Open Question & Answer Session

(Duration – 28 minutes)

Dr. Mohammad Naik: JazakAllah, thank you for your appreciation of the talk. We wonder how awesome and corrective would be the question and answer session.

We start the question and answer session quickly. May I point the rules. Your question should be on the topic, it should be brief and to the point and only one question at a time may be asked. Five microphones have been provided in the auditorium. One on my left for the gents, one on my right for the gents, one in the rear for the ladies, on the first floor balcony one more microphone number four for the gents. Those who would like to ask questions are kindly requested to line at one of the mikes to put forward your question. Yes the brother here can put forward his question, microphone number two. Yes brother, we would request you to ask quickly and briefly so we can cover more in the less time we have, yes brother.

Questioner: As Salaamu Alaikum Dr. Zakir Naik, my name is Mohammad Arafaat, I’m a student. You said in your talk two wrongs does not make a right. A few months….

Dr. Zakir Naik: We’ll allow Non Muslims the first preference please. So any Non Muslim in the queue they are most welcome. There is always a policy in our organization that we give first preference to our guests. If there’s any Non Muslim who would like to ask questions they are most welcome. Any Non Muslim? The brothers and sisters they are most welcome.. the time is limited.. so any Non Muslim who would like to ask a question they would be given the first chance. Any Non Muslim…. Yes brother. Your most welcome.

Questioner: Mera Naam Shaam Hai… Shaam Sonar. Mein Marathi Mahanagar Paper Mein Kaam Karta Hoon. Patrakaar Hoon. Aap Ki Baaton Se Matlab aaa Mere Paas Shabd Nahi Hai Kya Bolu… Lekin Yeh Mujhe Lagta Hai… Ki Bharat Mein Hindu Aur Muslim Ek Hone Ke Liye Kuch Na Kuch Hona Chahiye Aisa Mujhe Lagta Hai, Mein Karta Aaya Hoon 10 – 12 Saal Se. Lekin Aap Ke Mooh se Mein Yeh Sunna Chahta Hoon Ki Bharat Mein Baste Hain… Main To Chalisgaon Is Gaon Mein Rehta Tha, Mumbai Mein Rozi Roti Ke Liye Aaya Hoon. Basti Basti Mein Jo Hindu Aur Muslim Hain Inke Dil Mein Agar Ghalat Fehmi Hain, Aur Who Hain Bhi, Sahi Mayne Mein Kuch Had Tak Hai, Toh Who Door Karne Ke Liye Aap Ki Kya Sujhav Hai Ke Hindu Aur Muslim Dono Community Ke Log Kaise Ikhatte Aa Sakte Hain?

[Translation: My name is Shaam.. Shaam Sonar. I work with a Marathi Mahanagar Newspaper. I’m a journalist. After hearing your talk… I don’t have words…  But I think that in India something should be done in order to bring the Hindu’s and Muslim’s together.. this is what I think, and even I’m trying this from last 10 -12 years. But I want to hear from you that in India….. I use to live in a village called Chalisgaon, I came to Mumbai for livelihood. If there is a misconception in the hearts of the Hindu’s and Muslim’s living in India…. And they [misconceptions] are there… in reality to a certain extent they are there…. So what is your opinion on clearing these misconceptions… and how to bring the Hindu and Muslim community together?]

Dr. Zakir Naik: Brother has asked a very good question. That was is the suggestion from me that how can we get the Hindu’s and Muslims on a common platform, how can we come together? The reply to this is I’ve given a talk on Similarities Between Hinduism and Islam. I’ve given that talk in Bombay, I’ve given that talk in Chennai, I’ve given in other parts of India and we find there that tens of thousands have attended… in Bombay about 20,000… in Chennai a similar number and other parts of India and many Non Muslims have attended, many Hindu’s have attended, thousands of them and many of them told me that Brother Zakir, there was a person, just a comment that what I did not know about Hinduism in the past 40 years of my life I’ve learnt in the past four hours.

I follow the guidance of the Qur’an from Surah Ale Imran, Chapter 3, Verse 64 which says,

“Ta`alaw ‘Ilá Kalimatin Sawa’in Baynana Wa Baynakum”

“Come to common terms as between as and you.”

Which is the first term?

“Allah Na Buda Illallaah”

“That we worship none but one God”.

What we realize that… I don’t believe in interfaith dialogue which says that Hinduism is the same, Islam is the same, Christianity is the same, this is just a gimmick. If I ask the Hindu Pandit, will you become a Muslim, he will say No. If I ask the Muslim will you become a Christian he’d say No, if I ask the Priest will you become a Hindu he’ll say No. So what is same? Its not same. We have to agree that there are differences, but there are similarities also. Let us agree atleast to follow the commonalities. What is different keep it aside. So what I say.. that take all the religious scriptures, whether it be the Bhagavad Gita, whether it be the Veda, the Upanishad, the Bible, the Qur’an atleast what is common… what is different keep it aside, we can discuss some other time. But atleast what is common let us agree to follow it. And I’ve given a talk and I’ve showed so many similarities.. so many. So you can refer to my video cassette and what happens many of them are not aware. The Muslims are not aware of their religion, similarly the Hindu’s are not aware of their religion. Many of the Muslim objected, Similarities Between Islam and Hinduism, impossible, so many of the people came to the talk to attack.. that Abhi Hum Bolenge… what Non sense … Hindu and Muslim same? Ho Hi Nahi Sakta..but when they heard the talk they were shocked. Those who came to attack they agreed with the talk. Similarly many Hindu’s came.

So what we realize that what is common we should follow and number one is,

“Allah Na Buda Illallaah”

“That we worship none but one God”.

That’s the most common thing… and which you can give quotations and we can give quotations from the Vedas, from the Bhagavad Gita.

It is mentioned in the Chandogya Upanishad, Chapter No. 6, Section No. 2, Verse No. 1,

“Ekam Evadvitiyam”

“God is only one without a second.”

It’s mentioned in Shvetashvatara Upanishad, Chapter No. 6, Verse No. 9,

“Na casya kascij janita na cadhipah.”

“Of Him there are no lord, he has got no parents”

These are Sanskrit quotations, that means Almighty god has got no parents, he has got no lord.

Furthermore of we analyze It is mentioned in the Shvetashvatara Upanishad, Chapter No. 4, Verse No. 19,

“Na Tasya Pratima Asti”

“Of that God there are no images.”

There is no Pratima, there is no photograph, there is no idol, there is no image.

Same thing in Yajurveda Chapter No. 32, Verse No. 3,

“Na Tasya Pratima Asti”

“Of that God there are no images.”

So if you go back to your Vedas and your religious scriptures, it speaks about one God. So people many a times are not aware of their scriptures.

And when the question.. just a couple of days back I’d given an interview to Star News. They asked me Brother Zakir what is your view regarding Vande Mataram? Can the Muslim say or not? I said what do the Muslims say, I’ll come to it afterwards, I’ll first tell you what do the Hindu scriptures say. He was shocked… what do I mean by that. I said if any one who is a scholar of the Vedas. The Vedas agree that God has got no Pratima, so when you say “Vande Mataram”, that this country is my mother and you call it God, a person who’s a scholar, I’m not talking about the normal people who don’t know about the scriptures. But you ask a scholar, he will say Vande Mataram goes against the Vedas. Because Vande Mataram in no less than three places it says, “I bow down to thee”, “I worship thee”. If you see about the Arya Samaj, and you see the various top scholars, they think according to the Vedas idol worship is not permitted. There is a verse in Bhagawat Gita, Chapter No.7, Verse 20, which says that you should not do idol worship. So here when you go back to your scriptures, unfortunately they believe in the form of pantheism. So even according to the Vedas, if you are a good scholar, this song, “Vande Mataram” that “I bow down” and “I worship thee” as I quoted in Sanskrit about Upanishad, it’s against it..

Even in Islam, there are 12 lines in this song which are objectionable. Three times its said “Vande Mataram” which means “I bow down to thee”. Once it says that “this country is my mother”, once it says “I will kiss the feet”. Once it says about the divine things, about the smile, talking about the divinity, it calls it Laxmi, it calls it Durga, all these things are objectionable. We Muslims we love this country but we will not bow down to anyone but to Almighty God. Even our mother… even our mother who has borne in the womb for 9 months, we love her we respect her, but we will not bow down to our mother, to our own mother. The number one human being whom we love and respect in the world after Allah (swt) it is Muhammad (saw), we will not even bow down to our Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Is it required that we should sing this song “Vande Mataram”? It is a political gimmick. Politicians, they thought they will get the vote bank. They even made a gimmick on the date. You know when it was written by Bankimchand Chattopadhyay, in 1876, it was published in 1882, so where does century come now and where’s 7th September? They made a mistake, the politicians, political gimmick.

Furthermore even a Muslim living in Saudi Arabia, he cannot bow down to his country Saudi Arabia. Even a Muslim living in Pakistan cannot bow down to Pakistan, it is Shirk. So to say that the Indian Muslims are not patriotic…. It is our religion, our Creator, our God who has made this country is far superior. So we love this country, when required for the truth we are willing to die for this country, but we will not bow down to anyone but Almighty God.

Dr. Mohammad Naik: We would prefer questions from Non Muslims first because we have a limited time, I think it would be fair to the occasion. People who’d like to ask questions on the slip can kindly write on the slips and pass it on down the aisle.. yeah any other question with any sister there. A Non Muslim sister? Yes….

Questioner: As Salaamu Alaikum and good evening to everyone present here. My name is Preeti Sethi. I would like to ask you Sir, as in your talk you have said that Osama bin Laden.. we cant consider him as terrorist as it is said in BBC and CNN Channels but at the same time we get the same information about the bomb blast and the count which we get about the Bomb blast on the same channels. So whether it have to be believed or no? Thank You Sir.

Dr. Zakir Naik: The sister has asked a very good question, very relevant question… I said that when we talk about Osama bin Laden, that we get the information of BBC that he is a terrorist, we don’t have to believe. But when we get the count of the Bomb blast, do we have to believe? That’s what I said, the people controlling… that doesn’t mean all the news of BBC is wrong, the news in which they make a hero into a villain, in which they’ll benefit.. you have to check up. So here when we see that these normally bomb blasts figures that you get, most of them that you find will be some what similar, if it’s a government channel of the country in which the bomb blast has taken place, the figure will normally be low. Why? Because the government wants to show that less people have been killed. Like the police commissioner wrote to me 187 people killed, newspapers writes 207, I don’t know who’s right, I’m not saying that Commissioner A.N. Roy is lying, I’m not saying that, please don’t get me wrong. So here we have to realize whenever you get information we have to see the proof, when we see the proof about Osama bin Laden even on the channel it is mentioned Prime suspect… sister. Prime suspect.. Prime suspect.. do you know? If you go to the website of the U.S.Department of Justice.. Info Please, there it gives a list of the terrorist organizations, terrorist organization, 43… 60% are Muslim.. can you guess which is the most popular terrorist organization? Can you guess? Muslim terrorist organization? Can you guess?

Questioner: No sorry

Dr. Zakir Naik: Which is the most popular Muslim terrorist organization?

Audience: Al Qaeda

Dr. Zakir Naik: Al Qaeda… you don’t get a prize for that.. very easy.. Al Qaeda. According to the U.S. Department, how many attacks? How many attacks? ULFA… 749 attacks… Al Qaeda… only 28… out of that.. 26 alleged… two Al Qaeda claimed they did it. According to the site of U. S. Department of Justice… Al Qaeda claims.. all alleged..not a single proved. Even on the official site of U. S. Department of Justice not a single attack of Al Qaeda has been proved… I’m not here to support Al Qaeda. You know when Yvonne Ridley went to Afghanistan.. she was arrested by the Talibans, she comes back and she’s asked the question what are your views about Al Qaeda? She replies, “I doubt whether Al Qaeda exists”.

So sister what I’m trying to tell you that when we get the information, if you are a man of the media or a person of the media you can realize and you know that this information mostly will be correct, this has to be checked up. So what we have to realize that it is suspect, prime suspect… prime suspect. Even on CNN and BBC, even though they say it’s a prime suspect they are treating him as though he is a culprit. Can you go and kill thousands of Afghans only because of Prime suspect? Not even proved. So but natural sister, when we hear the news we have to realize that who controls the news? What is their agenda behind? And then we have to be careful what news you take and what you quote. Hope that answers the question sister.

Dr. Mohammad Naik: A Non Muslim brother?

Questioner: The question has been put forward by my Non Muslim friend.

Dr. Mohammad Naik: Ok, we’ll allow that.

Questioner: Ok, As Salaamu Alaikum Sir, myself Saif, and I’m a management student. The question is that do you think that Muslim feel unsecurity and that’s why can we say that terrorism is it outcome? Thank you sir, your comment please.

Dr. Zakir Naik: The brother asked the question that do Muslims feel insecured and that’s the reason terrorists acts are done. I told in my talk the main root cause of terrorism is injustice, its not insecurity, insecurity may be part of it. But the main cause is injustice… injustice and something wrong done to group of people. If you read an article that came yesterday on Sunday MidDay on the eve of the 9/11, one of the very famous persons name is William, he writes and he gives a advice that the root cause is injustice and wrong done to a community. And he agrees with the Bombay authorities that there are possibilities that Kashmiri’s may have done bomb blast in Bombay, but he says, what is the cause? According to him the Kashmiri’s are un-militant people. They are peace loving people.. so what has forced them to fight. And he gives his view, it is because of democracy which is forged.. he says that.. not me…aa.. its not my comments. Person who’s an expert and he gives advice to people in the world. He says that the democracy is forged, it is manipulated. That’s the reason what we find that they are fighting. Same in Palestine, they are fighting because their rights are taken away. So the main cause of terrorism is injustice done to a group or any wrong done, so to get their rights back this gives rise to a fight, to a retaliation which is called terrorism by people who are opposing it. Those who agree with it, they call good. For example, Bhagat Singh, he fought for the freedom of the country, by the Britishers he was called as Terrorist, we call him freedom fighter. So depending upon what is the background.. Therefore before you give a label of terrorist… therefore I said terrorism has got different meanings. Has got different definitions. It changes because of Geographical definition, it changes because of history, so the same person who’s called a terrorist by the British Government we Indians call them as freedom fighter. So like that we have to find out the main cause is injustice done to a group of people.

Dr. Mohammad Naik: I’ll ask a question from Non Muslim brother on the slip. Its Christopher Lobo, asks, how can you prove that was 9/11 was an inside job.

Dr. Zakir Naik: Brother Lobo has asked that how can I prove 9/11 was an inside job.. I’ve got the proofs I can repeat the proof, it has been proven by other people. Just a few days back there was an article that came in the newspaper, that

“75 Professors of US they say, they believe that 9/11 was an inside job.”

And in the article it was mentioned, it came in Times of India, I think on the 7th of September, it says that 75 Professors and Scientists belonging to different universities from different parts of U.S they believe that 9/11 was inside job and they say that there were some politicians in White House who have engineered the destructions of the twin towers. And they say the main reason was so that they could attack and they could have control of the oil rich countries… open secret.. I told you.

One of the professors by the name of Steven Jones, he says that we do not believe that 19 highjackers and few men in the cave in Afghanistan could have done such a professional job… alone.. they could not have done it. We don’t believe and by God we are going to come to the truth and we are going to expose. We don’t believe in the theory of the government. They don’t believe in the theory of the government. And he further goes on to say that we as being professors and scientists we know that the steel beam of the twin tower they couldn’t have melted at the temperature at which the jet fuel was there. And there were systematic bomb explosions which caused this to come down, otherwise it cannot come down. There are many tapes, there are many books written against it. I happened to watch many of them, I even happened to watch the video recording of this Professor Steven Jones. And yesterdays paper, we get another news, three days… later Professor Steven Jones sent on a paid leave. Imagine… paid leave.

There are many tapes if you happened to watch one of the tapes by the name of Loose Change 9/11, it was done by a young American of 21 years old. He makes a one hour documentary, there are many, many are there. This 9/11 documentary it has collected clips from the various… of CNN, of Fox Channel.. all the news clipping, he took interviews etc and made a one hour documentary and then he says that people who saw the airplane they said, it cannot be a passenger carrier, it looked like a military place, it didn’t have any windows. And when he shows the shooting, when it comes close to the tower, there is another firing done from the wings, which hits the twin tower before the plane. Then further he goes on to prove, he says that he had statements of the management, the construction company which had constructed the twin tower, they said, its impossible, the twin tower made to withstand storm, to withstand tornado, this place cannot knock it down and it cannot come down, because the fuel burns at 1000 degrees temperature, this even for 2000 degree temperature for hours nothing will happen to it. Ten days later he changes his statement and said, No it’s possible, jet fuel can cause damage to the beams. Another professor who gave the statement, he didn’t withdraw his statement back, so he was sacked.

Furthermore what they did, that in the documentary they show that when the twin tower came down like how you willfully get down any building and he gave statistics that many buildings in New York, tall sky scrapers, 40 floor, 60 floor, they caught fire for many hours but none of them came down, it is the first building in the history of USA, it has come down that way. And he showed photograph that when building is deliberately brought down how do they get down by explosion, in the same way it came down. There were systematic bomb blast and people who went to rescue whether it be the fireman, they were interviewed, they said that we were thinking that someone up was pressing the bomb button and the bombs were going off… boom..boom…boom. so how the twin tower come down, they have given proof.

Furthermore they say that all the proofs given by the government they are analyzed. They said 19 highjackers, some of them they were trained as flying of the plane. They went to the university and they interviewed their professors. Do you think that this person can do such an act? Impossible, the way the plane took a turn… and I have personally spoken to senior pilots who have flown big Boeings and air buses for several years they said, it’s impossible to take such a turn and imagine just a new person of few hundred of hours take a turn.. what the experts say? It has to be a military plane.

Furthermore, information given by the government, you know phone calls were there, phone calls. Phone calls said that they said that the passengers in the plane they claimed that they were highjacked. One of the phone calls was by a flight attendant, she says that … buildings, water…my God…my god.. she’s being flying for 12 years.. hasn’t she seen buildings in New York? Another person he says, mom.. this is Mark Bingham.. Mom can you hear me? We have been hijacked, do you believe? The question to be asked.. if I’m going to speak to my Mom.. I will say Zakir…  I will not say I’m Zakir Naik speaking. He said that I’m Mark Bingham.. Mom I’m Mark Bingham. If Mark has to speak to the Mom, he will say I’m Mark, he’ll not say I’m Mark Bingham. He gave systematic proofs, do you speak to your mother telling your surname? So all the proofs all the phones were tapped down and then he did a survey that can the mobile phone work at 32,000 feet? When a survey was done, at 4000 feet the chances of mobile working is .4% at 8000 feet, it is .1 %. At 32,000 feet it is .006%,  .006. There is no chance and the documentary says that today USA is spending millions of dollars to reach mobile at that height, in 2001 they did it.

Then there are many documentaries, then the documentary says that there are black boxes. Every plane has got two black boxes and the black box can withstand a temperature of 3000 degree centigrade for several hours and in just 1000 or 2000 degrees all the black boxes have been destroyed. He goes on systematically. And immediately after a couple of weeks Osama bin Laden, he gives an interview on the Ummah Magazine. And he says that I’m a Muslim I will not lie, according to me killing innocent woman is prohibited, it is wrong. Killing innocent children is wrong. Killing any innocent human being is wrong. And Islam condemns it. Osama bin Laden giving an interview and saying that. Couple of days back you get         a video clipping from Al Jazeera, Osama bin Laden training 9/11. Because 75 professors say it’s an inside job, now they manipulate and after 5 years they are showing on the television… why? So here we realize everything, it was inside job and these 75 professors they have promised, by God we will come to the bottom of it.

Regarding the second attack on the Pentagon. At Pentagon when the airplane crashed, there was no scrapping on the grass, nothing, only a hole in the Pentagon and the hole was only equal to the body of the place and we see a crater and they showed on the television, but when the wings went, the wings weren’t seen outside, neither were the window panes damaged of the Pentagon. If a plane body goes in and the wings stays out either the wing will remain outside or the window pane will damage, the building was intact. So how could only in a circumference of a body of a plane, how can the wings go as well as the tail? Means it’s fabricated. The people who said that, you know the plane went just forty feet above my head, today science tells us that if a Boeing is flying at 40 feet above your head, that car will fly away. And an interview was taken of ex military person, he said it sounded like a missile. It had to be a missile. The missile will make that hole. And there was no debris, there was debris only little bit debris, there was no part of the plane found there. There was only a small engine of a fighter plane found there. Even in the other place they only find a crater. Time doesn’t permit me.. the amount of ample of evidence given there… even a fool will know that this was an inside job. But it doesn’t convince George Bush and what they say, the reason is only to attack Afghanistan, Iraq and then Iran. They’re even predicting that Iran is going to be attacked. They want to have the control of the oil rich countries.

So this terrorist attack is for what? One is injustice, second is for money, if for power. And when the politicians find that he’s going to loose the vote, he creates a fear psychosis, ok you better elect me otherwise the Muslims will get you and they are elected. Same thing in Gujarat. A fear psychosis was created, if you don’t elect us the Muslims will kill you and the government came back in power. So what we realize that this was nothing but an inside job. And there are several tapes, several VCD’s available 9/11, Loose Change, then.. Fahrenheit… many… and if you see all this it is a blatant open secret that this attack on the twin towers were done by George Bush himself.

Dr. Mohammad Naik: The last question of the day.

Questioner: Sir my question is very very… very much basic… to you… I believe that… as you said terrorism is a fight against injustice.. right? I also believe terrorism is somehow a fight against the government of… by a common people. Kisi Insaan Ke Saath Agar Anyaay Hota Hai Tabhi Who Jaake Mazhab Ke Naam Pe Log Ikhatta Karta Hai Aur Phir.. [Translation: Only when a person suffers injustice then he gathers people in the name of religion…] you know he tries to fight against whatever has happened to him.

But what I believe is Ek Insaan…. Ek normal person, you know if somebody.. Hum Mein Se Agar Koi Gujarat Mein Hota Toh Shaayad Hum Bhi Wahi Karte Jo Unhone Kiya… Matlab Aur Aap Kya Karsakte Hai?… Police Pe Aapko Bharosa Nahi Hai.. Judicial System Dus Saal Laga Degi.. Toh Ek Normal Insaan Ke Paas..Kaunsa Option Bacchta Hai Agar Uske Saath Burai Ho To.

[Translation: A person.. a normal person… you know if somebody…. If anyone of us would have been in Gujarat then we would have also done the same what they have done… I mean what else could you do? You cant trust the Police… the Judicial system will take 10 years. So if a normal person is wronged then what is the option left with him?]

What would your advice be to a normal man like me, if something like this happens to me..

Dr. Zakir Naik: Brother…

Questioner: What should we do?

Dr. Zakir Naik: I agree with you. What you are saying is that if that would have happened with you and me, when we see our family members being killed in front of us. Our mothers, and our sisters being raped, our houses being looted.. what will you do? And I agree… that what they do the same thing. A normal human being will do that, that’s normal, unless you have so much faith in Almighty God. I do agree with you 99% human beings.. unless he’s wearing bangles. Kalai Pe Chudiyan Pehni Hai To Alag Baat Hai… [Translation: It’s a different case if he’s wearing Bangles] otherwise this is a normal reaction. Unless a person has faith in Almighty God. Even I would want to do the same… if I did not know my Qur’an… if I did not know from the Qur’an it is wrong. Because if I killed a innocent human being, I’m behaving like the same person who’s caused problem and injustice to me. Just because someone does injustice to me, it does not justify me to kill other innocent human being. Just because somebody has robbed me I can’t go and rob a third person. If I catch the person responsible and book him and punish him, that’s a different case. But I cannot kill any innocent human being. Based on the logic of the Qur’an that it prohibits you from killing any innocent human beings, I because I know the Qur’an will not retaliate in that way. I will try and get evidence. I will try and convince the government. If he goes scott free… what I say? That all those people responsible for these terrorist acts whether done in Gujarat, in Bombay riots, whether the politicians, whether the police, whether people who have killed, whether the people who did the bomb blast, even if they go scott free in this world, on the day of Judgement God will surely punish them. So we as Muslims believe, as it’s mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah Ale Imran, Chapter 3, Verse No. 185, that

“Kullu Nafsin Dhā’iqatul-Mawt”

“Every soul shall have a taste of death but the final recompense is on the day of Judgment”

Because we believe this life is the test for the hereafter, we leave it, if we cannot do something here, we leave it for Almighty God to do justice and Insha Allah he’ll be punished in the hereafter. If we catch Hitler today, what punishment can you give him? 6 million people incinerated what punishment can you give him? You can kill him once. What about the remaining five million, nine lakhs, ninty nine thousand, nine ninty nine people?

Qur’an says in Surah Nisa, Chapter No. 4, Vese No. 56, that those who reject our signs we shall put them in the hell fire and ass often as their skins are roasted we shall give them fresh skin so that they shall feel the pain.

Today science tells us that there are pain receptors, so God tells that on the day of Judgment if the skins are roasted we shall give them fresh skin so that they shall feel the pain. If God wants to incinerate Hitler 6 million times, he can do it, we cant do it here.

So therefore we leave it to the main justice.. main justice to God.

Dr. Mohammad Naik:  We thank you all for being present here. We would have love to put forward all your questions, Dr. Zakir would have not minded. There were questions like Islam was spread at the point of the sword… Jihad and Terrorism and many others….InshaAllah at a future date we would get to hear more from Dr. Zakir… JazakAllah Khairan.

We thank Allah (swt) for making this programme possible for all of us present here today. And we thank all our guest to have heard the programme with so much interest and enthusiasm. Thank you very much and I would lastly like to thank all the technical people and the people who have been recording this programme for many many millions more to hear it all over the world.

Thank you. JazakAllah Khairan. Assalaamu Alaikum.