Role of Muslims in a Non-Muslim Society
(London, UK, 3rd Dec. 2005)

Open Question & Answer Session

 (Duration – 57 minutes)


Bashir Sattar: JazakAllah Khair. I hope InshaAllah that we will benefit from the words and advice of our Brother Dr. Zakir Naik, InshaAllah. Time is ticking on and I would like to immediately go into the question and answer session. 


I would like to lay out the ground rules for this part of the programme InshaAllah, Questions not relevant to the topic including any general question on religion will not be permitted. Kindly state your question briefly and to the point, Only one question at a time may be asked, for your second question you have to go at the end of the queue and await your second chance to ask a question. Non-Muslim brothers and sisters will be given first preference to ask questions. Two mikes have been provided in the auditorium, I believe there is one here to the left; there is one here to the right. The format will be that the sisters will use mike to my left and the brothers will use the mike to the right. 


We will allow one question at each of the mikes in clockwise rotation. Written questions on slips of papers available to with our volunteers on the sides and in the central aisle will be given secondary preference after Dr. Zakir Naik finishes answering questions asked on the mike and only if time permits. So kindly state your name and your profession before putting forth your question. I would like to ask you those brothers to insist to ask, wish to ask questions to form an orderly queue and we will commence in just a few moments, InshaAllah. Are there any non-Muslims in our audience who would like to ask questions? Please come forward, the mike is free and we will give the non-Muslims preference InshaAllah.


Questioner: Good evening and Assalamu Alaikum to everyone. I am a councilor Naveen Shah, leader of Harrow Council; I’d like to give a very warm welcome to Zakir Bhai on behalf of Harrow Council and multicultural, multi-faith community of Harrow. You are very-very welcome. Since I am limited to one question, I will follow the discipline. It’s been a very thought provocating address, I am very grateful for that. You have analyzed to some degree of detail various religions the Islam, the Hinduism, Judaism and even Atheist. Is it a question of equality of religions or do you reckon that there is a case for supremacy of one religion against another? Thank you.


Dr. Zakir: The Brother’s asked a very good question that is there a question of supremacy of one religion over the other religions.


Basically what is the meaning of the word religion? Religion means a way of life. I rather believe what the Qur’an says rather than talking about supremacy the Qur’an says “Ta`alaw 'Ilá Kalimatin Sawa'in Baynana Wa Baynakum”, Come to common terms as between us and you. If there is a question of supremacy then each one will try and prove that his religion is the best. So rather the Qur’an advices when we speak with people following other religions is “Ta`alaw 'Ilá Kalimatin Sawa'in Baynana Wa Baynakum”, Come to common terms as between us and you. So I personally disagree with the interfaith dialogues that take place normally in the world. Normally what happens that there is a person coming from the Christian faith, priest and commenting that all religions are the same, Christianity is the same, Hinduism is the same, Islam is the same. Then you have a Hindu Pandit coming and saying Hinduism is also correct and same, Islam is the same, Christianity is same, then they get joker Muslim who comes and says that Islam is the same, Hinduism is the same, Christianity is same. See I being a student of Islam and comparative religion, it’s a big lie to say that all religions are the same, there are commonalities but they aren’t the same, there are differences, I can talk more about the differences than the similarities; but the Qur’an encourages to talk about similarities. What my strategy is brother that I tell that at least let us agree that one religious scripture is 100% perfect. So the Christian will say “Fine I don’t mind believing that Bible is 100% the word of God.” The Hindu would say “I would not mind believing the Vedas to be the word of God.” the Muslim will say “I don’t mind considering Qur’an to be the word of God.” I am not trying to put anything on top of somebody’s head; I’m not going to put anything down their throat. 


Now what I say that what is common in all these scriptures at least let us agree to follow that strictly. What is different we’ll discuss it later on. So when we come and we try and find commonalities in all these scriptures we find that the commonality is the same all of the religious scriptures say believe in one God. I gave you references from the Bible. Bible, Moses (pbuh) said in the Book of Deuteronomy ch. no. 6 verse no. 4 'Shama Israelo Adna ilahaina adna ikhad'. 'Hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, is one Lord'. 


When Jesus Christ (pbuh) is asked that which is the first of the commandment he repeated verbatim the same thing in the Gospel of Mark ch. no. 12 verse no. 29 'Shama Israelo Adna ilahaina adna ikhad'. Which means 'Hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, is one Lord'. 


If you read the Hindu scriptures, if you read the Upanishads it’s mentioned in Chandogya Upanishad ch. no. 6 section no. 2 verse no. 1 "Ekam Evadvitiyam" It’s a Sanskrit quotation which means God is one without a second. Its mentioned in Svetashvatara Upanishad  Ch no. 6 verse no. 9 "Na casya kascij janita na cadhipah." Which means, of that God; he has got no superior, he has no Lord, he has got no parents, he has got no mother, he has got no father, he has got no superior. Its mentioned in Svetashvatara Upanishad ch. no. 4 verse no. 19 "Na tasya pratima asti" “Of Him there is no images.” 


I ca give quotations from Bhagvad Gita, Upanishads, Vedas several talking about oneness of God. 


So I say that why don’t all of us believe in one God. Bhagavad Gita Ch. no. 7 verse no. 20 says that “All those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires they worship demigods, they do idol worship.” So if you read the Vedas and Bhagvad Gita and the Upanishads they say there is one God, it’s against idol worship. They don’t believe in All Mighty God coming down, they believe in All Mighty God sending messengers. So I say that let us, the Hindus, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, at least believe that we worship none but one All Mighty God and that God has got no images, he cannot be begotten. It’s mentioned in the Bible, it’s mentioned in Bagvad Gita, it’s mentioned in the Qur’an. 


If you study all these scriptures the next point you come to know which is common is that there is going to come a  final and last messenger which is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I gave you quotations in my lecture about Judaism and Christianity; I can give you references even from the Hindu scriptures. If you read Bhavishya Purana Parv 3, Khand 3, Adhyay 3, Shlokas 10 to 27, it speaks about Muhammad (saws). It speaks about Kuntap Suktaas, Atharvaveda Book no. 20, Hymn no. 127 verse no. 1 to 14 speaks about Muhammad (saws). There is a book called as Kalki Purana it speaks about an Avtar, a Kalki Avtar to come. It’s mentioned in the Hindu scriptures in Kalki Purana that there is a final Avtar, antim Rishi, last messenger going to come whose mother’s name shall be Sumati which means Peaceful, which means Aamina. It says the father’s name shall be the one who worships All Mighty God, Vishnu-Yash translate it into Arabic it means Abdullah, the name of the parents of Muhammad (saws) It says that he will be born on the 12th month of Madhav, which is 12th Rabbi Awwal. It says that he will be the last and final messenger, Muhammad (saws) last and final messenger. It says that he will be helped by 4 companions, talking about first 4 Caliphs of Islam. And on and on…. He will be born in a place which will be known as peaceful Sambala, which is Makkah. He will be born in the family of the chief of Makkah. I have given a talk on Muhammad (saws) in the Hindu scriptures. So second point of commonalties according to me after believing in one God we have to follow the last and final messenger to come i.e. Prophet Muhammad (saws). 


It speaks about life after death, the Jewish scriptures, the Christian scriptures, Hindu scriptures and Islam. When Hindu scriptures speak about Punar Janam, it speaks about next life. it does not speak about life death, life death, that’s a misconception. Punar means next, Janam means life. We believe in Life after death but not being born and death, born-dying, born-dying that’s a misconception. So what I say at least let us agree what is common so all the major religious scriptures whether it be Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam speak about one God and speak about a final messenger to come whose name shall be Muhammad (saws). So if all of them follow the last and final Messenger then you have to follow the revelation given to him, have to follow the Qur’an. 


So rather than talking about supremacy you have to go back… There is only one religion and the one religion as Allah says in the Qur’an in Surah Ale Imran ch. no. 3 verse no. 19 “Innad deena inda Allahi al-islam” The only religion acceptable in the sight of All Mighty God is submitting your will to All Mighty God, Islam, submitting your will to All Mighty God. 


It’s not a label a person by keeping his name Mohammed, Sultan, Abdullah, Zakir he will not go to heaven just by having a Muslim name. Muslim is a person who acquires peace by submitting his will to All Mighty God. So all the religious scriptures that came previously brother by the passage of time they have been changed. Qur’an is the last and final revelation which has been kept in its pure form but in spite when all the other scriptures have been changed according to their scholars, you read the books of Hindu scholars, of Christian scholars they say their scriptures have been changed but even after they have been changed there are reminisce of truth in them which speak about last and final messenger Muhammad (sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) and talking about one God. So if you go back to your scriptures and at least follow the commonalities, there is nothing like supremacy, we’ll culminate only to one religion that is submitting your will to All Mighty God. Hope that answers the question. 


Bashir Sattar: Can I ask if there are any sisters who are non-Muslims who would like to ask a question first? On the sisters side is there any non-Muslim sister wishes a question. 


Questioner: Good evening Dr. Naik. My question to you this evening is with all due respect to Islam, you said that idol worship is the greatest sin in Islam and Allah does not forgive an idol worshipper for this but what about people who have born into families of religions other than Islam. For example in India most of the population is Hindu and lifer long they may not have exposure to Islam or somebody else who may have educated them about that. What is the fault of those people? Will they never reach paradise? Will Allah never let these people enter paradise? What is their fault if they believe what is being taught to them since the day they were born? Does Allah not have mercy on them? Thank you. 


Dr. Zakir: Sister’s asked a very good question, a very logical question. What about those human beings who are born in non-Muslim families and their parents are doing idol worship, so who is to blamed? How can Allah punish them? And that’s a very good question. That’s the reason our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws) said that every child is born in Deenul Fitr, every child is born as a Muslim irrespective whether he is born in a Jewish family or a Christian family, or a Hindu family or a Muslim family, he is born as a Muslim. Muslim as I told earlier by definition means a person who submits his will to All Mighty God. So every child when he is born, he submits his will to All Mighty God, later on he is influenced by his elders, by his parents, by his teachers, then he may start doing idol worship, he may start doing fire worship and he may go to the wrong path that’s the reason whenever a non-Muslim accepts Islam, the more appropriate word is ‘Revert’, it’s not ‘convert’. ‘Convert’ means going from one faith to another faith. Revert means a person was on the right faith, went to a wrong faith and came back to the right faith. So the more appropriate word sister is ‘Revert’. 


Now coming to your question how can Allah hold responsible a person if he is born in a non-Muslim family that’s the reason if a child is born in a non-Muslim family before he gains maturity, if he dies, he will go to Jannah, InshaAllah. Why? Every child submits his will to All Mighty God, he is a Muslim. He may have a Hindu name or a Christian name, John, Ramu, it doesn’t make a difference but as long as he is a child, and if he dies as a child sister that child will go to Jannah irrespective whether he is born in a Muslim family or a non-Muslim family. 


Later on when a child grows up and he becomes an adult, then it is his responsibility what he does that’s the reason if a child commits a crime the court is lenient, when he becomes an adult then he cannot tell that my father taught me to rob therefore I am robbing. If a child grows up at the age of 22 and if the police catches him after robbing he cannot say that my father taught me to rob therefore I am robbing, will the judge let him go? If he is a child at the age of 5 the judge may say “Fine he is a child he hasn’t attained maturity but once he becomes an adult and then if that adult tells the Judge that I am robbing because my father taught me to rob, he will not be excused. Everyone is responsible for his or her own deed. Now once a person becomes a adult it’s the duty of that adult to find the truth. It’s the duty of us Muslims to convey the message to the non-Muslim but irrespective whether a person gets a message or not if a human being is let free, there were 2 tribes which did not come in contact with modern civilization till as late as 1950. 


One tribe was the Kapauku tribe and the second was Astroline Abovregenis. These two tribes do not come in contact with modern civilization till as late as 1950 and when researchers went and tried to find out what was their way of life. It was nothing but Islam but they didn’t call themselves Muslims they believed in one God, they believed that God has got no images, He had no idols, they prostrated when the worshipped God. It was everything of Islam but in name. So if the child is not given any external influence, he submits his will to All Mighty God and remains on that path. Now once a person becomes an adult, it’s the duty of us Muslims to convey the message of Islam. If we do not convey Allah will hold us responsible, he will hold us responsible but irrespective whether we do the job or not, we will be held responsible but 


Allah says in the Qur’an in Surah Fussilat ch. no. 41 verse no. 53 


“Sanureehim ayatina fee al-afaqi wafee anfusihim hatta yatabayyana lahum annahu alhaqq” 



“Soon We shall show them our signs in the furtherest regions of the horizons and into their soul until it is clear to them that this is the truth.”


Allah has taken upon himself that he will directly convey this message to every human being himself. So if a Muslim does his job or not whether he is of good example or a bad example, Allah will directly put in the heart of every human being whether Muslim or non-Muslim about the truth, about one God. So once the messages comes that human being may follow, may not follow. He may not follow thinking if I accept Islam I may have to give up the things which I like, I may have to give up my alcoholism, I may have to give up dating and dancing and you know whatever thing which is Haraam in Islam, he may not accept the message then he is responsible. Similarly if the father teaches him something wrong, to rob. It’s his duty to realize that robbing is Haraam, it’s a sin. It’s a thing which is wrong he cannot go and tell the Judge that because my father taught therefore I am robbing. Similarly here when Allah directly puts the message into the heart of every human being about the Haqq, about the oneness of God and that idol worship is prohibited yet if the individual continues he or she is responsible so on the Day of Judgment, therefore Allah says that no non-Muslim will ever object to the justice of Allah because your organs will give witness about you, your eyes, your hands will speak about you. So on the Day of Judgment even those people who will be put in Hell, they will never object to the justice of Allah (swt). What they will say? “Please give us one more chance” And Allah will say “It’s too late.” There are many chances given in this world but you live only once in this world so on the Day of Judgment, no non-Muslims no human being even if he is put in hell will ever object to the justice of Allah. He will only say that please forgive me and it will be too late. Whatever is there in this world… this World, as Allah says in Surah Mulk Ch. 67 verse no. 2, is a test for the hereafter. Hope that answers the question sister. 


Bashir Sattar: Is there any other non-Muslim who wishes to ask a question to Dr. Zakir Naik? If no then you may precede sir. Thank you.


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Naveed Ahmed and I am a surgeon. To be a good surgeon you need to be well trained. I just wanted to ask Dr. Naik that to do Da’wah well how important do you think training is? 


Dr. Zakir: The brother asked a question that he is a surgeon and to be surgeon he had to be trained, to do Da’wah don’t you have to be well trained? Yes brother but the question is our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws) said in Sahih Bukhari “ballighu anni walaw aayah” “Propagate even if you know one verse”. So if you know one verse at least go and convey that. If you say that I will wait till I become like Shaikh Ahmed Deedat, and then start doing Da’wah that time will never come. So the thing the criteria for doing Surgery is you have to get your degree. If you don’t get your degree and if you do surgery you may be arrested or you may be put behind bars, fine. Similarly for Da’wah even if you know one verse as long as you know it correctly, you have to do Da’wah.


Now as in medicine, you may be MBBS then there is MD, then there is DM, MS is there, then MCH is there, fine. The more you keep on spending time, the more you will become an expert now for doing your surgery you may have minimum spent about 6, 7 years, correct? Only after passing your 12th Std. or A levels whatever it is here. How much time have you spent for Da’wah, how much? So when we want to become an engineer you spent 4 tears, when you want to become a Doctor you spent 5 years, Da’wah you want to do overnight. You can’t become an expert overnight but at least you make a beginning, at least open your mouth. 


As far as I am concerned in my childhood I was as stammerer even in my adulthood I was a stammerer. If you asked me “What was my name?” “My name is Za..Za..Za..Za..Za…Zakir.” That was me. When I met Shaikh Ahmed Deedat I was inspired by him and I started doing Da’wah and I realized when I spoke with non-Muslims I never used to stammer. Normal, a normal human being when he comes on the stage he will stammer. In my dreams I could have dreamt of becoming the best surgeon in the world, I could have dreamt, you know, in your dreams you can dream anything, but I couldn’t dream in speaking in front of 25 people. I was a stammerer and now Alhumdulillah with Allah’s help I am giving talks in front of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands; I have even given a talk in front of a million people live, Alhumdulillah. So if you go back, if you see my life I would be the last person one of the last category who could do Da’wah but I did Jihad, Jihad means? To strive, I didn’t take a sword, to strive and struggle, I did Jihad. I strived and I struggled and Allah opened up the pathways.


Allah says in Surah Ankaboot ch. 29 verse no. 69 


“If you strive in Allah’s path, Allah will open up your ways.” 


I strived Alhumdulillah and the moment I got involved in the field of Da’wah my stammering went away yet I do stammer sometimes off the stage but on the stage, Alhumdulillah, Allah helps me. It’s a miracle. I was inspired by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, whatever I learnt, whatever I heard from his cassettes, I started talking. I started talking Allah kept on helping me more and more and now I am here. Even if i had been the best surgeon in the world all of you wouldn’t have gathered here, correct? And the respect that Allah has given me at this young age, even If I had been the best surgeon in the world the people who want to meet me the people I meet, the Kings, the Shaikhs, the Ministers, Alhumdulillah.


I never did Da’wah for fame or popularity, I took up medicine, I am a medical doctor because I thought it was the most noble profession, it is Alhumdulillah, I am not saying no, but I found a nobler profession. Therefore I changed from a doctor of a body to the doctor of a soul. But the best thing brother whatever you have heard today, people normally enjoy, they clap tomorrow back to work, they are the same. When they go back to work they should try and repeat something from me what they have heard at least 10% if not 10%, 5% at least 2%, start. And the moment you start Allah will help you. So the moment you keep on doing Da’wah Allah will help you, I haven’t done any course; I haven’t been trained by anyone. Allah, MashaAllah, helped me and without His help it’s not possible. But we have Da’wah training courses in Bombay where we train people, it’s a short course of about 30 to 40 days where we train people and believe me if you hear the speakers of our foundation all of them can quote ch. no. verse no., Bible, Bhagvad Gita, hadith, Qur’an, Alhumdulillah, at the fingertips. First is help of Allah, second is hard work, third is technique. So no. 1 is Allah’s help, hard work is from you, technique we give that is the least important but you don’t wait till you become an expert whatever you know, start and then Allah will help you more. Hope that answers the question.


Bashir Sattar: I have a question here from a non-Muslim brother. His name is Peter. Dr. Saab can you explain why is music bad. 


Dr. Zakir: The non-Muslim friend has asked a question that why is music bad. There is no direct reference in the Qur’an which speaks music as being bad there are indirect references. But there are hadith of Muhammad (saws) who has commented on music, musical instruments. The only thing he permitted was the Duff and the others he had not permitted the reason being that when most of the times when musical instruments are being used it normally puts a person in a trance, in a different frame of mind and many a times if you analyze the Qur’an, the Qur’an is against songs and poetries, there is a full chapter Shuara that speaks about poets. What happens that normally in songs and music, the songs that are there if you analyze the words, most of the songs they are away from reality. And in a song when people start praising or impressing the opposite person the more they try to impress the opposite person the more they deviate from reality.


Therefore in Hindi film songs you’ll find that the hero tells the heroine that “Chand todh ke leke aanuga, Sitaare todh je leke aanunga” I’ll get for you the moon, I’ll get for you the stars which is not possible and same thing when you hear in English pop and rock it has no meaning per se, many of the songs… some have got not that all and it takes a person away and along with the musical instruments whether it be heavy metal we find that people go in a frenzy, they take out their clothes and they are in a different frame of mind. So most of the time music takes you away from Allah (swt) so that’s the reason the prophet has discouraged and said that musical instruments should not be used except for the duff that is there. It takes a person away from Allah (swt) rather towards Allah (swt). 


Bashir Sattar: JazakAllah! Can I ask sister from this side please? Thank you. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rehmatullah! 

Bashir Sattar: Walaikum Salam wa Rehmatullh.


Questioner: Bismillah Hir Rehmaan hir Raheem. I just wanted to ask about the meaning of the Hadith from Sahih Muslim Ummatul Wahadah, the Muslim Ummah is one Ummah at the exclusion of all others. Their land is one, their war is one, their peace is one, their trust is one and is this Hadith relevant to us Muslims living in a non-Muslim society? whose armies are killing Muslims, expelling them from their homes and fighting them as we speak.


Dr. Zakir: The sister wants me to throw some light on the Hadith of the prophet Muhammad (saws) that the Muslim is one ummah irrespective whether you are living… and there are various Ahadith the prophet said that its like one body and if one part of the body is hurt then all the rest of the body is also is in pain so in that context as far as the Muslim Ummah is concerned irrespective whether you are living whether in a Muslim society or a non-Muslim society whether you are living in UK or America or Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Ummah is one. And if one part of the Ummah is hurt it’s the duty as far as possible whatever the ability a person has got we should see to it that he helps. So there are various situations for example if you know that there is one part of the Muslim Ummah which is poor or doesn’t have enough resources to feed themselves, its the duty of other part of the Ummah to see to it that they give them whether it be from Zakaat money or from Sadaqa money, whatever it is so that they help the other part of the Muslim Ummah.


Now we know the scenario is such that we find that certain portion of the Muslim Ummah, they are being attacked, they are being harmed so whatever capacity we have and whatever ability we have got its the duty that we as Muslims, as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws) said that “If you find anything evil, the best is to stop it with your hand, If you cannot stop it with your hand then stop it with your tongue, if you cannot stop it with your tongue, the least you can do is curse in your heart and then if you do that you are the lowest level of a Muslim.” 


So when you see anything wrong if you can stop it with your hand, do it, If you cannot stop it with your hand then try and stop it with your tongue, If you can’t do that much at least curse in your heart. If you find something is happening may be a robbery is taking place, If Allah has given you the ability, go and stop it with your hand, if you feel that person... they have got more strength, you are a lean person and they are 10 of them at least try and stop it with your tongue “Please Mr. don’t rob.” If you can’t do that at least curse in your heart. Now depending upon the ability that we have got, we have to do that. Now we find unfortunately the scenario that we have that especially after 9/11 we know that what happened in 9/11 was wrong. 


Allah clearly mentions in Surah Ma’idah ch. 5 verse no. 32 that 


“if anyone kills any other human being whether Muslim or non-Muslim unless it be for murder or for creating corruption in the land it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity.”


So killing any innocent human being is Haraam. So what happened in 9/11 more than 3,000 or 5,000 people were killed, innocent people, it is to be condemned. Who did it? I don’t know. The media says XYZ, I don’t know. But whoever did it, it is wrong. What happened in London on the 7th of July where more than 50 people were killed, innocent human beings, whoever did it is at fault. It is wrong but what we have to realize that unfortunately when Muslims live in non-Muslim society they try to be over apologetic we find in America, we find in UK all the Muslim bodies get together and the condemned the 9/11, correct no problem. They condemned what happened in 7th of July in London which I too condemn but in the same breath we also have to condemn the thousands of people killed in Afghanistan, we also have to condemn the thousands of people killed in Iraq. What’s happening in Palestine? Everyday Muslims are being killed. What happened in Bosnia, we have to condemn that too. Why do we stop? Unfortunately when I read reports all the Muslim bodies get together and they are condemning only a part of it, why? It’s the same, what is wrong is wrong. If a Muslim kills an innocent human being he has to be condemned. Similarly if a non-Muslim kills an innocent Muslim even he has to be condemned, who are we afraid of? 


But you have to do it with Hiqma. If you fear you opening your mouth will create a problem but don’t mention wrong things. Therefore as a Da’ee we should know to turn the tables over with Hiqma. I was there when I was asked this question in Australia, I was asked in UK also when I had come 4 months back and we’d come for a conference of peace, we’d gone to Oldham and the mayor was there and the chief of the police was there and there was a question asked to me that do you believe Osama Bin Laden to be a terrorist. So I said “See, I don’t know Osama in Laden personally, I haven’t met him, he’s not my friend neither he is my enemy, I don’t know him. But I cannot base my answer on what I see on CNN or BBC. Allah says in the Qur’an in Surah Hujuraat ch. no. 49 verse no. 6 “whenever you get a message from a Fasiq person check it up before you convey it to the third person.” 


If I have to base my answer only on BBC and CNN then I have to agree that he is a terrorist but everything what BBC and CNN says is not correct. So I personally said that I don’t know whether Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist or not but what I have seen on CNN what I know from CNN which is again controlled by America, controlled by the government of America and from there I got information and other things verifying it’s the truth that thousands of people in Afghanistan have been killed, thousands of people in the other countries like Iraq have been killed and who is the cause of this? The cause is George Bush. So if you ask me I agree that the no. 1 terrorist is George Bush.” 


And recently there was a survey, recently there was a survey just a couple of months back in America, in USA, there was an organization which did a survey and they floated the survey they put 3 people on the list that who according to you is the biggest terrorist in the world? Amongst the list was Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussain and George Bush and then the survey they floated in different countries, the answer they got that the person, the common no. 1 terrorist was the same the minimum percentage he got was George Bush was 73%. All the people unanimously agreed that George Bush was terrorist no. 1. The lowest percentage in any group was 73 and the highest was 78. That 73, of percent, of the people agreed that George Bush was terrorist no. 1 and in the other part of the world, 78% agreed. So the thing is that if you go to the websites of the Americans they say what happened in 9/11 there are various hypotheses that it was a inside job some people say that George Bush did it himself, I am not saying he did it, this is the news we got from the internet. I without verifying cannot say that George Bush did that on 9/11. but what I can say? What happened in Afghanistan it is clear proof. 


So what we have realize that what is wrong we have to condemn and believe me I have been to America several times, in Canada, I have been to UK. The thing is that we realize that the talk I gave on ‘Islam and Terrorism’ in Oldham that was the topic. What we have to realize that many a times two different labels given for the same activity for the same individual.


For example in India there were many Indians who were fighting for their freedom about 60, 70 years back when the Britishers were ruling India. Now these people who fought for their freedom by the British Government they were called as terrorists but we common Indians we call them as freedom fighters. Same people, same activity but 2 different labels. If you agree with the view of the British Government that they had a right to rule over India, you have to call these people as terrorists but you agree with the view of the common Indians that the Britishers came to India to do business, they have no right to rule over us then you would call these people as freedom fighters, you’d call these people as patriots. Same people, same activity but 2 different labels, so before you give a label you have to first try and find out for what reason is the person striving. 


If you see the history of American Revolution in the 18th centaury in 1775 the Americans got their freedom, the Britishers were ruling them and the 2 people who were called no. 1 terrorist was Benjamin Franklin, George Washington according to this British Government, George Washington was terrorist no. 1 and later on this same terrorist no. 1 becomes the president of America, Imagine Terrorist no. 1 according to British government becomes the president of America and he happens to be the godfather of all the American Presidents to follow including George Bush 


So what we see today is whoever is in power what he says carries weight. We can give the example of the Apartheid Government of South Africa White Apartheid Government, they imprisoned Nelson Mandela for 25 years they called him terrorist no. 1. After the Apartheid Government was removed in the new South Africa, Nelson Mandela becomes the President, a few years later he gets the Nobel Prize for peace. Imagine the person who was called the terrorist no. 1, is given the noble prize for peace for the same activity not that first he was bad and then he became good for the same activity for which he was called a terrorist later on he gets the noble prize for peace. What we come to know whoever is in power what he says turns out to be the Gospel truth which is not the case. What wee have to know we have to go to the root cause. So we as Muslims what we have to do sister is we have to speak for the Haqq. If Allah has given you the power with your hand you can stop it, do it. With your mouth, use your mouth. Least you can do is curse in your heart and pray for the Ummah. Hope that answers the question. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Zaid Khan and I work as a lab scientist. My question is that what advice can you give to do practical Da’wah such as in Tom Centre where you can build a communication with non-Muslims?


Dr. Zakir: Brother asked a question that how can you do practical Da’wah in Da’wah stalls etc. Brother the examples that I gave in my talk you can use that that try and use the strategy of come to common terms. And one thing is having the technique; one thing is knowing how to do Da’wah. For example how to do Da’wah with co-passenger who is traveling in a train is a different technique. How to do Da’wah on a Da’wah stall is a different technique. How to do Da’wah in a school is a different technique. For this we have a Da’wah training session where we train people on how to do Da’wah. You can go to our website on the DTP, Da’wah Training Programme and the information is there. Hope that answers the question. 


Bashir Sattar: I have a question here from a non-Muslim, his name is Ravinder. He says “My name is Ravinder, I am a non-Muslim, I am a Sikh and I believe that all religions are right and there is one God. Everyone will go to heaven irrespective of being a Muslim, a Sikh, etc. there are different disciplines to reach him”, I presume God, “Sikhism, Islam, etc. what do you have to say?”


Dr. Zakir: The brother’s posed a question. He is a Sikh, he says all religions are right, all believe in one God so what you have to say we’ll all go to heaven. Brother I am a student of comparative religion; according to me all religions are not right. In the religion itself there are many contradictions, in the religious scriptures itself. Now coming to Christianity, if you analyze in Christianity there are so many contradictions in the Bible, there are so many things which are unscientific in the Bible. So Bible according to me is a mixture, it may contain the Word of God, it contains the words of Prophet, it contains the word of historians, it even contains pornography, I am sorry to say. How can I say this pornography is the word of God? There are many mathematical contradictions I can give a talk only in the mistakes in the Bible. There are so many unscientific things mentioned in the Bible. The Bible says the world is flat. I can give a talk on that, time doesn’t permit me. Same thing with the Vedas, though I give talks on the Vedas, there are many things which I disagree in the Vedas. There are things in the Vedas which says that All Mighty God created the Brahmins from the head, the Shatriya, the warrior cast from the chest, the Business class, the Vaishias from the thighs, and the Shudras, the lower class from the feet. Islam doesn’t believe that human beings have been created in castes and levels. So how can you say all religions are right? 


Again you go to the Hindu scriptures it says that if a Husband dies then in the fire, the wife should jump, the widow which is totally wrong. The Veda says that the Sun moves around the Earth which is unscientific. In this by doing comparative religion I cannot say that all religions are right, part of all the religions are right, you can say that which I wouldn’t mind. What I am saying that only follow that part which is right, what is wrong you don’t have to follow. So in this way brother I disagree with you, I am a student of comparative religion, you can see my cassettes, I have spoken on various religions on Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism etc. so only what s right you have to follow, what is wrong you don’t have to follow. Hope that answers the question. 


Bashir Sattar: Question please from this side. We have to end our programme very shortly so I will ask to speed up, InshaAllah. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum, My name is Sabina. Forgive me for my unclarity, this is rather spontaneous question…and I have a friend, she is an atheist and on our endless debates on the existence of God and all that we talk about. She has two claims, she makes two claims. When I pose her with the question of what the Qur’an says in terms of the existence of the universe and the world and how it states many facts, she turns around, she says well that knowledge was not just for the Qur’an, it actually existed before the Qur’an there’s scriptures, there is books before the Qur’an was even written detailing information about the universe. So its not just knowledge that is superior to the Qur’an. What do I say about to that… Is she lying? Do scriptures exist? I mean I have ignorance myself but, you know, is this knowledge like was this available before the Qur’an was written? And sorry, secondly another claim she makes is that I give the analogy of you know you have something in creation who knows it, the creator will know everything about it and I talk about you know if there is no God how can we possibly exist if you keep on going further and further and further and back there is no end, and if there is no end how do we exist? Then she says “Well from a religious point of view you say well God is the end well I say as an atheist who says if God is the end, who created God?” that’s my question. Thank you.


Dr. Zakir: Sister has posed 2 questions which are again common. The first question is that all the things mentioned in the Qur’an were already present before so what’s new? It’s present in other scriptures, other books etc. that is the first question and second question is who created God. As far as the first question is concerned I do agree that certain things were present in time before the Qur’an but they were not called as established facts, they were not called as established facts. 


For example the thing I quoted that the Sun previously people thought that the sun rotating there are certain things which were in the Greek history and another philosophical history but for example when the Qur’an speaks about the spherical shape of the earth, these Greeks, they believed that the earth was spherical but no one believed in them. So certain facts not all, a small percentage what the science has come to know today and what Qur’an mentions were told by people previously but they failed to realize that the same Greeks mentioned hundred other things which were unscientific. So same Greek even mentioned the earth was center of the universe which is totally wrong. So imagine if 100 points are mentioned and Muhammad (saws) picks up one which is correct that’s also not possible. So I do agree with you sister that certain things were mentioned before science established as a fact today but these things weren’t established that time and to say that out of the hundred false things mentioned if one thing is right to pick up the one correct thing is again also not possible. Once it’s possible but not thousands of time sister. Because only a person who is even a scientist cannot do that. Only the Creator himself can do and that’s Allah (swt). So I do agree with you but that portion which has been mentioned earlier in earlier scriptures and other philosophical books is a small portion but that too along with that portion there are other things which are unscientific mixed with that.


Coming to you second part of the question that who created God. Normally people in Da’wah they use a false strategy of logic which trips itself. Most of the people when the try to prove the existence of Allah (swt) they say that everything has a creator. For example who created this book, how did the book come into existence? Somebody created it. Who created it? And they go back. When did you come into existence? Who created you? Your father… Who created your father? Your grand father. And then goes to God. Who created this micro phone? It’s created in a factory. Who created the factory and then they try and prove who created the Sun? God. Who created the moon? So based on this they try and prove that everything has a creator which according to me is a wrong logic. In my strategy what I spoke today, I never said everything has a creator that is the atheist who told me that the first person who will tell about the mechanism of this thing is the creator. I never said that… I say every created thing has a creator but by definition All Mighty God is uncreated. It is like there is a person, suppose my friend he comes and tells me that my brother John was admitted in the hospital he gave birth to a baby. Was it a girl or a boy? Can you guess sister? Was it a girl or a boy? Brother John gave birth to a baby was it a girl or a boy? 


Questioner: Brother John….?


Dr. Zakir: Brother John was admitted in the hospital he gave birth to a baby was it a girl or a boy? Can you guess? You Can’t guess, can anyone guess? How can a man have a baby? So to ask the question he gave birth to a baby was it a girl or a boy is illogical. So same thing the definition of Allah, he’s uncreated. The moment you say who created Allah, he ceases to be Allah. Therefore the definition of God is he is uncreated. Therefore All Mighty God has got no creator if he is a true All Mighty God. Hope that answers the question. 


Bashir Sattar: Ah.. Due to the shortage of time I will allow very quick questions and quick answers InshaAllah. So 3 questions 1, 2, 3 and we will have 3 quick answers InshaAllah. Brother please take your name and your profession. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Go-ha, I’m an accountant. Just very quickly it’s a pleasure to hear Dr. Zakir Naik. Since first time I heard him it was my ambition to come and see you MashaAllah. You gave a lovely talk. My question is there is a famous Hadith saying about Prophet (pbuh) that we should seek knowledge unto China. Now I have talked to a lot of brothers about this and my perspective on it even though I haven’t researched is that this knowledge does not speak about religious knowledge because religious knowledge at that time was in Saudi Arabia where the Prophet (pbuh) was and people all over the world were coming to see him at that time for religious knowledge. 


Bashir Sattar: Brother What is your question brother? What is the question? 


Questioner: My question is that this Hadith does it relate to religious knowledge or knowledge of the Dunya, Science, Maths, etc.? 


Dr. Zakir: Brother asked a question that the Prophet said seek knowledge even if you have to go to China because religious knowledge was in Saudi Arabia, it was worldly knowledge so does it mean you can go to China for worldly knowledge. Point no. 1 brother, according to Shaikh Nassirud Deen Al Albani this Hadith is a Mawdhu Hadith. It’s a fake Hadith, It’s not a correct Hadith because the center of education even at that time, that time, wasn’t China. This Hadith is a fake Hadith but that doesn’t mean your question is not valid. You have to use other Hadith to prove your question. The first guidance given by Allah (swt) to the whole of humanity was not to pray, was not to give Zakaat, it was Iqra in Surah Al Alaq ch. 96 verse no. 1 “Iqra” and our beloved prophet Muhammad (saws) said its mentioned in Baihaqi, it is obligatory on every Muslim, man or woman to acquire knowledge. So acquiring knowledge is Fard in Islam, it’s compulsory. It includes the more obligatory is the Deen knowledge but that does not mean you cannot go and travel even for worldly knowledge. You can as long as you fulfill the criteria even for worldly knowledge you can as long as it benefits you, it gets you closer to Allah (swt). Hope that answers the question.


Bashir Sattar: One more question on my sister’s side please very quickly. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Zarina and I am a graduate. You may have answered this question impart already. On the question of Da’wah many people ask me how is it just for very good righteous non-Muslim to go to hell. For example Mother Teresa, what happens to their good deeds and what is the best way to answer them. Thank you. 


Dr. Zakir: Sister asked a question what about the righteous non-Muslims like Mother Teresa will she go to heaven or hell. As I mentioned in my talk the criteria to go to heaven, the criteria to go to Jannah are 4 according to Surah Al Asr 


“Wal Asr Inna al-insana lafee khusrin Illa allazeena amanoo wa’amiloo alssalihati watawasaw bialhaqqi watawasaw bialssabri” 


“By the token of time man is verily in a state of loss except those who have faith, those who have righteous deeds, those who do Da’wah and those who exhort people to patience and perseverance.”


Minimum 4 criterias are required to go to Jannah. Similarly when I was in school I passed my ICSC in 1982 there were minimum 6 compulsory subjects. English was there, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Hindi, compulsory. I ask you the question sister in science… In 5 subjects out of 6 I get 99 out of 100, in one subject I get 10 out of 100…. in Science. Will I pass std. 10? Yes or no? No. but I got 99 in English, 99 in Hindi, 99% in History, If I fail in any one subject, I fail. Similarly to go to Jannah 4 criterias are required, Eeman, righteous deeds, exhorting people to truth, Da’wah and exhorting people to patience and perseverance.


Now you say Mother Teresa was righteous, Righteousness includes offering Salaah, giving Zakaat, many things but even If I agree with you for sake of argument or with a non-Muslim that mother Teresa was righteous, for sake of argument haan, In Islam righteousness include many things which I feel Mother Teresa didn’t have but even if I agree with you fro the sake of argument she gets 99 only in one. What about Eeman? So if she does Shirk which is even mentioned in the Bible. if you read the Bible in the Book of Deuteronomy ch. no. 5 verse 7 to 9 and the Book of Exodus ch. no. 20 verse no. 3 to 5 it says that “Thou shall have no other image of me, thou shall not make unto thee any graven image, of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shall not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the God, thy Lord am a jealous God."


So doing Shirk is even Haraam in Christianity and in the Qur’an Allah says in Surah Ma’idah ch. no. 5 verse no. 72, lets see what is the verdict given by Jesus Christ (pbuh). Jesus Christ (pbuh) says in the Qur’an in Surah Ma’idah ch. 5 verse no. 72 Allah says that 


“Laqad Kafaral Ladhina Qaalu 'Innallaaha Huwal Masihubnu Maryama”

“They are doing Kufr..they are blaspheming  those who say that Jesus son of marry is Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) 


“Wa Qaalal Masih”, 

“But said Jesus Christ (pbuh)”


“Ya Bani 'Isra'il”,   

“O children of Israel!”



“Worship Allah”


“Rabbi Wa Rabbakum”, 

“Whose My Lord and your Lord”


“Innahu Mayushrik Billaah”, 

“Anyone who associates partners with Allah”


“Faqad Harramallaahu `Alayhil Jannah”

“Allah will make Jannat forbidden for them” Allah will make paradise forbidden for them.


“Wa Ma'wahun Naaru Wa Ma Lilzzalimina Min 'Ansar”

“And the Fire shall be his dwelling place and he shall have no helpers in the hereafter.”


So Jesus Christ (pbuh) said


“Innahu Mayushrik Billaah”, 

“Anyone who associates partners with Allah”


“Faqad Harramallaahu `Alayhil Jannah”

“Allah will make Jannat forbidden for them” Allah will make paradise forbidden for them.


“Wa Ma'wahun Naaru Wa Ma Lilzzalimina Min 'Ansar”

“And the Fire shall be his dwelling place and he shall have no helpers in the hereafter.”


So according to Jesus Christ (pbuh), according to the Qur’an, according to the Bible if any human being does Shirk whether it be Mother Teresa or anyone else, they shall not enter Jannah. 


Bashir Sattar: I have to apologize this will be the last question. We have a number of hand written questions here because of the time constrains I will apologize we will be unable to cove the these questions in part of this programme. So my apologies, please brother can you state the last question? May I ask the other brothers and sisters to take their seats for the closure of the programme, InshaAllah. 


Questioner: Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Adil Ahmed I’m a 16 years old student doing my GSES and my question regards Dr. Naik’s statement previously about saying Merry Christmas to non-Muslim makes us some how submit the fact that, well the idea that Christ was the son of God and it makes us one of them. Now that’s what shocked me, in a sense that, surely Allah in his All Mightiness would know that my intention saying someone ‘Merry Christmas’ is as you said is to improve relations. Now the thing is most people at least of my generation, people who I come in contact with, they don’t actually celebrate Christmas because they celebrate Christ’s birth but actually it’s a commercial thing to get the latest PS2 or whatever it is… so could you just please expand on that I am sought of confused how saying marry Christmas could some how bring blasphemy? 


Dr. Zakir: The brother’s asked a question that he wants to wish Merry Christmas to his friends so that he can build relationships so tomorrow he will ask me the question why can’t I have a peg of alcohol build relationship. Why not? Why, what’s wrong? Why can’t I eat some pork with them? Why can’t I go to Church and worship Jesus Christ (pbuh)? See you don’t have to do anything Haraam for doing Da’wah. For reaching the goals you cannot use wrong means brother. What is haraam for them is haraam for you also. When you are wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ to them you are agreeing that Jesus Christ (pbuh) was born on the 25th of December and you are agreeing that he is the begotten son of God which is Shirk. 


Why it is wrong? Because the Christians they believe that Jesus Christ (pbuh) is the begotten son of God. Now irrespective whether he may be a practicing Christian or not they celebrate because it’s the Birthday, why don’t they celebrate any other day? So if you tell your Christian friend “okay, forget if you don’t believe in that lets celebrate instead of 25th of December, let’s celebrate on the 10th of October.” Will they agree? They’ll say ‘no’. but that does not mean don’t do Da’wah, I do Da’wah on Christmas. I ask them that this is your Christmas season, why is it Christmas? So they tell me “Oh! its Christmas because Jesus Christ (pbuh) was born on 25th of December.” “Who is this Jesus pbuh?” “Oh Jesus is the begotten son of God.” Then I tell him that can you prove to me from one unequivocal statement from the complete Bible where Jesus Christ pbuh himself says that where he said “I am God” or where he says “Worship Me” I do Da’wah. Why do you have to use wrong means for doing Da’wah? 

Questioner: Is saying Merry Christmas wrong?


Dr. Zakir: you asked the question is saying Merry Christmas wrong means I am telling you it is wrong. 


Questioner: Okay.


Dr. Zakir: 100% wrong according to me. If you don’t know what Christmas is celebrated for like by mistake if you don’t know it is alcohol and you think it is Pepsi and you have it, Allah may forgive you, So if you don’t know what is Christmas standing for being in UK.. Do you know what Christmas stands for? 


Questioner: Well as of now..


Dr. Zakir: Have you come from somewhere outside?


Questioner: Well as of now I think it stands for a commercial…


Dr. Zakir: Do you know what… do you know…


Questioner: I think it stands for a commercial business, that’s what it stands for. 


Dr. Zakir: Sorry


Questioner: It stands for a commercial business a place people give each other presents.


Dr. Zakir: No, not commercial business. What is the excuse? Now don’t…


Questioner: It’s a holiday.


Dr. Zakir: …Beat around the Bush. I am asking you a question do you know what is the excuse for commercial business? What is the excuse? Why do they celebrate Christmas for what? 

Questioner: Because it’s the birth of Christ.


Dr. Zakir: Fine finish. You know about it and they consider Jesus Christ (pbuh) as the son of God, the begotten son. Do you know that? 


Questioner: Ya I know that but I…


Dr. Zakir: Yes, if you know that and then if you wish merry Christmas it is Haraam. If you didn’t know, if you are coming from Timbaktu, if you are coming from Timbaktu and you did not know and in ignorance if you wish, Allah may forgive you. If you don’t know that is alcohol and if you think it is Pepsi and you drink it, Allah may forgive you but if you know it and you think you are building relationships you know what you are doing? You are building your place in the Jahannam. So therefore brother for reaching any good means you never have to adopt wrong means. You have to go as the guidance of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Hope that answers the question. 


Wa Aakhiru Da’waana Anil Hamdu Lillaahi Rabbil Alameen!


Bashir Sattar: Brothers I am so sorry we have no more time, I am sorry brother we have no more time. My sincere apologies, we cannot ask anymore questions. We’ll just close with reflections by brother Shahid Akmal, Chairman of Harrow Central Mosque, InshaAllah.


Shahid Akmal: Bismillah Hir Rehmaan Hir Raheem. My job was to provide some reflections on the talk by Dr. Zakir Naik but how do you provide reflections in a few words on such an amazing and such a talk full of such information. I think the best that I can do is to quote the Hadith of Muhammad (saws) in which he said “Khairun Naasi mai yanfu an Naas.” “The best of mankind is he who brings most benefit to them”. And to summarize Dr. Zakir’s talk that best benefit we can bring mankind is to bring them Islam, do Da’wah as Dr. Zakir has so eloquently taught us. On behalf of the committee of the Harrow Central Mosque and the people of Harrow I would like to give my personal thanks and our collective thanks to Dr. Zakir Naik, to Sir Iqbal Sacrainie, Brother Bashir Sattar and his colleagues. Jazak Allah Khair, Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.