solution, how it has for wealth, you sharer your wealth here some women should share their husband. That solves the problem. So that the modesty of the other women is protected. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah. Ah.. Alhumdulillah it has always… you have mentioned that the west is coming to Islam as promised by Allah in the Qur’an and also the embracing of Islam by.. by non believers were because of Hiqma that was given by Allah. But I just want to know that in the west despite the fact that Islam has been adulterated and condemned and the behavior of some Muslims were… were not Islamic what is that.. that in treks the.. the non-Muslims to learn more about Islam? Is it the behavior of some Muslims, is it the contribution of Da’ees in the west or what exactly it is? I mean putting aside the Hidaaya that Allah has given this people. 


Dr. Zakir: The sister has asked a very good question that in spite the media the western world is against Islam how come westerners are yet Alhumdulillah accepting Islam because but natural Hidaaya is important, she rightly said that’s the most important. Is it because Da’ees are going around, is it because they yare looking at the Muslims in the west and they’re accepting Islam or is it something else. 


Sister rightly said that first is the Hidaaya and I wouldn’t say that looking at the Muslims all the westerners will accept Islam like brother Yusuf Islam said that “It is good that I read the Qur’an first before meeting the Muslims. If I had met the Muslims I wouldn’t have accepted Islam” that’s his view, that’s his view. May be the Muslims he met weren’t that good but there are many people in the world who accept Islam only by looking at the Muslims.


 Therefore what I say, normally, in my talk. People say “Oh Islam talks such good things but you all Muslims, some people are cheating, they are bribing, they are doing wrong things” So what I tell them that there are black sheeps in every community, there are black sheeps in every community, you know. That we have Muslims who cheat, who bribe, who deal in drugs, many Muslims I know can drink the non-muslims under the table, you know, they are expert in drinking. The media what they do, they pick up these black sheeps and they project as exemplary Muslims. The pick up the black sheeps and they portray as exemplary Muslims as though every Muslim is a cheat, every Muslims is a drunkard, every Muslim does wrong things, it is the main fault of the media, they are doing for their own reasons so that they fill their coffers. So I tell them that on a whole Muslims, Alhumdulillah, we are the biggest community of teetotalers who don’t imbibe alcohol, we are the community which gives the maximum charity. No non-muslim can show us a candle where sobriety is concerned, where modesty is concerned, where humanity is concerned, where ethics is concerned. 

Western media picks up black sheep and project them as examples. So what I give the example that suppose if you want to judge a car, suppose a new model of Mercedes Benz is there in the market, I don’t know which is the new model may be E230 of 1998 or whatever it is and you want to judge how good the car is. You let a person drive the Mercedes car who doesn’t know how to drive and he bangs up the car, who will you blame? Will you blame the car or will you blame the driver?  Who will you blame? The driver. So if you want to judge the car don’t look at It’s followers. The best exemplary Muslim is our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) best exemplary Muslim. 


So sister some people by looking at Muslims may go away from Islam, some people may come closer. Therefore the right way is to judge the authentic sources. And though the media is against Islam as the sister rightly said you have people like Salman Rajni writing books ‘Satinic Verses’ those who have read know what the book is about so I say Alhumdulillah its Allah’s way. Whatever happens, happens for good, Alhumdulillah. Though he slandered the Prophet, his wives, Nauzubillah, yet there are hundreds of people who accepted Islam only because of Salman Rushdie’s book, Alhumdulillah. Allah has his ways; he can even let the devil do his job. He has His ways Alhumdulillah. So He has His ways, how He does the job. Many people only became Muslims because of Salman Rushdie. And those who are away form Islam may be it strength them, that’s a different thing. 


But the amount of people did more research you know, you know people said he is wrong that whether it s right or wrong you can refer to my video cassette I have given ‘Death penalty is right or wrong’. But when people started having difference of opinion and the westerners when they want to form their own opinion and when they did research on the lifestyle of our beloved Prophet, Alhumdulillah, they accepted Islam.


You know the western world as I said; the maximum which they criticize in Islam is the women’s rights in Islam. I have given a talk on ‘Women’s rights in Islam – Modernized or Outdated’ clarifying the misconception. And do you know today amongst the westerners more women are accepting Islam than men. If Islam subjugates the women how come more westerner women are accepting Islam than the men? You know why? Because when they do research some people do research for speaking against Islam. 


For example Garry Miller, you know Garry Miller one of the reverts Dr. Ahad Umar. He was given the Qur’an to take out mistakes. And he tried to take out mistakes, he couldn’t, he accepted Islam. So there are many people who criticize Islam, they read and then they realize the truth is something else. So different people Alhumdulillah, Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) gives them Hidaaya in different ways. Some people look at Muslims and they accept Islam, some people do research and they accept Islam, some people to attack Islam they take a step… and one of the best supporters of Islam was Hazrat Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, he was one of the staunchest enemy before. Our Prophet prayed that among the 2 Umar, may Allah be pleased with one of them. May Allah let one accept Islam and Alhumdulillah. So the different reasons and different things, many people’s problems are solved. 


Regarding Da’ees doing their job, I don’t think so. Believe me we aren’t doing our job. We as Muslims we aren’t doing our job. In fact Islam is a religion which is a missionary religion. Allah says in 


Surah Ale Imran ch. 3 verse 110 


“Kuntum khayra ommatin okhrijat lilnnas”   


“O ye Muslims, Ye are the best of people evolved for mankind” 


“Ta-muroona bialma’roofi watanhawna anil munkari watu-minoona billah”


Because ye enjoin what is good and ye forbid what is wrong and we believe in Allah. 


Allah calls us the best of people because we are suppose to enjoin what is good and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. Every Muslim is suppose to be a Da’ee. If not a full time Da’ee, at least a part time Da’ee. How many daees do we have full time in the world? You can count them on your fingertips. It’s a shame on the Muslim Ummah. 


But Allah has given a promise by which I ended my talk 


Surah Saff ch. 61 verse 9, 

Surah Tawbah ch. 9 verse 33 and 

Surah Fath ch. 48 verse 28 that 


“Islam will prevail over all the other ways of life.” 


With or without you, with or without me, the rubbish that we are. Allah doesn’t require you and me to make his Deen prevail in the world or in the west the rubbish that we are, Allah doesn’t require us. Allah is giving us an opportunity to do a Prophet’s job and to earn a Prophet’s reward. Make hay while the sun is shining. Believe me we are not doing our job. We Muslims as a whole we should be people who do maximum Da’wah but the Christians, you know them, 60,000 Christian missionaries, crusaders raising the dust throughout the world full time. And hundreds of thousands more who are supporting them. How many Muslims do we have as full time Da’ees? How many? It’s a shame on us but Allah with or without you, with or without me… 


Allah says in the Qur’an in 


Surah Muhammad ch. 47 verse 38 


“Wa-in tatawallaw yastabdil qawman ghayrakum thumma la yakoonoo amthalakum” 


If you do not do the job Allah will substitute in your place another people 


“Summa la yakoonoo amsalakum”

And they will not be like you.


You know we think “O we have got the key to go to heaven, to Jannah”; if you don’t do the job Allah will substitute in your place another people 

“Summa la yakoonoo amsalakum” 


And they will not be like you. We think you know westerners they are so bad Allah may make them the torch bearers tomorrow. Allah will substitute you if you do not do the job. Allah will substitute us if we do not do the job. Allah doesn’t require you and me to do the job, the rubbish that we are. He is giving us an opportunity to do a Prophet’s job and to earn a Prophet’s reward. 


So where Da’ees are concerned, I would say, that we are far below even the passing level. As a Ummah, as a whole we are not doing the job. There are few people, Alhumdulillah, Shaikh Deedat, may Allah give them more life and health but as a whole we are very few Muslims Da’ees. So sister I wouldn’t say that Da’wah is doing the job, Allah is doing through his own ways through His thing. If… if we would follow the Qur’an then there would be many more hundreds and millions of more Da’ees. That’s what is required. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: Bismillah Hir Rehman Hir Raheem. wassalato wasalam Ala Rasoolillah. Ah.. thank you our current speaker for this very genuine and educative lecture you have given us. My question is, in fact the first part of the question is already asked by the sister and you answered it. That is the role of Muslims as to the topic. As how the westerners are reverting to Islam. I was waiting when you were giving the roles.. the reasons why they are reverting to Islam. 


I was waiting for you to mention that there are also Muslims who are playing the game but I waited while you finish. And that’s why I was coming here to ask you about the role of Muslims. What is the role of Muslims, what are we really doing in order to make those people revert to Islam. So you have answered that one may be. And may be you can shed more light on it. 


Now the second part of the question is taking the west as such is sometimes for me it becomes very difficult, very hard so much so that there are some of them, they are who do not believe in scriptures. There’s how scriptures, manuscript and so on. So it becomes very difficult for me to deal with such a people, to convince them and make them revert. Only there are few people of your caliber may be can succeed in doing that. So what can we do actually in this field? And on top of that I attended your talk there in UIA, you mentioned that there are also some in the East i.e. in India who have claimed divinity, there are multitude of them there so those ones how can we deal with them? They don’t follow scripture, only don’t have the scripture but they are the ones to reveal, to give us the scripture because they are gods. So how can you convince god to.. to …to believe in another God? Thank you.



Dr. Zakir: The brother’s asked basically 3 questions. The first one was about Da’wah that what is the role of the Muslims in spreading Islam. Secondly how can you convince those who don’t believe in scriptures talking about atheist. And thirdly those whop claim to be God in India how can you tell a god about ..about the scriptures. The first part I already answered. Just an addition when I said that Muslims aren’t doing up to the level that doesn’t mean Muslims aren’t doing any job. There are Muslim organizations in the western world. There are good organizations like ISNA, IQNA, Alhumdulillah, they are doing their job. But not what they should not that, that organization. Muslim as a whole what they should be doing, they aren’t doing. Not only that the westerners should do their job, Muslims throughout the Ummah should do their job. I’m not only blaming the Muslims in America, etc. Muslim as a whole Ummah should do there job. So as a Ummah, as a whole we aren’t doing up to the level we should do. But there are good organizations also; I have been to the west several times. Brother Yusuf Islam, he has a wonderful school, one of the best Islamic Schools that I have been to. Islamic Foundation in Lester, ISNA is there in USA, Islamic Society for North America, ICNA is there Islamic Circle for North America, Alhumdulillah, there are organizations but not what we should do up to the level. There should be many more not just few handful. 


Regarding your second question that how do we convince those people who don’t have scriptures and third is who make scriptures who make scriptures with their own hands. Who don’t have scriptures like who don’t believe in God like atheist. Brother asked how can you convince them. A person has scripture like Bible, Christians, Hindus have Vedas we can talk about their scriptures, how can we convince an atheist? If you were there for my talk today afternoon brother, I told you that master key was what? 

Surah Ale Imran ch. no. 3 verse no. 64 which says 


“Ta`alaw 'Ilá Kalimatin Sawa'in Baynana Wa Baynakum”

“Come to common terms as between us and you”


The master key for Da’wah is come to common terms as between us and you. So brother’s asked that how will you talk to an atheist. Are there any common terms between atheist? Are there any common terms? How will we speak to an atheist? 


When I meet an atheist the first thing I do is I congratulate him, I congratulate an atheist. You may ask that why is Brother Zakir congratulating an atheist, I congratulate him because he is a Christian because his father is a Christian, that person is a Hindu because his father is a Hindu, many muslims are because… Fathers are Muslims. This atheist is thinking that coming from a religious background may be a Christian or a Hindu background. One god is fighting with an other god, other’s god’s wife is taken away and god takes 12 years to save his wife. How long will he take to save me? If I am in problem and god is crucified on the cross. So he starts thinking… how can he believe in such gods? So he doesn’t believe in God. I congratulate him you know why because he has said the first part of the Islamic Shahadah ‘La ila Ha’ there is no God’ what I have to do is prove to him ‘ill Allah’ which I shall do InshaAllah. So half my job is done. With the Hindu and the Christian first I have to tell him ‘Arre the god that you are worshipping is wrong.’ And then give the correct concept of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala). Here half my job is done he already agrees there is no God so my job is easy so I congratulate him. La ila ha, there is no God. But then you should prove ‘ill Allah’ which I shall do InshaAllah. And there are various techniques showed in my cassette, ‘Is the Qur’an God’s Word?’, ‘Qur’an and Modern Science’ how to do it listed in brief.


 I’ll ask him the first question suppose if you have an object, a machinery which no one in the world has seen, if I tell the atheist, it’s brought to you for the first time, in front of you, this machinery, this object no one in the world has seen, no one first time is brought in front of you. Who will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of this object? Can you guess? Who will be the first person who will be able to tell you mechanism of this object? Can anyone make any guess? The maker. Any other guess? The creator, the person who makes this. Whatever answer the atheist will give you, he will tell you the maker or the creator or the manufacturer or the producer, somewhat similar. Keep it in your mind. The first person who will tell you the mechanism of the object which no one has seen in the world is the creator or the maker or the manufacturer.


 Now you ask him how did the universe come into existence? So he will tell you that today science has told us that initially there was one primary Nebula then there was secondary separation, there was a big bang which gave rise to galaxies, planets and the present earth we live in. talking about the big bang theory. That’s how the universe came into existence. So you tell him but this is already mentioned in the Qur’an 1400 years ago in 


Al Anbiya ch. no. 21 verse no. 30 which says 


“Awa lam yara allatheena kafaroo” 


“Do not the unbelievers see” 


“Anna alssamawati waal-arda kanata ratqan fafataqnahuma”




“The heavens and the earth were joined together and we clove them asunder” 


Who could have mentioned about this big bang theory you are talking about which was discovered yesterday in science. Yesterday means 30 years back, 100 years back. Qur’an mentions 1400 years ago. Who could have mentioned that? So he will tell you know may be tits a fluke. Don’t argue with him. Next part. 


You ask him that what was the initial state of the celestial matter before the universe was created? He will tell you it is gas. You tell him this book, the Qur’an says in 


Surah Fussilat ch. 41 verse no. 11 that it was Dhukhan, it was smoke. So you ask him is it right or wrong? He will tell you that smoke is more appropriate than gas. If you know the science well. 


You ask him what’s the shape of the earth? He will tell you it is spherical. So you ask him when did you discover this? If he knows his science well, he will tell you In 1577 Sir Francis Drake was the first person to sale around the earth. 

You tell him Qur’an says in 


Surah Naziat ch 79 verse no. 30 


“Waal-arda baAAda thalika dahaha” 


“And thereafter we have made the earth egg shaped.” 


Referring to the egg of an ostrich which is not round like a ball. You tell him the Qur’an says the earth is not round like a ball; it is flattened from the top and bulging from the center. He’ll say yes-yes, that’s more correct. It is geo spherical. So you are telling it is round, Qur’an says it is Geospehrical 1400 years ago who could have mentioned that? Haan your Prophet who wrote the Qur’an he’s an intelligent person. You know he may say something, don’t argue with him.


 The light of the moon its own light or reflected light? He will tell you reflected. Qur’an says in Surah Furqaan ch. 25 verse 61.


I was taught in school the sun was stationary, it didn’t rotate about its axis. Qur’an says in 


Surah Al Anbiya ch. 21 verse no. 33 


“Wahuwa allathee khalaqa allayla waalnnahara” 

That it is Allah who has created the night and the day, 


“Waalshshamsa waalqamar” 

The sun and the moon 


“Kullun fee falakin yasbahoona” 

each one traveling in an orbit with its own motion. 


Qur’an says the sun revolves and rotates. In school I didn’t learn that. I was taught it didn’t rotate about its axis, it was stationary. He’ll tell you No latest discovery in science tells us that the sun also rotates and it takes about 25 days to complete one rotation. Who could have mentioned in the Qur’an? Ask him, he will pause.


Like that Qur’an speaks about biology; every living thing is made from water. Who has written that? 


Qur’an speaks about water cycle, how does the water rise, forms the clouds, clouds move in interior, water falls down and the water cycle is completed. 


Qur’an speaks about slat and sweet water. There are two types of water slat and sweet water between them there is a barrier which is forbidden to be trespassed, 


Surah Furqaan ch. 25 verse 53 and 

Surah Rehman ch. 55 verse 19 to 20. 


Qur’an speaks about Geology that we have made the earth as an expanse 


“Waaljibala awtada” 

and the mountains that stakes 


Surah Naba ch. 78 verse no. 6 and 7 


Who could have mentioned that? Keep on asking and the only answer he can give you it can’t be by fluke because the theory of probability. 


You tell him about theory of probability that the chances that it’s a fluke for example if I toss a coin the chances that I will be right is 1 out of 2, it can either be heads or tails. And if I make a fluke guess the chances I will be right is half, one upon two. If I toss a coin twice the chances I will be right both the times is half into half is one upon four, its 25%. If I toss a coin twice chances I will be right all three times is 1 upon 2 into 1 upon 2 into 1 upon 2 is one upon 8 its 12 and a half percent. 


Similarly if you use this probability theory to the Qur’an that what are the possible shapes suppose you can think of for the earth a person can think about 30 shapes. It can be square, it can be flat, it can be quadrangle, it can be rectangle, it can be triangle, it can be spherical, 30 shapes. The chances if someone makes a wild guess, its correct is one out of 30. Light of moon can be own light or reflected light, chances someone makes a guess its correct is 1 upon 2, chances both are correct is 1 upon 30 into 1 upon 2 is 1 upon 60. So if a person wants to make a guess everything is created of what? In the desserts of Arabia a person will first think of sand, of wood, of some other metal, aluminum may be iron and may be a person can think of 10,000 things which living creatures can be made of. Chances that he makes a wild guess and it’s correct is 1 upon 10,000. Chances that all 3 are correct is one upon 30 into 1 upon 2 into 1 upon 10,000 is 1 upon 60,000. If you calculate point 000017 is .017 percent. In three things it has come to .017 percent. If you put up all Qur’an speaks about a thousand verses of science, and mathematics tells us if point 00, if there are 50 zeros it is equivalent to zero. So chances that it’s a wild guess is zero.  Who could have written that? He will tell you creator, maker, manufacturer. This creator we call as Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala). I just told you in short for more details refer to my video cassette ‘Is the Qur’an God’s Word?’ various techniques, various techniques to prove that this is from Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala).


Third question brother posed is how can you prove to a god that what his scriptures are wrong, etc. in my talk I gave you a litmus test fro theology Surah Ikhlas ch. no. 112 verse 1 to 4. So you tell him that if you are God do you pass the test. Suppose someone says that this is a gold jewelry I want to sell it to you, 24 carrot gold. What will you do? Will you buy? Will you buy it? You’ll say first I’ll check up if it’s true or not. You will check it with a touchstone. You will go to a jeweler and say see there is a man who wants to sell me these Jewelry and he is telling me its 24 carrot gold. You’ll go to a jeweler he’ll take your jewelry and rub it against the touchstone and he’ll match the color. If it matches with 24 carrot, he’ll say 24 carrot. If it matches with 22 carrot he will say 22 carrot, if 18 carrot, he’ll tell you 18 carrot. It will not be gold at all because all that glitters is not gold. 


So example of Rajnish which I gave, use Rajnish for example Rajnish he says he’s All Mighty God, put him to test of Surah Ikhlas. 


“Qul Huwallaahu Ahad”, 

“Allahus Samad” 

“Lam Yalid Wa Lam Yulad” 

“Walam Yakullahu Kufuan 'Ahad” 


Lets put to test that say He’s Allah one and only. Is Rajnish one and only or anyone. Anyone who claims to be God whether it be Jesus whether it be Ram, Laxman, anyone you put to test. Normally you use your Hiqma, I don’t use the main god otherwise they will feel insulted. Like Qur’an says in Surah Anam ch. 6 verse 108 “Revile not those whom they worship, god besides Allah lest in their ignorance, they will revile Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala).” 


So to these people who say they are gods you check them out with the touchstone Surah Ikhlas and you can prove that they aren’t God. So if they are not God, the scripture being right is out of the question at all. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum wa Rehmatullah! I have a clarification to make. Ah.. the Hadith that you mentioned about marriage being half your Deen. I just wanted to know is it getting married completes half your Deen or the entire process of marriage, how you deal with marriage, how you deal with your husband or wife, the whole the marriage, right from you get married to the rest of your life or just the fact that you got married its half done?


Dr. Zakir: Sister’s asked a very good question the Hadith that that if marriage completes half your Deen does it mean that half your Deen, only marriage completes half your Deen or whole process etc. sister as I mentioned that when the Prophet said marriage completes half your Deen he meant that marriage prevents you from promiscuity, from fornication, from adultery. After that marriage is a full process, various Ahadith. The beloved Prophet said that when you marry you normally look for 4 things wealth, beauty, nobility and virtue. You know when you marry people look the girl is beautiful or the boy is handsome, how wealthy he or she is, which family Shaikh Family, Sayyed Family, noble family and last is virtue. Prophet said the most important of all these is virtue. So when you get married the whole process itself to look for a virtues wife or a virtues husband, how you get married. Our beloved Prophet said the best marriage is that in which the least expense is made. We have marriages in the Muslim Ummah in many countries, they spend hundreds and thousands of dollars and ringlets also may be here, several. They spend excessively. Qur’an says in 


Surah Isra ch. 17 verse 25 to 26 that if you are a spend thrift, you are a brother of the devil. So choosing a life partner, how to get married in simplicity, in Sunnah all this then how you up bring your children, after marriage be loyal to your wife not that after marriage you go and do adultery yet you are completing half your Deen. 


The Prophet said the best of you is he who is the best to his wife. How you treat your wife, the Qur’an says in 


Surah Nisa ch. 4 verse 19 


“Treat your wife equity and kindness even if you dislike her.” 


Even if you dislike your wife the Qur’an says treat her with equity and kindness. 


People give dowry in the eastern world, in India from the women. In Islam we have to give Mahar, if you get married you have to be a good husband. After you get married you have children, you have to be like a good father or a good mother all this process in total which is related with marriage. If you do all of these, these constitute half the deen, to be a good mother, to be a good father, to be a good husband, to be a good wife, not to be extravagant all these process, to abstain from adultery, homosexuality, promiscuity all this nearly constitute half the teachings of Islam. Therefore our beloved Prophet said marriage completes half your Deen means you marry and follow Islam and all those aspects InshaAllah half your Deen will be completed. Hope that answers your question. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum! Okay… I… you were just talking about the westerners just now, right.. and I am a convert or revert in your words.. ah.. before I converted I had a very bad picture about Islam…. I mean …I sorry to say I hated Islam and the reason was because you said the Muslims that I had delt with, I mean… I feel that since we are talking about how to do the Da’wah to the non-Muslims. Its very difficult even for me to talk to my family because of the picture that we portray to them.. I think that its.. we are talking about Islam itself… okay fine its very-very good religion like it is the only true religion. But don’t you think its wrong to always criticize other religions like that approach like is really wrong… I mean we criticize westerners so much. We do that I mean whatever you said about rapes and all those things it occurs in Muslim countries. I mean middle eastern countries, it may be reported that much but it goes on. .. so why do we always pick on them. and the other thing is that about women you were saying that non-Muslims say that Islam subjugates women because there are so many things in the Qur’an that you know refers to males and females but somehow whatever it refers to males is just ignored and everything that, you know, refers to females is pressed so hard like you were just saying that virtuous husband and wife but Now I mean I want… I only heard it… when I read it, when I heard read all the books is like you’re suppose to get you know virtuous wife and not.. not .. I mean everything is towards to women only. Why do we do this, very difficult to convince a non-Muslim because we do that. And one more example is, you know, that I… I was told that Rasoolullah had you know he gave equal hand in helping his wife in housework and all those things. But why do we only have books on how to be a good wife, why don’t we ever have lectures or anything on how to be a good husband. You know like nothing… everything is only pressed on women, women are supposed to be doing this, doing that. That’s not what the religion says. So be may be that’s the reason why we are putting off non-Muslims.


Dr. Zakir: Sister asked a very good question, very relevant. She said that Alhumdulillah she is a revert; I would like to congratulate her, Alhumdulillah. And she said that she had a very wrong picture of Muslims before and I did even say in my talk that many people when they look at Muslims, they would never like to become a Muslim, I said that in my talk. Alhumdulillah, Allah gave her Hidaayat and she accepted Islam and she said that the talk was based on how to talk to the west. The talk was Why the West is coming to Islam, it wasn’t based on how to do Da’wah to West. I have got other cassettes dealing with that. I have got a cassette on misconception about Islam. How specifically to do Da’wah amongst the west is a different technique. Today my talk was not how to do Da’wah, it was the reason why west is accepting Islam and I am calling a spade a spade. And you said sister very rightly that you should not criticize other religions. Qur’an says that in 


Surah Anam ch. 6 verse 108 

“Revile not those whom they worship god besides Allah lest in their ignorance they will revile Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala)” 

 But the Qur’an also says in 


Surah Isra ch 17 verse no. 81 and 82 

“Waqul jaa alhaqqu wazahaqa albatilu inna albatila kana zahooqa” that 


“When truth is hurled against falsehood, falsehood perishes. For its nature falsehood is bound to perish.” 


You said that I was criticizing the western world and talking about the XYZ. Sister criticizing means actually what I would say that without any proof. What I was quoting was statistics of America. So if Americans want to criticize America and if I am quoting them then why are you blaming me? Criticizing means what, you know, actually what I would say? That picking up points and twisting them like the westerners do. I am sorry I am blaming them again but that’s a fact. I have to call a spade a spade. And the westerners love calling a spade a spade. And they are proud to call a spade a spade and they say they are bold, we are truthful. Alhumdulillah, Even I am truthful. It may not go down their throat, that’s a different thing. They show in the media that women are subjugated etc. and I have given a talk on that to clarify. So sister what I was doing, I was quoting FBI report, written not by Muslims, by the westerners quoting statistics of rape not by Muslims, by non-muslim westerners, about adultery, about incest. I am only quoting their statistics and when I quote to them, they cannot say Zakir is criticizing because you know why? I am quoting from their statistics. If I say “Haan Mr. Ahmed Ali said this” So they’ll say this one is pulling a fast one. I am not quoting Ahmed Ali or Sultan bhai, I am quoting their statistics. So therefore I am using my Hiqma sister. And besides that saying that even in other countries it’s not reported. Sister I would like to disagree with you. Rapes takes place more in the western countries, it is not reported there. You know it is so common. Rape is so common it’s not worth reporting. I have been to west; hardly I read any cases of rape. It’s so common, it’s day to day life. Its not reported sister. It it’s reported, in news brief. If a rape take place in other countries, Headlines. It does take place, not that it doesn’t take place. It takes place throughout the world. Least rape is where? you’re talking Muslim countries it does take. Those Muslim countries which do not follow the Islamic law it takes place. So the least rate of rape is in which country sister? Which country? Least rape in the world? It’s in Saudi Arabia, least rape. It may be taking place there also, I am not saying it is nil. There are black sheeps in the community throughout the world but the least rate of rape in any country in the world, it’s in Saudi Arabia. The least rate of robbery in any country in the world, it’s in Saudi Arabia. Yes there may be other Muslim country who don’t follow Islam so they are pseudo Muslims. 


Regarding reporting if it takes place in other countries it comes in Headlines because rape is something which is a stigma. In America, it’s a lifestyle. Like as the doctor said if a patient comes, “I have a V.D., doctor” he says “even I have”. So nothing great. They are shameless. According to me they are shameless, according to them its fine. So sister when I am calling a spade, a spade I have to call it. I use the best words, public property but that’s a fact. So people may say I criticize but I have to call a spade a spade. And that’s the reason the westerners like it, Alhumdulillah. 


So regarding your first thing I am criticizing them, I am quoting the statistics. Like for example Qur’an says do Da’wah with Hikmah. 

“Ud`u 'Ila Sabili Rabbika Bil-Hikmah Wal Maw`izatil Hasanah Wa Jaadilhum Bilati Hiya 'Ahsan”


“Invite all to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that are best and most gracious.” 


Our beloved Prophet said to the Christians “Wala Takooloo Salaasaa”, Qur’an says that. When you tell a Christian do not say trinity, desist stop it is better for you. Even if you say it in the best form, he is bound to feel hurt. See when you take out the faults of a person the best way you say he is bound to feel hurt. If I tell a Christian why do you worship Jesus Christ, even if I say with love and care he is bound to feel hurt. So I have to say it in the best way which is acceptable but he is bound to feel hurt. Not that I am going out of the way to insult him. I am giving the statistics. That was regarding your second part.


Regarding your third part that why do Muslim scholars and speakers speak about women, women only picking verses of women and not talking about what rights man have to do. Sister, I think you should see my cassette ‘Women’s rights in Islam’ and after I gave that talk people asked me when are you going to give a talk on men rights’ in Islam.   And in that cassette I say that what a husband do to the wife. And even today if you heard me when I talked about Hijaab, I made the same statement which you made that normally Muslim speakers they speak about for the women but Allah speaks first the Hijaab for the man. So why the other people do that, you have to ask them, I cannot answer on their behalf. So if you want to see a neutral approach, Alhumdulillah, of Islam you can hear my video cassettes and there you will find even the women’s rights in Islam. I have spoken that how a husband should behave to the wife. More of that educating even the men and many men, they don’t like it and they say “Now when will you gave a talk on men’s rights in Islam?” So sister I have given talks, Alhumdulillah, Islam believes in equality between men and women. But equality doesn’t mean identicality. Men and women are equal but they aren’t identical. So here in my talk I have spoken about spiritual rights of the women, of social rights, I have spoken about economic rights, about legal rights, about political rights, about educational rights. Alhumdulillah I have tried to explain that Alhumdulillah that Islam believes in equality between men and women. Equality doesn’t mean identicality. If you compare to the western world, again giving statistics, quoting what they believe. 


The western talk of women’s liberalization is nothing but a disguised form of exploitation of her body, degradation of her honor and depriving her soul. The western society claming to uplift the women have actually degraded her to a status of concubine, of mistresses, of society butterflies which are mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers and sex marketers which are hidden behind the colorful screen of art and culture. The western world claming to uplift the women have actually degraded her. It talks about “O we want to uplift the women etc.” What are they doing? Surely many of you may have gone to the western world, it’s only in the name of art and culture, it’s a colorful screen but behind them you know what is happening. They want to change the role. That if a man can do this even a woman can do this. Men and women are equal but they aren’t identical. Men and women are different in physiology, they are different biologically. What everything a man does the women cannot do. Everything that women does, a man cannot do. Tomorrow you cannot say okay even I want to give birth to a child, I cannot give. I am different. And do you know in Islam the status, I’ll just quote a couple of examples I have given in my talk, in Islam where love is concerned and companionship for the parents, 


Our beloved Prophet said in 


Sahih Bukhari Vol. no. 8 in the Book of Adab ch. no. 2 Hadith no. 2 


“Once a person came to the Prophet and said “Who deserves the maximum companionship in the world?” So the Prophet said “Your mother” the man asked Who next?”  the Prophet said “Your mother”. The man asked “after that who? “The Prophet said for the third time “your mother” the man asked “After that who?” the fourth time the Prophet said “Your father” that means 75% of love and companionship, ¾ of the love and companionship goes to the mother. The remaining 25%, ¼ of love and companionship goes to the father. In short Mother gets a gold medal, mother gets a silver medal, she also gets a bronze medal. The father has to be satisfied with the mere consolation prize. See these are the teachings of Islam this is what our Prophet taught us.”


 I cannot say “O mother gets so much respect so I also want to give birth to a child” I can’t. So men and women as I said are overall equal but they aren’t identical. For example if in a classroom there are two students A and B both of them get 80 out of 100, both come out first. But if you analyze the question paper, the question paper has got 10 questions each carrying 10 marks. In answer to question no. 1, student A gets 9 out of 10. So student A is 9 out of 10 and student B gets 7 out of 10. So in question number one A has a degree of advantage than student B. In question two B gets 9 out of 10, A gets 7 out of 10. So in question two, B has a degree of advantage. In the remaining 8 questions both get 8 out of 10. So overall if you add up both get 80 out of 100, both are equal. But in question no. 1, A has a degree of advantage than B. in question 2; B has a degree of advantage than A. 


So men and women are equal but they aren’t identical. Suppose a robber comes into my house, comes to rob I cannot say I believe in women’s lib, I believe in equality of women, I won’t tell my wife or my sister to go and fight. So Allah says in Surah Nisa ch. no. 4 verse no. 34, 35 that Allah has given more strength to men. So men have a degree of advantage when it comes to physical strength. So it’s he who should protect the women. So in strength, men have a degree of advantage. As I gave you another example in companionship the mother gets more respect than father. So in some aspects men have a degree of advantage in some aspects women have a degree of advantage. Overall men and women are equal. 


As you rightly said sister if you read the teachings of Islam, they are, Alhumdulillah, very good. Don’t judge Islam by the followers. If you want to judge, judge by what our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) said. So what you should do sister if you said that they aren’t Islamic books etc. talking about what husband should do etc. InshaAllah you do research and you give talks, Alhumdulillah. InshaAllah I mean Allah will help you and you will be effective because you being a revert and when a revert speaks it has more effect, Alhumdulillah. So the thing is that sister I do agree there are black sheeps in a community what we should do, we should pick up the good points and we have very good people Alhumdulillah. Overall more of them are good than bad. We have to set exemplary of the good people and the best example is our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam). And InshaAllah, for a more neutral view as you said that people, the speakers only talk about women-women should do this, women should do that, I would request you to watch my cassette and then InshaAllah your view will change. Hope that answers the question. 



Questioner: Hello. Salam… Assalamualikum wa rehamatullhi wa barkathu. Ah.. Dr. Zakir, I tried to understand earlier.. actually mentioned about western leader …ah… afraid of Islam. Is it even during Jahiliya, the leaders of Jahiliya are not afraid of Islam but still why they fight Islam. They are more afraid that when they see, when they see the Shahadah, they know that they have to change.. I mean most of the leader of the world cannot accept the change. So.. most probably why the leaders of the west or any leaders of the world is afraid to … to accept Islam is because they cannot accept the change and the biggest change is that they have to step down and also those leaders they have to.. Ah.. in a way give to a better Muslim although its in America or anywhere in the world. Assalamu Alaikum.


Dr. Zakir: The brother has posed a question that why should the western leaders be afraid of Islam and the leaders of Jahiliya they weren’t afraid of Islam. I am sorry brother I fail to disagree with you. I disagree with you. The leaders of… the pagan leaders at the time if the Prophet, they were really afraid of Islam. The only thing they were afraid of was Islam. Therefore they told the Prophet that we will make you the king of Arabia if you give up this message of monotheism, we will make you the richest man of this world. The Prophet gave the reply, even if you place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left I will not give up this message of Islam. The leaders were afraid. You know why they were afraid that they had three hundred and thirty gods which they will have to barter for one God. Who will come to Mecca, who will come to Mecca and buy all these other things in which they sell in the name of idol worship? Leaders were very scared. Later on, Alhumdulillah, truth had to prevail. They didn’t accept Islam, therefore the Qur’an says target the leaders of Kuffars. Qur’an says target the leaders of Kuffars, target them, if they accept, thousands will follow. So therefore I said most of the leaders of the western world are afraid, not all. We have good people also, speaking good things about Islam; some leaders like Prince Charles said some few good words, his Niya? Allah knows best. I don’t doubt anyone’s Niya. Some minister of UK now spoke some good things about Islam. So brother as I said the leaders are afraid you know why, you said it’s so easy they have to accept Islam. It is not that easy brother. Easy – from our point of view. From their point of view – difficult, why? If they accept Islam who will fill their coffers? You understand that if the leaders of Quarish at that time. Abu Sufiyan, I mean the other leaders, they were rich. They were the richest man, if they accept Islam who will bow down to them? Because in Islam all the human beings are equal. He will have to embrace the slave. He’ll have to change his lifestyle. They were afraid that they will have to change their lifestyle. 


Similarly here if they accept Islam, all the human beings are like one brotherhood, Alhumdulillah. So the leaders are afraid that they will have to come down from their status in which they are living, in an ivory tower. Leaders are afraid that they will have to give all these things just to barter for Islam but finally when Allah gives Hidaya they prefer having a mansion in the Aakhira than a mansion here. As the best example I can give you is again of a lady Qur’an says of Aasiya, may Allah be pleased with her, its mentioned in 


Surah Tahrim ch. no. 66 verse no. 11 that she prayed to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) that please make a mansion for myself in the Jannah in exchange for the luxury in this world. She was the wife of the most powerful, supposed to be the most powerful man in the world, Pharaoh. But yet she prays to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) I would like to barter all these riches etc. for a mansion in the Aakhira, in the Jannah. So Alhumdulillah when Allah gives Hidaaya, let him be the biggest leader he accepts Islam for the Aakhira. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: Ah.. Coming back to the equality of men and women in Islam. We are told in the Qur’an of course that men and women are equal in the sight of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) and that is also… ah… I mean the rights of the women are backed up by the Hadith of the Prophet where the mother is much more important than the father in terms of respect but then in the Aqiqa ceremonies you require to just slaughter one goat for the daughter and two for the son. Somewhat indicating that the son is more important.


Dr. Zakir: The sister has posed a question that why during Aqiqa are two goats slaughtered for the son and one goat for the daughter. Sister there are several Sahih Ahadith saying that you can even slaughter one goat for your son. It’s not compulsory there are Sahih Hadith. One goat for daughter and two goats for the son. You can slaughter even one goat for the son its not that you should slaughter two goats for the son but what I can think of the reason is that because man in Islam is the bread earner, man in Islam is the bread earner that before woman is married its is the duty of the father or the brother and after she is married its is the duty of the husband and the son to look after her lodging, boarding, clothing and all financial aspects. 


So here Alhumdulillah, she is free from financial obligations. She is overprotected, Alhumdulillah. So but natural according to my logic, I am not saying this is the reason, Allahu Alam, Allah knows the best reason why two goats for the son but that’s not only the case. May be because he is financially more strong, therefore a person is required to spend more money because of a son. That may be one of the reasons, Allah knows the best. But compulsory two goats for one son is not in Sahih Hadith. Sahih Ahadith gives you the option either one or two. And for the women, one, no problem. If you wish, if you want to slaughter more, Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) and our beloved Prophet gave you the option. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum. Doctor just you mentioned that in the early days it was stated that we should target the Kuffars, the leaders of the Kuffars. Alhumdulillah, the pra.. present state of Muslim Ummah as far as the quantity is concerned, almost every fourth person in this world is a Muslim. And every third country is a Muslim country. So what I feel that presently what we lack is the leadership of the Muslim Ummah. Am I right to say that we should target the leaders of the different states? 


Dr. Zakir: The brother asked a very good question that Alhumdulillah Islam has spread throughout the world and according to him 25% are Muslims, every 4th person, every 3rd country is a Muslim country. But we lack leadership, shouldn’t we have a Muslim leader in target the leader of a Muslim country. I do agree with you brother you should even target the Kuffar, but I do agree with you that you should have a leader. Islam believes in leadership, Islam believes in Aamir. Unfortunately the Khilafa was abolished, last it was in Turkey by the westerners again. It should be reformed that Khilafa should be there, Islam believes in Khilafa and we should have a Khalifa. There are groups which are striving the level best to again have this system of Khilafat, may Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) give them strength and Hidaaya, and they are doing their job. There are people who are trying to convince leaders of various countries especially the Muslim countries. And they are trying their level best and we pray that may Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) let a leader emerge amongst the Muslim Ummah so that he can guide. With the leader, Alhumdulillah, we can do wonders. So Islam is for leaders so I do agree, we should try and find a good leader who follows the Qur’an and the Sunnah unfortunately most of the today’s political leaders of the Muslim countries, most of them they don’t fit the criteria of the Qur’an and Sunnah. So people are trying who will be the best. InshaAllah, may Allah help a leader to emerge but simultaneously while they are finding leaders fore the Muslim Ummah and when leaders try to emerge the non-Muslims try and put them down. They are trying their way. So we should try and find a leader simultaneously even follow the other guidance of the Qur’an that we should target the Kuffars. Both should be done simultaneously brother. And I do agree with you that there should be a leader amongst the Muslim community. 



Chairman: Thank you very much for your patience and your co-operation ..Ah..and your.. time spent here and our most… ah… our most thanks is to Dr. Zakir for enlightening us again and enriching our knowledge in Islam and also teaching us on what to do in trying to spread Islam. Ahm… shall we first give him a round of applause in our usual way of thanking. 

And shall we end the…. The evening with tasbih Kafira and Surah Al Asr. 


Bismillahir Rehaman Hir  Raheem


Subhanaka allahumma wa bi hamdika

ash-hadu 'an la 'ilaha 'illa 'anta, 'astaghfiruka wa 'atoobu 'ilahi


Bismillahir Rehaman Hir  Raheem



Inna al-insana lafee khusr

Illa allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati watawasaw bialhaqqi watawasaw bialssabr


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rehamatullahi Wa Barkatahu.